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  1. i knew this would happen. we would get all these NW storms and a southern slider. IN the worst winter ever before this one(01-02) there was southern slider that gave Norfolk 14 inches and we got clouds
  2. the south trends start tomorrow right? We never get what we need...like ever
  3. ive seen way better patterns in march.....we have been awful in whatever cold shots we have had this year...so we are still talking fluke imo
  4. if this was qpf..it would still be a lame storm
  5. having the NAM keep showing this keeps hope alive....and the hope the euro responds..but as we all know...if it was us...the 00z NAM would takee us from 6-12 to a dusting in one run
  6. he uses that after his March 1993 analog goes by the wayside--which it always does
  7. dude March 58 is a JB all time favorite analog..he has been using since i started following him 20 years ago every march
  8. how long is that 50/50 going to hold though without any blocking? it seems like more of the SOS edit--there looks like there is some ridging under greenland that may allow it to hold?
  9. the encouraging thing is when we were hoping to get more of a south trend on the euro...it went north!
  10. the euro just wont play ball for the southern weenies
  11. I know the event will probably not be a big deal but I'm jealous they are tracking something lol
  12. Southern weenies are super excited about the nam and are ignoring the euro
  13. GFS378-384 for the win. On March 4 too....19 years later lol
  14. Lol dr no for the southeast strikes again
  15. Not true at all...uptick in snow in southern and central va day 14 and 15
  16. the worst period of winter ever started in March 2001 and lasted through the 01-02 winter and then finally ended on Dec 5,2002. Just dark dark days lol
  17. thats pretty good. Im going to give up on the Feb 24-25 storm lol
  18. ive never seen storm in this location giving us dry
  19. I have seen this movie before and it always ends up badly...the models make a significant north push and then there is that one run where we need 100 miles more north and instead it goes 75 miles south.