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  1. No it ain't! La nina is still goin' and I'm hearing expectations of it to restrengthen in August/September. What am I missing here? Btw I'll have exhausted my angst before this winter...and if/when this winter looks just like last year I'll just be kinda checked out. Probably still a bit frustrated but definitely not checkin' anything on the Zs'. I'm emotionally exhausted looking for snow.
  2. Ain't right to have to suffer this many la ninas...as far as I'm concerned, it's all shut the dang blinds, smh I'm not getting exhausted by pointless tracking again.
  3. That's not weenism is it? Lol
  4. Would LOVE that (if it wasn't too late for winter, that is) Now why are you confident that that would be the case?
  5. While being in the screw zone last night sucked...gotta love being in the cool bubble!
  6. Ah well, at least they can resume the game, lol
  7. Got a burst of heavy rain here...Iasted all of two minutes. I just don't understand, smh
  8. I feel ya. And I'm sorry for ya brother...I'm sure you have some leftover angst from winter after going to higher elevations! It'll turn around...
  9. Got some consolation prize rain now...heavy for all of 2 mins. My goodness this is awful
  10. Posted this in the other thread from a little while ago...look familiar? Lol
  11. Image from 30 mins ago. Like I said...the severe version of a la nina snow, lolol
  12. Man this weather has been makin' me upset all year. Misses in almost every in the winter, misses in every direction in severe season...I gotta stop letting it get me upset because it's obvious that lately it just don't wanna land right for my yard. But I don't even wanna think about this winter, tbh. I can stop tracking but when things miss I'll still know, lol Gotta deal with it without wanting to throw the nearest non-breakable object everytime, lol
  13. I'm telling ya...storms every where but here, smh One of the more frustrating severe misses this year
  14. I'm telling ya this whole dang year has been Zzzzzzs for central MD it feels like. Misses in the winter, misses in severe! Hope it'll even out eventually...
  15. Yeah seriously what is even going on? Mercy...prayers to both of their families and the Ravens. The amount of tribulation our team has been through lately is insane.
  16. Ouch! It just had to park right there didn't it? Activity West, East, South, smh
  17. Screw zone again, lol A severe version of winter! Sheesh...one of these days Baltimore have some fun again
  18. Well at least for this winter we know to treat it like a team you root for but know the season is gonna suck: Don't watch too closely and root from a distance, lol I mean I get some like to track just for the fun of it...nothing wrong with that! But me? Nah man...I can't do that again. I ain't trackin' unless something is actually gonna be a legit threat and what the models are spitting out actually matches with Nina tendencies (unless we miraculously get blocking, lol). We know exactly what to expect!
  19. Yeah it's unfortunate. What could be 5 ninas in 7 years could be to blame for the lackluster winters, imo. And then the two breaks we had were a weak sauce niño that never "coupled" and a neutral that was the dreaded AO+++++. I daresay this will be the least snowiest 7-year stretch we've had since the 70s! Now is it climate or just bad fortune with enso?... Now what would truly suck is of whatever is changing in the climate is gonna start bringing about more ninas than ninos...now THAT would be a kick in the stones. I do hope that's not the case!
  20. Wooooooowee!!! Heck yeah!! Now I'm guessing the camera makes the bolt look thicker? Or did it actually look like that? Cause' that's a full-on videogame Thunderbolt right there, lol
  21. Man I hope so. But PLEASE don't let it be like the early 70s when we started with back-to-back ninas followed by a completely overwhelming super niño that torched everything...followed by two more la ninas. Now THAT was a nightmare scenario. Let's hope we don't see that again!
  22. Well lookey here! A Winter thread, lol Alright my prediction is...IF the Nina stays, 10-14" for BWI, coastal scraper and southern slider action for CAPE, and March snow for PSU, lol (albeit that part didn't happen last yea!) Now if it weakens, I got no clue. A triple-dip la Nina is a kick in the stones...but what can ya do?...
  23. Nah canceling this winter would be my job, lol (if the Nina stays that is). I've already half-canceled it mentally!
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