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  1. Wind is roaring up here on Parrs Ridge. I'd estimate gust to 40-45.
  2. Thanks Mappy! I feel like im in a fancy climo compared to the tropical swamp of AA County lol
  3. I'm sitting at about 900' elevation on the ridge. It's in the Woodbine area. I'm thinking I'll do good with oragraphic lift during coastal storms as well. It's a really cool area. I really like being out of the tropics. From where I exist from 70 to where I live the temp usually drops a few degrees also because I gain probably like 600' the last few miles to the house. I'm thinking I'll do well but not PSU land well.
  4. Yup. Land of plenty of snow.... Hopefully lol
  5. Every winter for the past 8 years has sucked. Seems like sucky winters are our new base state.
  6. I'm wanted to change my location to Woodbine in Carroll County. Not sure if that is something I need to submit? 

  7. Light snow here in Southern Carroll County. First legit snow falling I've seen this season. Temp 35. Beautiful evening out there.
  8. I'm in Woodbine. I think it's called Parrs Ridge. We're basically sitting right on top. It's really awesome compared to tropical AA County lol. I can't wait for winter to set in.
  9. Really windy up here in Carroll County at 900' elevation this morning. Temp 45 but dropping.
  10. Soon as we met she told me she lived at elevation in Carroll County. I knew she was the one lol. I'm really happy. It's absolutely gorgeous up here.
  11. Cold up here in Carroll County at 800' elevation (met someone and moved up here from tropical AA county). My water bottle in my truck froze nearly solid.
  12. Radar looks fun for my area for a few hours.
  13. Heaviest rain I've seen here in a while. We had some decent gust over here on this side of the bay. I'd estimate probably 35 mph.
  14. Impressive cool down. Bone chilling 54 out there this morning lol. I miss our old climate.
  15. I've never seen it so late. I was out near Fredrick yesterday and hardly any color at all.
  16. 39 here in Southern Carroll county.
  17. I love Lake Placid. It's one of my favorite places on earth. Winter up there is amazing.
  18. I've harvested over 400 pounds of Better Boy tomatoes from 24 plants. Not bragging though lol
  19. This weather is so boring. I'd be happy with a rainy day at this point. Cloudy, warm and humid for weeks straight in October is kind of a bummer.
  20. Just not the humidity. Looks like a mosquito infected tropical swamp all week.
  21. Yeah, if it actually felt like fall. It looks warm and humid to go with the damn conditions.
  22. 46 this morning. That should help kick off some fall colors. Beautiful morning.
  23. Nothing here last night. Went all around my area. Driveway is still dry.
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