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  1. Definitely feels like late Spring/early Summer in terms of humidity. Cloudy, but bright here.
  2. I agree, not too bad, just a little shredded up (except for that big blob in the ocean). Despite that, still raining pretty good here.
  3. Yep, weakened big time. Most stations hovering right around an inch nearby
  4. That's interesting. It seems like it's moving west, but it's expanding in width as well.
  5. That batch is massive. My question is, where will it end up? It's obviously heading North, but it seems to be tracking slightly West as well.
  6. I agree. Not as cold down here, but definitely not pleasant at all.
  7. To be honest, as long as it's not a cold rain like today, I don't mind too much. Some pretty heavy showers came through recently in the form of a couple short bursts.
  8. Maybe for you that's good . I'd prefer a nice stretch of 70+ and sun, with an occasional rainy day to keep us from drying up. Had about .06" of rain this morning. We'll see how much the afternoon can produce.
  9. Very nice shots Don. I'm waiting for the Dogwood's to bloom in the backyard so I can post some pictures.
  10. Yeah, Friday alone was over a half inch. The vegetation is coming in very lush.
  11. Nice, made it down to 37.5° here last night. Like I was telling Bluewave, I think freezing temps are probably done for the metro (excluding you guys), but frost/temps in the mid-30's might make a few more guest appearances. Classic April day IMO, go from 30's at night to 60's during the day.
  12. Yeah, Cape Cod is right in the center of it. I'm sure this will continue to fluctuate from day to day.
  13. Here's the same time frame of the EPS that forky posted a couple pages back: Wednesday (26th) through next Monday (1st). Seems like it scaled back a little bit from both the 00z and 12z runs from yesterday.
  14. I tend to agree with you. 2016 was a good example, awesome snowstorm around here. I don't like a snowpack that sticks around because it becomes cumbersome. Streets get too narrow and it's hard to even walk around the property.
  15. I'm gonna start a countdown to Summer 2018