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  1. mdhokie

    September Discobs Thread

    Good news, its sunny. Bad news, its hot and humid and really doesn't feel like the end of September. Looking at the forecast fall isn't starting anytime soon. Maybe the mid atlantic is the new tropics?
  2. mdhokie

    September Banter

    That was embarrassing. Congrats on the win
  3. mdhokie

    August Discobs Thread

    guess i wont be cutting the grass today, starting to look like jungle.
  4. mdhokie

    July Discobs Thread

    Well the rain finally made it to Ocean City. Hoping the afternoon clears up.
  5. mdhokie

    July Discobs Thread

    We had a couple drops from a passing shower, but the rest of the day was bright and sunny in Ocean City . So feel better, there are places that got less rain than you!
  6. mdhokie

    July Discobs Thread

    Sorry for the broken record but another fabulous day at ocean city. Sunny, broken clouds, nice breeze. Forecast has been heavy rain each day since Saturday, a welcome bust
  7. mdhokie

    July Discobs Thread

    Yet another bust forecast at the beach. Mix of sun and clouds but no rain.
  8. mdhokie

    July Discobs Thread

    It's a 10/10 day at the beach. Started partly cloudy but full sun now and nice temps. Thought we were gonna get skunked this weekend.
  9. mdhokie

    July Banter Thread

    For those looking for verizon deals, you can get $40 100/100 internet only. https://slickdeals.net/f/10817763-verizon-fios-100-100-mbps-internet-only-plan-new-customers-only-39-99-month-auto-pay-required If you are an existing customer you can cancel and resubscribe.
  10. mdhokie

    July Discobs Thread

    Sideways rain/drizzle in ocean City. Waves are pretty big. Any chance this thing zips outta here or am I doomed to a week of clouds and rain?
  11. mdhokie

    July Discobs Thread

    So I'll be at the beach next week. Where the heck did the persistent forcasted rain come from?
  12. mdhokie

    July Discobs Thread

    It's not fair we get all of the Midwest coal smoke blown our way. Plus we have a lot more pollen to deal with.
  13. mdhokie

    June Banter

    I think they are pretty easy. Most have flare fittings that you tighten instead of brazing. I have a Fujitsu mini split but it is ducted. Works great for my upstairs area.
  14. mdhokie

    June Banter

    Pat F***ing Sajak? I just lost the urge to watch the caps.
  15. mdhokie

    2018 Mid-Atlantic General Severe Discussion

    I live a couple miles south and there has been too much development in the watershed in that area. Forests cut down and paved, farm land built up and paved. There are stormwater management rules now but the developers know how to get around them. My mom is in a development that is dealing with clogged drywells and incorrectly installed storm water controls. No one inspects these things while they are being built and by the time you realize they aren't working as intended its too late. The downtown area would still flood, but not to this degree. At this point it might be worth it to build some sort of elevated board walk on stilts. Close the road to traffic and only allow businesses in the 2nd+ floors. Or get Elon Musk to bore a huge tunnel underneath. I know DC is building huge underground tunnels to store excess storm water.