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  1. When I saw about 10 earlier I thought about you and the "I's" Lol Yep ya know it's coming!
  2. So it has commenced, huh? And It's been a few years since it started this early here, hasn't it?
  3. Not everyone can understand the dichotomy of a weather enthusiast. Both things can be true...Most if not all here don't want the bad things to happen you just mentioned. But if you are a weather enthusiast...you can't help but be fascinated by extreme weather. There's a certain way it captures the imagination: and if there's potential to witness it...No matter how much you don't want anybody to get hurt, part of ya is still fascinated regardless. Now, you may not feel that dichotomy in your own weather enthusiasm, but others do.
  4. Tough, tough loss...BUT: I think all Ravens fans should be encouraged by that offensive display we saw today. Lamar was bearing them soundly BOTH ways today! And how about Bateman?? Had no idea he had that kind of speed! If he continues on this trajectory, he could def solidify WR1 status! He an Duv could be 1 and 2!
  5. Every fins drive on that second half was like 5 consecutive model suites going from "Incoming!" to "No snow for yoo!" Lol
  6. Yeah the D--particularly the secondary--will improve with a some grace and mercy to avoid more injuries. As for MacDonald...wayyyyyy too early to assess him. Looked great last week, looked great for one half today and absolutely awful the second half. I'm still optimistic about him--we shall see. As to the run game: I agree. It will obviously get better with JK and Gus back! Hey...in all this, maybe this prevents us from peaking too soon...who knows?
  7. Where was Humphrey second half? I think he barely played! Peter's obviously had limited snaps, and Stephen's out...So the secondary was basically Marcus Williams, Chuck Clark and a bunch of rookies the second half...against Tyreek Hill!
  8. Well, we brought pressure and you see what happened, lol
  9. People better start puttin' respect on Bateman's name, lol All off-season ya hear from our own fans "We ain't got no receivers!"
  10. This. I think some here forget about this part. Outside of the consideration of usual "chaos" of weather where you can always get an anomaly, I don't get the "ninas aren't so bad" chorus--unless those saying that don't live in the middle, lol As you said it has been a repetitive pattern--particularly over the last 10-15 years. Now, I get we can be screwed in other ensos as well--and sure, you can get to median still (albeit through 1-2" events). However, as the numbers you posted have shown, that THIS particular kind of fail happens the most under ninas (and rarely deviates from that tendency). Like you don't even have to even know the snowfall totals...but just look at the radar during any big storm during a nina and see that dang hole, lol Now on a positive note...you can still get enough scenery snow and decent cold for it to "feel" like winter. It just comes by those 1-2" events I mentioned (like 2018 when we got to 18" just by a bunch of those events, lol). But if you're looking for a little more of a punch...ninas ain't it most of the time!
  11. Signed, Resident of the middle part of the region
  12. Cold Temps at least give ya a chance for a wintery scene!
  13. Well, depends on how things look large-scale. Now if we get to mid Dec/Jan and the large-scale pattern still looks like a typical nina, then NO--I ain't gonna be payin' too much attention, lol BUT...the potential of a fading nina and and the unknown effect (if any) of the Tunga eruption are enough for me to keep one half an eye open ...at least until we get closer. Still not optimistic, but a little curious.
  14. Yep--hence my retraction, lol And the fact that the tropical season has looked un-nina like to this point is another reason for at least a little skepticism. Maybe something maybe nothing...
  15. Ya know, I never understood what the "x" stood for in wx...found this article in case anybody else was wondering, lol https://meteorologistmark.com/2019/03/31/sunday-story-the-long-history-of-abbrevations/ *Let the record show I made a positive contribution
  16. I'm gonna retract some of what I've said about ninas...weather is not homogenous. Yes enso has tendencies that tend to repeat themselves, but there are no absolutes in weather. Who knows, could pull a reverse and luck into something this winter but not next for all I know. I'm saying this in case something anomalous happens this winter...I'm kinda okay with whatever happens now, tbh. I'm fortunate to have seen what I have when others have not! Gonna just take it as it comes...I do hope I haven't messed up so badly that any genuine questions aren't colored with my history...but I suppose that'll take some time to scrub away.
  17. I am curious to see what if anything this does. Like you said, it could be good or bad...but will be interesting to watch nonetheless. I've been reading that the fact that it's water vapor and not ash is making it a bit of an unknown.
  18. Climo expectations...and yet realizing there are no absolutes in weather either, and 1+1+1 doesn't always equal three. Two dichotomies...
  19. Now I'm guessing part of that had to do with coming off a double-dip nina regime? (hence it still being N stream dominated). But given the year that followed, could you say it was a weird in between as the nina died and the coming nino was just beginning?
  20. Combining weather and fantasy football...that was beautiful man
  21. Now this I'm genuinely curious about (NOT with any expectation it'll do one thing or another, so don't say that, lol) but legit wondering what it'll look like. Strong volcanic eruptions and the weird weather effects I find kinda fascinating (especially after learning about Tambora...man that was something else!) And now this time instead of ash we have...water vapor? Hmm
  22. Listen man I'm sorry--I was way too harsh with my last post. That wasn't fair to come after ya like that--that was completely wrong. Be optimistic, it's a good thing. I respect that and I respect what ya know and I respect you--you're a good 20-25 years older and I oughta be a little more respectful of your insight/wisdom. Ya helped me out with the H5 map last winter and I appreciated that. I'm naturally a little more cynical by nature to a fault...But if ya need to put me on ignore, so be it. I'm kinda done with me too, tbh. I won't be posting much this winter anyway unless it surprises (and even then just straight questions about...whatever is happening on models. I know the deal here now. I'm kinda complained out even if the suck is still gonna be crappy--it happens). 7 years has taught me a lot, and after all my venting...I'm kinda okay with things now--even if in the moment whatever fails we may get will still be disappointing. It kinda is what it is...Besides, all the fails I've seen have shown me how hard it is. Just be happy with what you receive...one of these days I'll learn that. I'll try to be better.
  23. I think history can't be ignored either
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