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  1. Alot of clouds and some rain to my north..will we even reach 90?
  2. Looks like im going to luck out between the squeeze play and avoid the storms...storms to north and storms to south..maybe because i was basically cloudy and maybe 75 tops all day Man these models are brutal Now im doubting tomorrow's 95 and i bet the sun doesnt show til noon Wouldnt want to take my chances with cool and clouds at the beaches
  3. Where is the sun Where is summer Mets and models busting all week Models have been gross in mid range
  4. Thats a big flip flop for the models for Memorial Day weekend. Let's hope it flops back
  5. Run of mill thundershower just came thru..meh
  6. Its almost clockwork that the FIRST hyped severe stuff never pans out. In the next month some benign parameter will lead is to surprise widespread damage to make up for this disaster
  7. This looks to be one of the biggest busts of the last 30 years.
  8. Its never too hot for me!
  9. Elon Musk saving America, it is interesting to see the parallels to how the OT Political board on Americanwx is run.....sweet vindication

  10. Thanks for posting. The site im looking like wasnt this one..it was set up like an excel sheet where the cities and snow amounts were listed in grids and updated every 15 minutes
  11. Anyone have that site that used to snowfall totals from like all locations in real time. It was real informative..saw it linked here a few years ago
  12. Yes but he has been wrong before with snowstorms He is good because they do hours of in depth coverage that you dont get on tv. He goes in depth into radar looking at bands and where they are headed Still thinks 12-18 could happen at the coast
  13. There will be haves and have nots Curran doesn't like the phase and says the tilt is more neutral Still thinks easter nj and coasts gets pretty good amounts..its west of 95 thats the issue
  14. Dave Curran on News 12 insists this the dry air will win out west of 95
  15. the low off the coast is further north and east of modelled per Dave Curran of news 12
  16. anyone worried about that low pressure forming a bit further north and east of where it was progged...big concern
  17. I dont know it seems like the models are sort of coming into agreement for the most part. its a 4-8 event in north nj and nyc maybe some 6-10 amounts there down to central jersey and 8-14 to the coast
  18. my favorite snowstorm of all time because it was my first real biggie. I did experience the one in 78. This one they talked about days before, almost a week, and were hyping it but then as we got about 24 hours to the event they started to drop totals and yeah they were saying 1-3/2-4. We all went off to school and I remember the snow starting in the morning sometime and it was already past the time they would call the half day. But it was a quick call for early dismissal immediately within the hour. Remember the big flakes that day the numbers kept going and going up...3-6, 4-8, 6-10, 10-14, 12-18 and then finally 18-24. My first experience with Thundersnow. I think we had 23 IMBY, it was insane to experience that and it would be until Jan 1996 I would experience something that topped it.
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