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  1. Totally fogged in here. Can't see 300 yards to the end of the block.
  2. It seems to never end. Days and days of clouds and rain. Only 60's today and it's June 19th. Ridiculous.
  3. Yeah, very few days that were hot and humid. For the most part it's been average or below with lots of cloudy days and rain (at least here).
  4. I agree with that overall, but this year the heat has been exceptionally muted. Still no air conditioning yet, which is incredibly rare at this point (last year was early May for comparison). The thing that's been different about this year is that we get warmer periods interspersed with very cool days. Last month there were a lot of days with low high temps, and the average is deceiving because of warm mins.
  5. 52 and rain. Not bad for April 13th...oh wait.
  6. Very surprised the big heat has been muted this year. The southeast has certainly got it's share though.
  7. Haven't put in the air conditioners yet, and won't need them next week either. Latest they've gone in for quite awhile. Usually we get some kind of early season heat, even if it cools down afterward.
  8. I'm not so sure I'd call it pleasant or dry. I've never had water in my basement this consistently. It's been very wet, gray, and mostly cool (during the day relative to average). I've seen far nicer springs.
  9. JerseyWx

    Spring 2019 Banter Thread

    Lol that was a disaster. The November and March storms saved this Winter from being one of the worst ever here. Spring, as has been the trend, started off slow and has been very wet. Now we jump into warmth and get severe weather. I'm sure the last couple days were welcomed by many of us nonetheless.
  10. Heavy rain with the storms that came through a little while ago. Noticeable drop in the dewpoint now, air feels a lot drier.
  11. JerseyWx

    19-May-2019 Severe Event

    WOW that was some insanely heavy rain. Lots of lighting and some wind too.
  12. Alright, I was just wondering. Very uncommon but I guess can happen.
  13. You might be thinking of the seabreeze they get down there (and LI as well).
  14. @Cfa We just do lol. My high for the next two days is only in the 40's with rain. Can you really enjoy that in the middle of May? Perhaps I'm missing something, but for me 75°+ with sunny skies is far more conducive of a good mood and the ability to enjoy the outdoors than grey, rainy, and raw weather. i guess it's all just preference. I'm not home a lot and often miss weekends (I'm sure you do also) and so my enjoyment is spending family time outdoors, not in.
  15. Good, I hope thats true. Won't here a thing from me.