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  1. Go back and re read your post and PSUs post. Your covid posts tend to come off as your thoughts are perfect and if someone doesnt agree they are stupid. You use random data points from your bro then immediately discount what PSU said as an anomaly. A discussion also involves listening and I really havent seen you ever do that in these covid threads. Personally we decided 24 days in school wasnt worth the risk. Once we explained what the classroom was going to be like our daughter was fine with finishing virtual. She isnt a big fan but has done well and her teacher has done a really good job this year. We have organised several gifts from the class for her hard work and have done a couple personally. We were hoping to give out donuts and coffee for all the school staff when they return next week but decided that might be too risky. Hoping to do something at the end of the year to make the teachers feel appreciated. I know not all kids are doing well. Those with means found alternatives. I agree we missed on providing a safe place for those most at risk. Howard had very limited slots for kids to come in and have reliable internet and an adult watching them. They also had small groups return in the fall but were cancelled when our numbers spiked. I wish some of the stimulus could have gone to increase that capacity. I also hope we can offer tutoring and summer school for those that arent where they need to be at year end. Around 50% of Howard kids are remaining virtual, so this isnt a topic where there is a majority one way or the other.
  2. this convo is probably gonna be hidden but we chose to stay virtual in howard county and hope the transition back doesnt mess up the routine we've gotten into. The district is pretty much 50/50 on remain virtual or go in 2 days a week.
  3. Sun has taken a toll on the western MD snowpack. I can almost see my driveway again. Untouched areas are still probably 18-24".
  4. Ellicott City MD: 39.235085, -76.792567 Oakland MD (technically Swanton but no one knows where that is): 39.499707, -79.275274
  5. lolol i was thinking about posting similar but know this place is already a powder keg waiting to go off on any post. Honestly hope it stops snowing soon so boating season isnt delayed . With the way things are going i will have snow piles into june.
  6. I saw a slanty stick measurement in the obs thread!
  7. Pretty sure eastern HoCo isn't gonna get another 3" either.
  8. Back to pixy flakes here, I think 1" might be our max. Whitened up the ice piles though!
  9. Might be the best flakes of the season here in HoCo, big fatties dropping from the sky like a UA jet engine.
  10. Shoveling this sleet is no joke. Heavy as heck. I had an 18" pile of sleet at the corner of the house where it all rolled off the roof. There is an icy crust underneath.
  11. @psuhoffman might be onto something regarding our new "normal". Looking at the soundings from IAD, the warm layer is only +1c, but it seems in previous storms that layer would be near 0 and rates would overcome any melting. Now it seems we cannot overcome the warm layer and require a perfect setup at all layers to score snow in/around the cities. Even the closer in n/w burbs are sleeting with this storm.
  12. Hey at least philly is getting a good 6-10 inches!
  13. we can't even do sleet right. If the NAM starts showing issues you know the storm is toast this winter. I know we ran ERS off but he was right about thr king this year.
  14. absolutely nothing within the snowhole.
  15. Homer Simpson Ten Foot Sandwich - YouTube