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  1. Op GFS seems most aggressive with BN temps, but broad agreement in models and ensembles for actual real-live BN conditions next Friday and Saturday.
  2. House rattling rolling thunder with nothing threatening nearby per radar
  3. ~0.3” from todays first round
  4. Hrrr seems to be JUST SLIGHTLY under predicting storm activity over the mountains at this time.
  5. CoCoRaHS map shows NE Baltimore was the winner yesterday with a 4.36” mark. But only ~0.25-0.3” for @nw baltimore wx a few miles away. 1.12” at the gauge near me.
  6. If violence = dew points in the 40s, then I volunteer for tribute
  7. Whoa…video of a tornado yesterday on Smith Island
  8. Beyond the moist and damp next 4-5 days, models have been teasing a respectable FROPA late next week for a September preview. Euro seems least enthused, but has hinted at it periodically. But EPS and GEFS both show a trough swing through.
  9. Round about 0.7” so far. Another batch inbound. Exceeds the total since early July.
  10. Nah, got to keep the drought away at least through mid-month!
  11. Ha, yup, more rain than the main line. And more storms firing behind it. Fun stuff.
  12. Getting a little backside bonus storm. Maybe better rain with this than in the first batch, but probably won’t last as long.
  13. About 0.3”. Not bad, not great. A few good wind gusts and some T&L. Let’s do it all again tomorrow!
  14. Decent wind and T&L, which we haven’t had much of this year when I’ve been home at least. Rain is fairly meh.
  15. Lol Hrrr has absolutely nothing there now. Even on the new 17z run.
  16. WxUSAF

    Winter 2022-23

    Significant shivers I think, so we got that going on.
  17. Yeah was about to say the mesos are pretty into today, minus the hrrr. Hrdps is super juicy like the NAM. Globals much less enthused.
  18. BWI hit 94 today and yesterday so wouldn’t be surprised at 97-98 pending clouds and storms.
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