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  1. Snowing in Western MD:
  2. Flood warning just issued for the problem areas around Ellicott City/Catonsville. Miles E Ellicott City MD&product1=Flood+Warning&lat=39.2727&lon=-76.7937
  3. This training heavy rain isn't good for downtown ellicott city...
  4. Don't you need moisture for frost? My yard has reached desert status.
  5. Wish that cell in central MD would get a move on or my softball game is gonna be cancelled.
  6. Back in your day every square inch of the metro area wasn't paved over or built on. Much less open space to capture run off these days. No one cares when a field floods.
  7. Few rumbles and some rain just north of 100 in Ellicott City. Amazing how much difference there is across a few miles. Grew up in hickory ridge, will go check it out tomorrow. Any damage up by atholton?
  8. 3k nam showed this a day ago. The line stayed west. I'm ok with that considering the last couple years of flooding in EC.
  9. I just booked a trip to Breckenridge, CO. 310"+ for the season and they just got 18" last night. It's a 70 min drive from Denver. Only thing you're missing is a beach.
  10. I got 3" out of the Friday storm and DC basically got nothing, so I dont think thats a good indicator. This storm it just wasn't cold enough and no HP keeping the warm air from filtering in. The GEM really sucked for this storm. It stubbornly kept showing snow even east of 95. The R/S line ended up north of 70. The Euro snow contours were probably the closest to correct, but still needed to shave 2-3" off the totals.
  11. back to -SN. At least its still snow even with the light rates. When is the good stuff supposed to arrive?
  12. Looks like your neighbor built a wall out of trees...
  13. SN, roof, deck, grass getting white. Hopefully we are on the good side of the RN/SN line and get pummeled jebman style later on.
  14. SN, mulch getting white in Ellicott City.