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  1. Just drove from Adams Morgan to Rockville in like 35 minutes. Looks like I just beat the chaos. Mod snow and side street starting to cave in Rockville.
  2. Jebwalking in Adams Morgan right now. Big fat flakes piling up quick.
  3. Some fatty dendrites starting to come down now in Adams Morgan. Nearing 3" if not over it already.
  4. 18z will assuredly be the hour of power.
  5. 850s 0c line slicing up 95 corridor through DC/Baltimore at 192 FWIW
  6. Euro mostly misses south but maybe like 3-5" in DC? Definitely a better look than the GFS tho...
  7. Ukie just dropped a foot on DC Thursday...
  8. Definitely some melting and compacting in these lighter returns in NW. Looks like a solid 3, 3.5" on the ground. Looks to be a nice moderate band rolling through soon.
  9. Just enjoy the storm man, the radar still looks great for several more hours of snow.
  10. Mod snow, beautiful scenes right now. Probably about 3" on the ground eyeballing. What a great storm.
  11. Euro is a solid 6-8 for I-95 including the cities. Breathe easy folks.
  12. Can confirm. Not really sticking to pavement quite yet.