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  1. For some reason the end of this winter hurts worse...As bad as last winter was, you were still happy to put it out of it's mystery. But this year? What could've been feels worse. Like every mention of spring is a bit depressing (only bright spot is the cicadas, lol) I don't want warmer days (they only remind me of what we missed)...I'd like more cold for more opportunities for snow to try and improve the totals and have something to look forward to, for crying out loud. End venting.
  2. And mama @mappy lives up to her name!! Awesome map! Interesting to see where we're clustered, haha
  3. I'm close to Northwood Elementary School 39.3525013441, -76.5894873142.
  4. Really? They must've revised that, because I could've sworn the official measurement from that storm was a trolling 4.8", Iol That's kinda how it's gone...everything but 5"!
  5. And that one fringed So we are in a particularly bad drought of warning-criteria snow. 5 years...but we have had scenery snow at least, lol
  6. Got a little ice accretion on the powerlines out back...def light/moderate frza here
  7. Never seen someone spell it like that, lol
  8. I'd suggest getting off of here and trying to enjoy what we are getting...but at the same time I get ya. I just wonder if comparison takes from the enjoyment. Was a stark difference a couple weeks ago when we got the wet snow that covered everything...I was tad disappointed seeing folks get more while I was online, I drove out afterward, appreciated it a lot more.
  9. Oh...I've been purposely not looking on here, lol Whatever it is I wanna know as little about it as possible until it's right on us, haha
  10. Whoa! Just woke up a half hour ago...I wasn't expecting covered everything, lol Been coming down at a pretty good clip...gotta cancel appointment I had, lol I see they expanded the advisory! Adiabatic cooling ftw?
  11. Anybody else wanna break up with it? Hahaha
  12. Last 5 years...What makes them different from other 5 year stretches? I mean...just looking at the numbers...I see other 5-year stretched containing a single digit totals (like the early 90s--the 4 years preceeding the winter with the March 1993 storm looked pretty mediocre with 3 single-digit totals. Granted, a mod nino may have been disrupted by Pinatubo). That being said...I do see that since 2011 we've had 3 of our lowest winters. NOW....with that, I have to wonder if we just drew a bad ++++++AO card twice in that time span (unless the AO spiking like that has something to do with you-know-what)
  13. Yeah but what if the specifics are what caused things to be 2C warmer? Lol I mean no cold on our side of the globe is a pretty big specific!! I mean no wonder the blocking didn't work in January!
  14. Maybe I'm not ready to accept that it's more difficult to get snow now, but...Was not having any cold air on our side of the globe during Dec/Jan not a big part of the problem? And what about what happened with the TPV this month? And I don't get that if the problem is the "something" is it that Texas and Arkansas have more cold and snow than we do? What about Seattle? How can we know for sure unless we give it some more time to see if this repeats in a future winter? If it weren't for the two problems I just mentioned (no cold in the source region, followed by the unfortunate TPV placement this month), I'd give it more weight, but...I'm not sure I wanna give up on snow chances still being decent here.
  15. Shoveling this stuff earlier was like cleaning off wet Domino sugar that dried and got caked on! Powdery on the top...rock-hard on the bottom, lol
  16. Alright can somebody clear up for me the whole Z system? What time (on the clock) is 0z? Or does it vary by model?
  17. I'm gonna go out on a limb here...could it be we got a little unlucky with two things? 1) Cold air trapped on the other side of the globe from November, leading to no real cold air source 2) TPV settling in a bad spot earlier this month, when we finally did have a cold air source Too simplistic? (feel free to weigh in red taggers and others)
  18. Did you manage 5-7" up your way?
  19. why is that? We can't get the trough over us...why? Bad roll of the dice?
  20. And yet Texas gets snow...Seattle gets snow. Explain that, lol
  21. Good...get this thing outta here so we can stop being reminded of the bust!
  22. I'm dealing with the same. Last week the trend in the wrong direction for Monday worsened my existing depression and I spent most of Friday (or maybe it was Thursday) in bed. Today is not as bad but it still dampens the mood...and I'm a bit depressed about future snow prospects now. There's just this feeling of somebody withholding a bit of happiness from you for no reason at all. And you come in this forum and the "it's not fair!" aura perpetuates itself. And then you look at the calendar...and see Spring isn't far away, and you don't know how to move on from the winter failure. Spring is nice with new beginnings, but knowing that also means a long wait till even a CHANCE at seeing snow--assuming that there will be chances--is a bit depressing. BUT...every year we all find a way to move on.
  23. Well dang it then next year the WDI should come back around! It would've been SIX years since the last big one! It used to be we'd get a foot every 3-4 years, 2 feet every'd think it'll break our way again eventually