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  1. Lots of noise but not much rain. Can't believe that cluster dried up and scooted sideways.
  2. Fall softball feels more like summer softball. September is the new August.
  3. Finally! Of course all the leaves the trees have been dropping clogged my gutters, cant win around here haha.
  4. My yard was looking so good until the past week. Definitely crisping up. Used up all my rain barrel water and they need refills!
  5. Use another platform? j/k :). I refuse to create an account. Used to be able to browse and read things, but now its like Instagram and the others where you can't do anything without an account. No thanks.
  6. This is extremely un-scientific but I feel like modelling this summer has been pretty poor, at least in short term resolutions. I was out in Missouri for a week at the beginning of the month. 5 days out the forecast was for multiple days of 100+ and sunny. Ended up raining at some point every day and highs in the mid 80s. There have been weeks here of the same precip/temp issues. Maybe we are on a boundary and its really hard to nail down?
  7. All summer our weather appears to be influenced by a non-stop stream of energy coming across the great lake region. Are we expecting this to shift as we head into fall and winter? Trying to understand what to look for in terms of pattern change as we get closer to winter.
  8. Maybe once that happens MASN can finally be streamed without a cable subscription. Feel like we live in the stone ages.
  9. Is that bad for smoke?
  10. Little surprised at the lack of action re: Canada fires. I'm guessing most are in really remote areas and difficult to get to? The latest I've been reading is they are just now mobilizing military and other resources? Its also hard to find a lot of news about it with details.
  11. ocmd has been great all week. highs in low to mid 80s until today..hit 90 but there was a stiff breeze so it still felt fine. ocean temp in the low 70s, feels great and no jellys. i remember growing up having to dodge jellyfish on the regular. Anyone know what happened to them, not that i am missing them.
  12. Ugh a big ole wash out at Deep Creek. Nice and sunny this morning turned into tropical downpours. 2023 weather can get bent.
  13. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ortho-WeedClear-Lawn-Weed-Killer-Concentrate-North-32-oz/532746720 I used this and it worked really well. Normally I try and limit what I spray in the yard but the clover and chickweed went crazy this year. I add a surfactant to a 2 gal pump sprayer from harbor freight and spot treat. Its a chore over a half acre but limits the amount of chemical I put down. Took two treatments about 3 weeks apart to knock 95% of it out.
  14. You getting in on this downpour? Its our time in the barrel!
  15. Getting some showers now but man, hard to get anything going here.
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