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  1. Not a drop here again. I finally got my dry spell. Ok, it can rain again. I'm over the dusty cracked ground.
  2. This may be one of your best pieces so far this season. I can almost feel your misery lol
  3. I see they expanded the slight risk back west of the bay into my county as well. It's been pretty boring around here lately. I could use some interesting weather.
  4. I understand these fires have been occurring for thousands of years. I just don't remember seeing the smoke in my backyard until recently.
  5. This is another thing I don't remember as a kid. I don't remember smoke from wildfires until about 10 years ago.
  6. I didn't get a drop from the storms the other day. I guess I'm getting my wish for things to dry out. Maybe not this dried out lol
  7. Hopefully not. First morning here in the 60's in a little bit. A cloudy cooler day would be a nice break.
  8. It was pretty slow today but has been decent lately. September is a good time for crabbing. 77 for a high so far. Beautiful
  9. Didn't hardly see a drop here yesterday and I'm not even mad. It's just finally starting to dry out I my area. I was able to watch a good lighting show with my drone just to my south. Beautiful day today. Spent the morning out crabbing. Perfect weather for it.
  10. The full spectrum CBD with a small dose of THC is the good stuff. You need a card to get it but it'll take more then the edge off. Great for after work or days off.
  11. Here as well. It was kinda crazy how it came. It was totally calm and silent but I could hear the rain coming through the woods as it headed my way. I could hear pouring rain for about a minute before I had a drop.
  12. HRRR says enjoy the dry storm free day. Hopefully it's right.
  13. Kinda funny here. After all my complaining about my area always getting the bullseye from every possible rain event. I got missed by pretty much everything yesterday. The little bit of rain I did get has already evaporated and my garden is as dry as it was yesterday. I'm not mad. Still plenty moisture in the ground.
  14. HRRR kinda nailed it. It had that blob form and move up into PA while the precip from the tropical low staying east of the bay. Not a drop here yet.
  15. Kind of nice here. Stayed dry so far thankfully. Sun is coming out and there's a nice tropical breeze. Rain doesn't look at that impressive on radar.
  16. He should of been banned after his first nonsense post. This is a fourm. Not a playground for little worthless trolls.
  17. I can't tell if it's him that's mentally ill or if I am for getting slightly pissed when he said he could make it snow, BUT WON'T. Pfff.. Wizard boy.
  18. I was thinking the same thing. I remember it being like this most of the summer when I was a late 80's early 90's kid. It's nasty
  19. I have an area in my yard that's the same way. It's in area where Beech trees suck the soil dry of nutrients. I ended up giving up and putting down stone to cut down on erosion.
  20. That's pretty crazy. It looks like you live in a wooded area too. It looks like it can't get more the 4-5 hours of direct sun. It must be pure sand under a thin layer of topsoil. Try leaving the grass longer when cutting it? Over here is mainly red clay. It gets swampy and stays that way in shaded areas like the woods for a long time. I've made sandy loam in my garden plots. They drain well and dry faster. I mulch my plants to hold water in.
  21. Nice to see rain chances going down on my point and click for later this week. Looking forward to some dry weather. Mosquitoes and mud have been the norm here this season so far. We have had some beautiful days though.
  22. Yup. Pouring here now too. Only place in the state pretty much lol
  23. And comes the clouds and probably rain for the afternoon and evening. I'm good on rain for a month. I'm ready for a good drought.
  24. It called me a newbie but I've been here for years lol.
  25. You should consider moving to the swamp where I live. We had over 3" just yesterday. We were directly hit by three strong thunderstorms. This has been the norm for the past three years. I've hardly had to water my garden for three years. Cloudy, swampy and nasty with a temp at 70.
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