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  1. Sleet is heavy shoveling
  2. 28/27...Total so far...dusting of snow, 2-1/2" sleet now rain
  3. Snow started about 3 AM. Looks like a dusting of snow with an inch of sleet on top. Sleeting now. Temp just dropped a degree...28/27.
  4. 31/27...Got another 1-1/2 to 2 inches starting around 2 AM and over by 8 AM, on top of the 5 inches compacted still on the ground from last weeks 2 events here.
  5. 28/26 in Blue grass. Had 7-8" before turning to sleet around 2 oclock. Now freezing rain. Shoveling and plowing are a bummer
  6. 24/23 in Blue Grass. 5 inches new snow...sleet for a short period around noon. Heavy snow now...2-3 inch per hour ??
  7. 23/21 in Blue Grass. Light snow since 7 AM. Heavy now. New 1-1/2" on ground.
  8. 3 inches on the ground. 27 degrees, 26 DP. Light to moderate snow. Started around 1:30-2 AM
  9. 26/23 here. 1" on ground. Snowing on and off since 7 this morning