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  1. I'm no master baker but maybe it's a bit underproved...not that I wouldn't eat the hell outta this. Crust looks really nice too. Good job.
  2. Cut it open and let's see that crumb structure.
  3. Don't worry there will also be giant wasps eating them too
  4. Mid 50s and brilliant sunshine. I’ve had a taste of spring and now I am ready for winter to step down
  5. I remember being underwhelmed by the amount in my neighborhood in Rockville in 2004. But there were still a bunch everywhere. Loud as hell too.
  6. Sounds like sleet now but too lazy to get up and look
  7. For real, I think it's hilarious. People do love to brag about their snow though, which is also hilarious.
  8. Hey outta here highlander! This is a DC/FFX-south bitch thread now.
  9. Guys it's gonna be 60 (!!!) on Wednesday. Just a reminder as we deal with this joke rainstorm
  10. LOL the obs thread is now a "how much snow I have this year" d-measuring contest.
  11. When's the last time DCA went under 23?