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  1. Lol, yeah I agree. I'm just one of those technical people that likes it perfect. Just like the misconception that the solstice means that sunset is the earliest of the year.
  2. Lmao, then I must add you to my ignore list. No but all jokes aside, I personally hate the meteorological standard. Our seasons are not determined by the calendar.
  3. The metro has had several massive blizzards/storms in the last few years, 2015/2016/2018. Granted I know not everyone cashed in on all three, but we've become so accustomed to big storms nowadays. What we are really due for is a more front-loaded winter that has multiple smaller events and then by April we turn the switch to Spring and never look back.
  4. Yeah most likely. Not bad considering it was backend after two days of rain.
  5. Yeah not bad at all for the first of the season. I've only seen flakes up until this point.
  6. Just measured 7 inches here in Butler. @rgwp96
  7. 36 and approaching an inch of rain since midnight.
  8. Yeah looks like we may get some freezing rain, hope this isn't a trend like last winter. I actually haven't seen anything frozen this season, not even flurries.
  9. I really need to see him. Talk about a legend, his name is synonymous with MSG.
  10. Right, and who knows, maybe this year will be opposite of last. It would be interesting to see a front-loaded winter which is extremely hard to come by nowadays. Check your PM's btw.
  11. Calm down, I'm just busting you. I never said it can't snow in November. That aside, did the pattern not look good countless times last year only to never ever verify?