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  1. I agree. For anyone who lives near the city, March snows are just blah. No, I am not going to rehash the sun angle debate, but I also prefer snow that covers the streets for at least day or so, doesn’t melt from lawns the next day, and doesn’t lead to even more stress than usual given higher potential for major busts, as was case in that big March bust in 2013.
  2. Light sleet has now transitioned to mostly light rain downtown DC
  3. Steady flurries downtown dc
  4. Dusting but still Busting downtown DC. But think this might be the biggest dusting so far In this tragic winter here, since colder this time than during the two previous bursts of flurries....
  5. I think the really bad commute was January 2011, when about 5 inches of snow fell from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., on a day when I don't think there was an OPM early dismissal
  6. Prince William Schools closed tomorrow — lol
  7. Officially a Car topper in downtown DC. But Streets and sidewalk just wet
  8. Those saying East Coast “dodged a bullet” are already forgetting a key lesson of what we have learned about hurricanes in recent years. Just because a Cat 4 or 5 storm weakens, it still pushes a surge closer to its original strength, instead of its weakened state.
  9. New York City itself busted hard. Upton was forecasting 7; looks like city got 2 to 4.
  10. Yea, but at least in those cases D.C. usually has white rain or another form of mix, sleet or non accumulating snow. In this case, absolutely zero wintry precipitation of any kind in city. And You could tell this morning it was too warm in city, and that you’d have to travel far, far outside the beltway for that to change. I guess occasionally you see nothing but a driving rain downtown while Rockville gets 5 inches but I really can’t think of that many times where it plays out like that.
  11. No precipitation yet downtown dc. People walking around with spring jackets on. Really doesn’t seem like accumulating snow is possible even up at end of the Red line (Shady Grove) but good luck
  12. Surprised to go outside just now to discover, even in Downtwon D.C., there is still some ice building up on trees and elevated metal surfaces
  13. Downtown DC just flipped back to snow. Huge flakes in this band.