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  1. .45" of rain overnight. Tapering off now. Looks like the showers hang around all day though.
  2. Looks like the line is beginning to fizzle out now before it hits 95. Not nearly as intense as it was 30 mins ago.
  3. Timing on this one seems pretty poor but with the dynamics in place it may not matter much. The CAMs are pretty hit and miss in the overnight hours. N and W definitely has the best chance, it remains to be seen if the convection holds together for the 95 area overnight. The models that hold it together don't have it pushing through until after midnight. Lehigh valley looks to get slammed though in the 9 pm - 11 pm range. Line is still well off to the west right now.
  4. Thankfully the next week or so looks mostly dry. Maybe a chance of showers on Sun/Mon and then again on Thursday but no widespread heavy precip on either of those days. Unfortunately, it looks like the ridge builds back in around mid month and the warm/wet pattern may pick back up. As we just now are entering peak Tropical season, I won't be surprised at all if Ida isn't the last tropical event that we see this year. The long range of the GFS and Euro both show multiple tropical systems brewing.
  5. It's a stone cold lock it's being retired on landfall alone. Almost every high end cat 4 landfall is retired. This just put the icing on the cake.
  6. Got down to 55 last night. Beautiful morning.
  7. That was the attitude of my father yesterday(who also lives in Levittown) when I called him telling him and my mom to take shelter asap. I had to literally tell him it was confirmed at the bridge for him to take it seriously even though there was a tornado emergency warning. I think it's a pretty common for people to ignore the warnings around here because while tornado warnings aren't that rare around here, actual violent tornados don't typically happen from them. We've seen several now this summer. Great pics btw, very sobering.
  8. Going to check out the Delaware by Trenton in a hour or so. I'll try and take some pics on top of the levy in Morrisville if they will let me go up there.
  9. Beautiful morning. We got down to 58f. First feels like fall day.
  10. Back edge will probably be through around midnight but looks like the heavy stuff has just about ended. 5.6" on the event, may see another .1 or .2 before it's over, don't think we'll hit 6. Hope I can get to work in Trenton tomorrow or hope Murphy closes the state. Can't believe the Delaware river is already flooding, won't be surprised if it crests higher than predicted.
  11. Over an inch in the last 30 mins and still pouring. Up to 5.1" on the event now. My guess is we are seeing flash flooding in the area but not venturing outside to find out.
  12. Thankfully we've missed a lot of the heaviest rain so no flooding in my area but still up to 2.8" on the day. Areas just 5 -10 miles away though like Fairless Hills are almost double that.
  13. Thankfully nothing doing here. Scary few minutes though, wish I could explain how the sky looked, just very ominous and black with clear rotation in the clouds.
  14. On a side note, the Delaware is now forecasted to crest just below moderate flood stage in Trenton and moderate at Washington crossing. Will be something to watch as this morning it was forecasted to only reach action stage.
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