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  1. @griteater posted his winter outlook. It will look familiar. Targets February as best chance for cold and snow in the east.
  2. Pouring now but looks like we’re about to get a bit of a break. About 0.6” total so far.
  3. Just setting us up for a New Years SSW and a rockin January?
  4. Maples on my street all dumped last night.
  5. I’ll say this, it certainly is nice “sit on the front porch and drink a beer” weather.
  6. Lol oh NAM. Euro evens things out with 1.5-2” everywhere.
  7. Wow, euro and ggem even colder. Upper 30s highs next Wednesday and mid 20s Thursday morning.
  8. BWI has broken its record high
  9. Brief cold air shot next week is gaining some oomph over the last day or two of runs. Verbatim 12z gfs says should be enough for freezes everywhere except probably DCA. Highs in the 40s as well.
  10. Maybe, you’re way closer on IAD. I didn’t run all the scenarios on DCA to game it out, but you’re still a clear favorite.
  11. I’m tired of record warmth, but we had two cold November’s with awesome patterns in a row and it netted me 1.5” of snow. Both then flipped to raging December torches. Looks like we at least get semi-seasonal starting this weekend. The pattern doesn’t show much sign of changing, but I’m not sweating that until early-mid December at least.
  12. Because of how late the freezes will be at all non-IAD stations, you're basically guaranteed to win...
  13. I know they’re short handed on both sides of the ball, but wow...they aren’t good.
  14. Some guys on phillywx have tracked the threshold on the EPS (let alone the weeklies) where a snowfall mean actually means it will snow. Minimum is usually 2-3”, but typically more like 4-5”. And that’s within 2 weeks, not 6.
  15. Already snowed once at my house. 10 whole flakes.
  16. That’s basically climo, so doesn’t mean much
  17. Next chance at seasonal chill
  18. Drinking a beer from Victory brewing for today.
  19. Record high at IAD and BWI. One might have been a tie.
  20. Warm days this time of year always feel weird. The sun angle isn’t right.
  21. Nope. Going to be awhile. One of the latest I can recall probably.