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  1. Kinda where I'm at. Hoping for at least some legit cold and a few scenery WWA events (can we get a couple 2 inchers? Lol) if we can manage it. That actually wouldn't be terrible for a nina
  2. It kinda has...it happened last year, 2017-18, 2016-17....(list other la ninas not named 95/96 here).
  3. Who said anything about everytime? I'm under no such delusion. I'd be happy with intervals we got that between 1982-83 and 2015-+16. We'd go 3-4 years, then get a 20 inch winter--and in between that was kinda mediocre. That's fine--it's what my generation grew up with--and thus it's what I'd come to expect out of this region. But this stretch we're in now goes beyond that, and is the longest since the 70s. Now maybe this will even out I don't know...but with all the climate talk I'm not so sure. So in summary...this is a longer interval than some of us born post 70s have seen in our lifetime. (I think between 1987-1993 may have been about this long)
  4. Wider shot here. I read this as saying that 70% of la ninas have below normal snow, and 60% were warmer than normal.
  5. Now someone explain to me...how the "It's only October" response works when folks start writing off this winter...when the la nina statistics look like this: (this is from the last 10 la ninas) I mean...isn't this like a slam dunk seasonal forecast given that only one aberration is 95/96?...I mean ya barely have to track because you know what it's gonna look like pretty much, lol Now the other ENSO states seem to be less predictable around here...
  6. I'm guessing you're not a Lamar fan? Lol Hey as bad as the fumble was--we don't win the game without him. Dude came back a la Rodgers/Brady fashion. When he makes mistakes he has a way of just shaking it off moving on!
  7. That's would be a textbook nina, wouldn't it...actually 2017-18 verbatim, imo. We had a cold December with a couple light events...then the unfortunately missed bomb cyclone in early Jan...warmish February (that somehow managed a light event towards the end of the month--just a fee days of upper 60s/lower 70s). We ain't gonna talk about March (I still have PTSD from the that stupid GL low, lol)
  8. How about out in CC/Upperco? (Elevation help? Lol)
  9. Ya know, I'd settle for a 2017-18 la nina...at least we got above median that year, lol (It was just through a lot of nuisance-level scenery events)
  10. Having 2011-12 again would doubly suck since we literally just had that winter before last!
  11. Are ninas usually that warm, though?
  12. Btw today's questions were legit "how did that happen" questions. I get because of my history how they may have sounded like gloom and doom (although that was the wrong interpretation)...but I really did wanna know how the cold air got trapped on the other side of the globe...was just curious. I mean we CAN analyze what's already happened, right?
  13. I'm not "on the edge" though. If anything I got further away from that edge after last year didn't work out. I get it...we don't know what's gonna happen yet. But I disagree that we can't speculate at what we've been seeing. I remember @psuhoffmansaying last winter essentially that "we'd better hope this doesn't become a problem" and his several posts of "How is this not cold enough???". And did climate not come up in the conversation last winter as well? I mean I'm basing a lot of this just from what I've heard from some of y'all on here!! (particularly the better minds). So like...did I misinterpret all that? Lol BUT...on the other hand I get it...I was a lot of gloom and doom last winter. I tend to focus on the negative possibilities to prepare myself in case it happens. But you're right...it ain't happened yet. But with what we've seen the last few years it's hard not to go there...been a rough stretch. But I'll try to do better...
  14. Ah okay...so I'm guessing the Upperco, MD area would come before the city (that's where me and my folks go on a Fall drive each year).
  15. I'm talking about him and others. I don't even want to ask questions anymore because I'll probably get trolled (again). Worst mistake I ever made on here was apparently asking too many questions last year....and now nobody will let me forget it--despite the crazier posters on here that get a pass. Now I'm asking more for a "how things work" reason than a "What will definitely happen" reason.
  16. What's wrong with asking questions? This is what I mean...now granted I'm learning more about what ya just can't know for sure...so those more chaos-related questions? Not so much. I probably won't be on as much in general (unless there's something 24 hours out...and even then just sparingly, lol) But see...y'all have turned it into a more hostile place to ask questions because of comments like this.
  17. Thank you for actually answering my question. I feel like I can't even do that here anymore...sheesh
  18. Better than okay--I won't be tracking (much) because I have no expectations for this winter based on what I've seen. This winter is already mediocre imo barring a fluke--and I'm kinda at peace with that. Will it still kinda suck watching it happen? Somewhat...but this time around I'm not gonna be looking on here as much to hear about pattern change this, potential that, digital snow this, digital snow that....not worth the energy. Just take whatever when it gets here, enjoy scenery snow (at least we can still get that!) Get off my back, all of ya...I do not understand why everyone acts like I'm the only one who loves snow around here...y'all allow other folks to freak out but somehow when I do it ya wanna send me to the psych ward...y'all are somethin', smh.
  19. So hang on...can we summarize last year as the cold air not having long enough to get over to our side before the blocking came? (with the secondary problem of an unfortunate split of the vortex in the wrong spot in February). Ya gotta wonder if the first (the cold air getting stuck on the other side of the world) was something random or part of a bigger problem.
  20. I wouldn't if I were you! Lol I know I ain't...I mean maybe from a distance, but that's about it! Don't see the point since a) it's a Nina and b) we don't know about the base state and what still works and what doesn't!
  21. Now we had this last year...with the torched November. But then we still didn't have a ton of cold air. I remember @psuhoffman suggesting that the warm November may have influenced what happened in January (blocking with lack of cold air). So...will it make a difference this time? That's the question...
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