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  1. Sun is out in Western MD, first time I've seen it in awhile. Crisp chilly morning. Feels like fall.
  2. "Fall" softball has been toasty this weekend and last weekend. Kiddos have been exhausted by the end of the game. Looking forward to some cooler weather.
  3. @CAPEYou have any details on the oak tree disease? We've lost 8 50+ year old oaks in the past couple years and everyone is scratching their heads (had arborists out to look before we cut them down). UMD is supposedly looking into it but I can't find any new information on the net. There are at least 15 more in the neighborhood that I can tell are gonna go soon. The crown starts dying off and the only leaves are off larger branches/trunk. I do have a ton of firewood from it all, although I would rather have the trees and shade
  4. I am in Toronto and it feels like San Juan. Crazy deluges then sun. Radar yesterday looked more like a tropical system than something you would expect up north.
  5. Thought it was going to be cloudy today and went golfing. Walking 18 in blazing sun was a dumb idea and car said 90 when i was done. Roasted.
  6. just sounded like a bomb went off in Ellicott City. No rain, just a deep, long, rumble.
  7. Dang, swim team is serious bizness! Almost as serious as IMBY snow. My daughter started softball in the spring. Team was all new to the sport so we didnt win any but had a couple ties and the ladies had fun and learned a lot. Glad we were on the team we were because some of the others took it real serious.
  8. Sunny, 72 and a light breeze in deep creek. Low humidity makes the house purchase worth every penny. Now I know why Washington vacationed out here .
  9. 55 and cloudy, great lake weather. /sarcasm
  10. we got out on the field for my daughters softball game and the sky opened up. Perfect timing. At least the sod i just laid down is getting a good soak!
  11. I bought one of these Robotic Lawn Mower | Husqvarna US this spring. Best money I've ever spent! Obs: Its hooooooooottt.
  12. That line was a nothingburger in Ellicott City. Even the recycling truck kept driving around in it. My trash cans are secure.
  13. So far just rain, a bit of wind and T&L in Ellicott City.
  14. they closed school early and now its sunny.
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