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  1. its its not 6-12...me and PSU are not interested
  2. im more interested in this junk
  3. The 6z gfs is the worst thing ive ever seen heading into March
  4. winter is over. That is some of the worst modeling ive seen for any potential March event
  5. the long range looks horrible lol
  6. Life is so boring now. I hate this time of year
  7. 39.048859 -77.584869 no wonder you dont snow
  8. the year of the sleet in northern VIrginia
  9. Sleet here. You should of moved t0 Carroll county
  10. Sleet mixing in Leesburg
  11. which means NAM will win and it will be sleet soon
  12. Light and fat in Leesburg
  13. winter looks dead....i dont see how we recover from this? its pretty much march
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