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  1. This weather is terrible if you enjoy the beach/pool. Last weeks weather was far better.
  2. Loud cracks here and it's a deluge.
  3. Lmao, it's not even summer. You're going to be waiting awhile.
  4. I'd be fine with that, so long as it's more of a dry heat. We really only have 3 core months of heat- June, July, August. Spring is just cool and grey as of recent, with some bursts of warmth here and there.
  5. Not sure about you, but the gnats are a problem too. I've been bit up pretty bad so far, but they're all from those tiny things. All of a sudden there's a pinch and some blood, forget about the itching. Even some anti-itch cream barely helps.
  6. I really hope after this weekend, as we enter June, that the summer weather arrives and stays for good. I don't mind rain, but several days of gray in the 50's/60's is terrible.
  7. Downpouring currently. Hardest rain yet. Figures NEXRAD is down for maintenance.
  8. Gorgeous today, don't think you can get much better. Wouldn't mind a hot and dry (humidity wise) summer.
  9. That's interesting actually. This time of year would probably have the highest DP depression on average since it's typically dry warmth.
  10. Wow, 9 times (or 6 April's) over a span of 70 years is impressive.
  11. But then Easter through next week look amazing, sun and warmth.
  12. Yeah I should have kept better records, though I know it got warm sometime around those years.
  13. And was it April 2012 or 2013 that featured some heat here?
  14. It's only for one day, not like we are torching for weeks on end. 50's and 60's are back starting this weekend. It's a nice treat for us to briefly enjoy.
  15. I think 17-18 was better tbh. This year was really saved by 3 weeks in February. No snow in March is disappointing too.