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  1. Really high winds and racing clouds picking up in Manahawkin, NJ. I am getting concerned as my area is still juiced as we didn't see much rain and clouds earlier and the upper level winds are racing...
  2. Dang someone is spicy today, Same things we always talk about with weather… model output parameters, timing, forecasts etc. Not sure why everyone is freaking out over 1-2” of rain when we could have a banner tornado outbreak today. I think from I-95 south east the rain is going to be a major fail today. NW of there is fair game for the heavy rain totals
  3. Yes I am in beach haven west and believe a weak tornado passed over my house. I watched day burst of windo launch my lawn furniture into my fence.
  4. Thing is massive on radar. I’d be legit concerned in those areas. Who knows if it will hold together by landfall though.
  5. Is this a massive waterspout off of Brick? Velocity radar seems to indicate so… IMG_2499.mov
  6. I believe a funnel cloud just passed over my yard in Beach Haven West. It was calm and the sudden woosh of air came in and launched my table and chairs off my porch and into the fence. I was watching this cell on radar and it appeared to have a couplet to my untrained eye. Could a Met chime and and see if they agree?
  7. Appears to be lots of rotation in these cells east of Stafford Township. I expect to see the Tornado Warning to be issued further north again as it has been moving up the coast all night. There should have been a watch issued.
  8. I'm surprised more people aren't talking about the TOR threat for NJ and NYC tomorrow night. I'm almost certain a TOR watch will be hoisted tomorrow night.
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