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  1. lol yea, i was thinking about doing some sitting around the firepit, glad I felt lazy and stayed inside! Lights just flickered and we had some thunder.
  2. We actually had a guy with a portable saw mill come by and saw up the last couple trees we had to take down, was a pretty awesome experience. We had a local carpenter build a hutch, shelves and bar table out of it so far. Couple of projects on the plan just haven't had time to think about it. I still have probably 100 or so board feet left from that, so these are gonna end up as firewood. Asked them to cut the trunks into 20" sections so I can split.
  3. Just signed a contract to take down 8 big oak trees, all dead. No one seems to know whats going on with oaks in MD. Theory is a wet 2018 and the drought of last fall really stressed them and disease/insects finish them off. Such a shame. We will re-plant but will never be the same in my lifetime. Pest Alert - Problems on White Oaks.pdf
  4. We closed today, didnt expect to build a fire and watch snow fall on May 8!
  5. We are lucking out for now in MD.. Skies are getting brighter and its warm out.
  6. mdhokie

    COVID-19 Talk

    You can order a test for antibodies online now, $170. Requires you to schedule a blood draw at a local testing center. Not taking insurance but accepts HSAs and I'm guessing you could submit bill to insurance for reimbursement. I might do it just to see if I am a silent carrier. Found out through a friend who knows doctors in New Orleans who are using the same test (not through this company).
  7. brief hail storm. was over in about 90 seconds.
  8. lol, when does it get warm? I am closing on a place in a month, hope to change my shelter in place location
  9. Thanks! It has tiny white flowers. Roots are hardy too. Tried to pull it but the roots won't come easy. Digging resulted in too much grass coming up so I stopped. I think it might be this: Do you have a favorite weed killer to use for spot treatment? I did put down a granular pre-emergent a couple weeks ago. Been having a problem with stilt grass here. Pulled most it by hand last year but trying to keep it from coming back.
  10. I'm hoping one of you smart lawn folks can help me identify this weed. It has gone crazy in my yard this year. Haven't seen it until this spring, but its everywhere.
  11. Forecast was for 60 and sunny, complete opposite happened. Cloudy cold day with a wind that makes its feel worse that it really is.
  12. Ha! Same here. Crazy difference once you hit the exit off 68. Still searching for our dream house
  13. 7" on the ground out here in Deep Creek, MD. Amazing it was brown the whole drive up until we were about 20 miles out, crazy micro climate. I picked a good weekend since it rained this past week and looks like rain next week too. I'll enjoy my winter wonder land for a couple days Snow is only a couple hours away if you need your fix!
  14. Stinks to be a local ski resort this year, they can't catch a break. Was going to play hooky next week and get some runs in but its gonna be 60. Looking at the LR I dont see much opportunity to rebuild base before March shut down.
  15. Glad I left the lights up for an extra week! Time to take them down between the washout this coming weekend. Snow stuck to all the trees making it very pretty outside. 2", Just enough snow to sled and make a snowman.