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  1. Lmao I was just going to post this. Sounds like one of Tony's affiliates.
  2. Since 2015 we've experienced warmth with incredible staying power. Last Summer was a prime example.
  3. Pretty amazing honestly. I wonder if this Fall will rival 2015 (in terms of average). Of course December was way AN that year.
  4. Same, we're in a dry stretch that looks to last into next week, not to mention a return of the heat for the weekend.
  5. We rarely get pure blue skies anymore. Last Fall it seemed like everyday featured clouds.
  6. Seems like the trend since 2015 may prevail to start, but will it hold through November and beyond is the question.
  7. At first I was impressed, then I realized most of them are probably just Tony lol.
  8. Mine is ice cold now after this cooler weather we've had. Hoping for a couple more times in at least.
  9. I've noticed the trees looking distressed for sure. Some, not all of course, lost their vibrant and rich green color like you mentioned. As for the sunset, well, that's always the first thing I notice (unfortunately). The decline into September is inevitable. I always accept it, but must admit, year after year I get that sad/nostalgic feeling that my favorite season is over. A lot of this hobby is preference; what kinds of things you do and don't enjoy. That's why I've learned to leave good old Anthony alone lol. I still have no tolerance for wrong information (not saying this applies to him), like when people say Summer is nearly half over a week or two after the solstice.
  10. It's amazing how cool it feels when you're used to heat and especially the high dewpoints.
  11. And you can enjoy both while we torch right through November Soon the Christmas stuff will be out too.