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  1. About 0.7” at home. Just been drizzling here in deep creek for several hours with local PWSs around 0.25”.
  2. It’s brutal for sure. And it’s showing. They’re limping into the playoffs. Need to win the division and get that bye desperately so they can reset. Rays got merced last night with injuries, so they’re also breaking down at the end. Last team standing wins.
  3. Going to have Philippe very soon based on satellite presentation of that cherry in the MDR.
  4. About 0.25” back home so far. Rain just starting here in deep creek.
  5. Which is why they just lost after coming back to take the lead…
  6. Made it out to deep creek. Spectacular early fall evening with temps around 60. Just the first hint of fall color.
  7. Last few cycles of guidance seem to want to block the remnants and drag them back over us early next week. Would keep the rain going another several days maybe. Something to watch.
  8. Took over 40mins but I snagged 2 for an ALDS game and 2 for an ALCS game.
  9. Trying to buy O’s playoff tickets and can’t get out of the virtual waiting room.
  10. Bullpen desperately needs a couple off days or a fresh arm. I expect a roster move today.
  11. 6z euro even farther west! Almost GGEM like now. 1”+ to deep creek.
  12. And Orioles! I’ll be at deep creek this weekend. Looks a bit drier. Enough for some outside activities. Do it
  13. What’s funny is that the same pattern looks to repeat late next week with a low of the SE coast. All guidance shows something.
  14. Euro keeps precipitation southeast of the metros. Glad this isn’t winter.
  15. Tighter gradient to the west. Wetter for I95 and points east.
  16. 12z eps is west however. As far west as any eps run that I see.
  17. Orioles playoffs, and hell, regular season too, are preparing me well for a constant state of stress over things I can’t control. I’ll be starting December in mid-season form!
  18. 12z euro back out. Lower eastern shore only for the main show.
  19. It’s consistently been the wettest for this weekend. Would be a serious drought buster with probably some local flooding.
  20. The euro jumped onboard at 0z actually lol
  21. Euro on a different planet for the weekend
  22. Definitely a rainmaker but maybe subtropical depression at best?
  23. Heard second hand it will happen after the season ticket holder sale later this week.
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