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  1. Had wicked downpours earlier and some roaring gusts that you definitely felt inside the house. Things settling down a bit now.
  2. Hearing my first Katydid's tonight, just a couple.
  3. Haven't seen as many rabbits as usual either. Plenty of chipmunks though.
  4. Heard my first one on Saturday, love that sound. Grey tree frogs are also in full force here as well. Waiting on the katydids now.
  5. Dropping in late, but had a couple of rounds that produced some really good downpours.
  6. Downpour here with that cell over Morris.
  7. I'm impressed by how cool it will be at night IMBY coming up. Forecast of 48 tomorrow night, and then 50's straight through next Wednesday.
  8. Same for me. Pretty late in comparison to other years.
  9. Would've scared the heck out of me, not gonna lie lol.
  10. Saw a garter snake last week just chillin in the brush. Did it actually come right up to you?
  11. Looks like that line up by Port Jervis is pretty strong.
  12. It really does so far on all fronts- weather, politics, health, etc.
  13. House got down to 67° which means the heat was close to kicking on lol.
  14. Lol yeah, although the same thing is true for winter lovers who can stay home during a storm and don't have to actually travel through it. I can work in the sun and heat just fine unless it's really hot and humid, like 93/75 or something.