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  1. Very dark here and getting windy. Looks strong but I guess we'll find out soon.
  2. That sucks. After awhile I've found it's hit or miss down there. Gotta stay at least 4-5 days to ensure you get some good weather at least.
  3. JerseyWx

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    Very true. Btw, you ended up with a great Summer weekend for the wedding. Have fun and congrats!
  4. JerseyWx

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    Had some humidity this summer no doubt, but last was way worse. I enjoy the heat and wouldn't even want that back.
  5. It depends where you are, my lows on two nights are forecasted to be 59. Nothing crazy, but a brief break before we heat up again. Bluewave is right on the money with the "less warm" idea like Rob mentioned.
  6. JerseyWx

    Summer 2019 Banter Thread

    I love hearing the sounds of Summer at night (and during the day including Cicadas). It goes from Peepers in the Spring to the Grey Tree Frogs and now Katydids.
  7. JerseyWx

    Summer 2019 Banter Thread

    Heard a lot of Katydids last night.
  8. Stations in downtown Butler and Bloomingdale are all over 3 inches.
  9. Definitely see that happening here. It's been major downpour after major downpour with lots more to come.
  10. Heavy rain and thunder with this cell over northern Morris. Edit: Very loud cracks of thunder now, set off a car alarm.
  11. We had one year like that recently, chilly too. Most years we luck out though which is good.
  12. Usually at the Lotus Inn, which as you know is literally right across from the Jolly Roger. The Crest is beautiful this time of year.
  13. So do I, since I was 3. Going next week.
  14. Over an inch here so far. Had some heavy downpours throughout the day.
  15. JerseyWx

    Summer 2019 Banter Thread

    Every once and awhile I get them, and yeah if you miss they go behind some crack that you'll never get to.