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  1. Around 2:00am that heavy axis of rain swung through and really helped contribute to those two inch and greater amounts in Northern Morris. It was a decent event earlier, but that batch was what we needed to soak things.
  2. Yeah I'm seeing things start to slightly change as well.
  3. Textbook weather for the first day of Fall. Gorgeous skies and warm sun, can't beat it.
  4. Not surprising to see '15 and '16 on there. Very curious how this Fall unfolds, and if it'll be more of what we've seen recently.
  5. Lol you knew that a post like this couldn't be made without me commenting This year, I find that the wind down of Summer is definitely a lot harder to grasp because of COVID. Usually I feel maxed out and content that everything I could have done was actually achieved. Hoping next year is a lot better, and I think it will be so long as people take this seriously and pay attention to their health.
  6. I'm very impressed by that LGA record. The trend continues of very warm minimums and humid weather.
  7. Right, I never claimed that they're entirely ineffective. My point is that some states do not have mandatory mask requirements, and so let's say someone sneezes and/or coughs without a face covering but you have one on, the particles will get through the fabric when you inhale (especially loose fitting or improperly worn ones). Now in states like NJ, NY, etc. that make everyone wear a mask, it is somewhat better because now "spittle" is contained, and each person has a barrier up as opposed to just one. Ultimately, in a perfect world, we would all need to have medical grade N95 masks and actually pay attention to how we handle our PPE. I see people all the time with a mask in their hand as they grab the handle of a shopping cart or open a door. Now imagine all the germs, besides COVID, that are on those surfaces, being introduced to your face.
  8. But unless that thing is an actual mask, like an N95/N100 or P100 with cartridges, the particles can go right through. I'm definitely not against masks, because it's at least some form of barrier, but don't let it make you overconfident either. People also need to learn to wear them correctly (cover the nose)! Hand washing is so important, yet so overlooked, because I still see people touch surfaces and then touch their face without sanitizing. This is what causes a lot of illness in general.
  9. Had wicked downpours earlier and some roaring gusts that you definitely felt inside the house. Things settling down a bit now.
  10. Hearing my first Katydid's tonight, just a couple.
  11. Haven't seen as many rabbits as usual either. Plenty of chipmunks though.
  12. Heard my first one on Saturday, love that sound. Grey tree frogs are also in full force here as well. Waiting on the katydids now.
  13. Dropping in late, but had a couple of rounds that produced some really good downpours.