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  1. Yeah I mean it's not surprising. Everyone is burned out from trying to give vaccines on top of normal workload, which is already bad this time of year.
  2. Honestly, no one knows the half of it. This whole thing has made me rethink getting into retail pharmacy. People have no clue how much actually goes into typing up prescriptions, verifying them, giving shots, phones ringing, checking in orders, etc. You can't find technicians to help out either, no one wants to apply. I mean we see sick people all day, who knows if it's covid or not? There's a lot of illness going around besides covid though, I can tell you that. The thing that annoys me though is that people still complain about wait times, hold times, and if things aren't ready when they just were at the doctor a half hour ago. You want to come fill it yourself, or do you want quality and accuracy? People have no respect for retail workers general, but you'd think on the pharmacy side it'd be better. Everyone is overworked and many pharmacists in the district are leaving at an alarming rate.
  3. We just have to accept the fact that December is pretty much done. Washout next weekend with 50's. Still have a solid 2 months of winter afterwards anyway.
  4. Had TREMENDOUS downpours between 1:10 and 1:35. Also had very good sized hail. This picture was an hour after the storm ended. That's bigger than a pea if you can't tell.
  5. Yeah that was definitely a good season for backend snow. Spring was definitely welcomed after that.
  6. Back to back nights in the 20's. Growing season is obviously done. Monday-Wednesday looks stunning, 60's and sunny.
  7. Starting to remind me of Fall 2015 a little bit. AN week after week.
  8. It does get warmer this week but it'll be different than the last few days. Lows will be a little more seasonable and plus the dewpoint will not be in the 60s like today.
  9. Yeah I was just thinking that, still sounds like an early fall night.
  10. Very true, look back at 18-19 and 19-20, I guarantee Accuweather was calling cold and snowy.
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