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  1. Warmth staying south of us again. Mid-to-upper 60s in southern Jersey.
  2. Picked up about .40" this morning, not bad.
  3. Yeah, it's a pretty subjective topic I guess. My point was that this area typically sees its last freeze around then, and snow is basically out of the equation. C'mon Feen, sweating in the 50s! What'd you have a Parka on?
  4. By mid-April the warmth usually begins to settle in here. For you it may be a couple weeks later. I can't wait, this backdoor stuff is the worst.
  5. The thing I like about the maps is that you can see the general path a particular storm took (snow wise, not where the low was). '93 and '96 are great examples. The only downside is they paint rather large swaths of 10-20" increments.
  6. Looks like Montana finally got in on some AN temps, especially the western half of the state.
  7. Despite yesterday's cold, I lost some small piles. Saturday, depending on how warm it gets, should deliver the final blow to the pack before the rain later in the weekend.
  8. Sitting at 18° currently. High Point is 11°
  9. Yeah, a few days ago the Euro had Northwestern NJ in the low single digits. It seems that cold shots, even in mid-winter, tend to moderate. Of course there are exceptions.
  10. Yeah, my area usually has a last freeze around the 2nd or 3rd week of April. Last frost is tricky, every so often it comes in May.
  11. Windier than I expected this morning, had some very strong gusts. 32°
  12. 57° here currently.
  13. Yep, and it looks like my original post will be wrong. The Euro looked warm back then, now things are cooling down.
  14. Yep, getting torn to shreds. Front and back are basically bare besides piles from shovelling of course.
  15. San Diego isn't even that hot though. I think you should just move into a cabin 8,000 ft up in the Rockies if you hate anything above 70.