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  1. The Feb 2010 Blizzard happened on Saturday, one day before the Super Bowl; so many where still snowed in Super Bowl Sunday
  2. Damn. Boston at 23.7. Will probably end at 24 or so, and just 3.5 short of breaking the record..
  3. Maybe. But there is a reason records are hard to break. I can see Boston ending up about 24, and struggling to get that final 3.5 inches for record. Once the storm moves away, the accumulations can wind down quickly, Even if light snow persists past midnight.
  4. Snowfall rates in Cambridge, which had dipped to about 1.5 inches per hour, seem to be picking up again. On radar, the band that had been shrinking to the East about 30 min ago, is once again expanding some
  5. Snow growth in Cambridge, which seems to be on western edge of most intense band, seems to be somewhat diminishing. But still easily at least 1.5 inch per hour. And with wind increasingly, white out conditions increasing
  6. Dumping snow in Cambridge. I’d say 2 inches per hour.
  7. Based on webcams, the sleet really did make it alll the way to Erie, at least for now.
  8. Just drove from Lawrenceville to Bakery Square in the city. I would say city has 3. I’ve not seen sleet in last 90 minutes. Just moderate snow, and it’s now accumulating better than it did earlier
  9. Yea, in Lawrenceille it lasted about 10 minutes. Back to almost heavy snow
  10. Big flakes and no sleet near Lawrenceville Pittsburgh but not really piling up. Maybe quarter to just under 1/2 inch an hour rates
  11. About an hour ago, it was freezing rain just west of Somerset Pa on Pa Turnpike, until about New Stanton. It was all snow in Somerset but once off the mountain, it was definitely freezing rain — and it was freezing on contact on windshield. I thought it was unusual because I did not think this part of Pa would see mix/ice this soon
  12. Where did the Low track in that storm in February 2007? DC got about 6 inches of snow, and then got pounded with insanely heavy sleet for hours. They were literally plowing the sleet off city streets... Didn't that storm come directly up the Bay?
  13. The airport had 11, but it seems to be a fluke compared to rest of Denver Metro. Most of the city woke up to like 2 to 4 inches, and even if they get another 6 to 8 (latest forecast) today, it will be a pretty major bust. Can you imagine if that had happened here --- If we had models a few days ago showing we could get 60 inches of snow, and official forecasts was for 20, and and then we woke up to 2 to 4 inches.
  14. Tomorrow anniversary of the March 2013 Bust. Forecast for 8 to 10 inches downtown and up to 15 in suburbs, but DC never accumulated. Massive non accumulating flakes for about an hour, and then rain.
  15. Downtown Dc just changed over to drizzle. Looks like a coating of snow fell.
  16. Moderate snow downtown DC. sticking to cars and sidewalks.
  17. A new band of light snow has just materialized over the I-95 corridor. Big flakes falling downtown DC
  18. Actually, some of the heaviest snow of the winter here in downtown. Looks like catching the end that yellow blob over Prince GEorges
  19. Good snow showers in Downtown DC. Already, a car topper.
  20. Part of DC Beltway also closed due to accidents
  21. Even though it was sleet, pretty sure this is most white stuff downtown dc has had on ground all year, and now it’s coated in ice. Going to be lots of slips and falls tomorrow am. Very icy out
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