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  1. Gorgeous sunset with the altocumulus
  2. 12z and 18z gfs have like 0.5” of rain Sunday. But it’s on an island relative to all other guidance including the 12z parallel gfs.
  3. No. Maybe flurries for you verbatim at like D13? But heavy rain and some cold air.
  4. Liking my November 4 call for the non-DCA points. Absolute earliest right looks like the 30th or 31st pending how much cold air is behind the front.
  5. Very entertaining 12z gfs. All in!
  6. Visibility under 100 yards here
  7. Ggem never really brings the warm air back after the front moves south Sunday. That’s an outlier solution or now, but we’re in the time of year where wedges erode slower than forecast more often than not. It does look like we get cool late next week, but looks fairly pedestrian for Halloween. Maybe first freeze for some.
  8. Can keeps getting kicked for a cold shot, but it does make sense that we get one at some point late next week or the following week based on the MJO moving into the cold-for-us phases.
  9. GL low screws the boundary layer: A Mid-Atlantic story.
  10. 60F+ dewpoints can go right back to hell
  11. I recorded 0.1" from that. Had hours of non-accumulating snow. Twice had heavy enough bursts to coat the mulch, but then it remelted when it slacked off.
  12. My senior year at Penn State was 2002-03. We had a white Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, V-day, and Easter.
  13. And 18z gfs flipped back to more progressive and a much colder look next week. Should be interesting at least.
  14. 3 major globals all got even slower with the boundary moving east this weekend and next week. Now they cutoff or nearly cutoff the trough in the Southwest. Depending where it sets up, we could get a bunch of rain or a lot of warm/cloudy days.
  15. @toolsheds that’s rough and about what I’d have guessed. I don’t know what teachers with school age kids are supposed to do. @losetoa6 I hear that but it’s a lot. Think this year may cause us to lose good teachers from the workforce. 70hr weeks for months while adding in stress from childcare or elder care and general 2020 anxiety is a ton to manage.
  16. I’m very curious to see how hybrid goes. Seems like a ton of work for the teachers. Our elementary teacher friend in HoCo said she’s working 70 hours per week managing virtual learning alone.
  17. I’ll take what the CFS is offering for DJF though.
  18. 38F. One tiny frost patch in the grass, but 99% dew.
  19. In Sykesville for baseball and there’s a gorgeous sunset.
  20. The globals all spitting out some interesting solutions near D10 with possible tropical systems and early season cold air.
  21. Contrails or chemtrails?
  22. Nothing here so far, but that batch moving in from the south looks to probably just clip me.
  23. And 18z goes back east. Haven’t heard about 18z euro. Good thing this isn’t snow or we’d be going nuts.