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  1. You did learn how to read models though so well bump it to a B-
  2. yea...i am no rush to get into the heat. I hope its icy through early June
  3. Have a good off season guys. Lets all try to come back 10-15 percent better posters for next winter
  4. just took the dog out to the backyard...looks like 4 inches or so...
  5. yes--it sounds familiar to pretty much every storm we have had since jan 2016 lol. Pronloged heavy snow has become super rare
  6. i measured over an inch in about 17 different spots
  7. where are the 1-2 inch an hour rates? Rates is always as issue with our storms
  8. lets face it--this storm is pretty much a disaster. The WWA was the correct call
  9. i though there would be more wind and whiteout conditions...disappointing
  10. Are you high...and in the wrong thread?
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