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  1. One of the best sounds of Summer. Heard them on Tuesday.
  2. JerseyWx

    summer banter thread

    We stay at the Lotus Inn now, but used to stay at the Coronado too. Hoping we both get to enjoy Wildwood this time around
  3. The rain on Tuesday and Wednesday was the main story this week. That convection just fired up and was fueled by the very high humidity/strong sun. You can see the clearing line approaching from the west and the skies are brightening up here.
  4. JerseyWx

    summer banter thread

    Same exact time we went last year, probably saw you lol. The weather was pretty bad, except for the night we got down there and the day we were leaving. This time around we're still sticking with the last week of July, as that's our typical time. As for predictions, it's a little far out to accurately forecast the weather. But, like Stormlover said, I'd expect conditions to be a lot better. IMO that was a fluke last year, because most times we've gone down have been great.
  5. Yeah, and even tomorrow night will be good for sleeping with the windows open. My forecast low is 56°, which should feel crisp after the heat.
  6. 2nd day in a row with torrential downpours, not often you see that. Very impressive how heavy the rain was earlier this afternoon.
  7. WOW. Absolute torrential downpours. Heaviest rain I've seen in awhile.
  8. Yeah our upstairs got to 96° last night.
  9. We had great conditions last night for the temps to drop quickly. Definitely a crisp morning for late June.
  10. That would be impressive for the end of June. I could see it happening though considering the skies will be clear and the wind should diminish.
  11. The power grid would be getting an incredible workout. This week continues the pattern of sharply contrasting weather. Northern and western suburbs should see low 50's tonight.
  12. Seems to be the theme this year. Quick hitting bouts of heat, like we saw in early May for example.
  13. Large temperature swings continue. From May to mid-July in a week.
  14. JerseyWx

    summer banter thread

    This week, and into the weekend, will finally bring us some sustained sun and warmth. Overall it looks like a beautiful stretch of weather coming in.
  15. Yeah, I'll admit the humidity was oppressive the last couple of days. But the lack of sustained sun and warmth has really been killing me, especially after an extended winter season.