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  1. JerseyWx

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Well I'm sure we all would prefer them to be proactive. However, at least IMO, being proactive is a lot different than flat out wasting. Especially with that minuscule squall that came through before Thanksgiving, it was not necessary to have the roads dumped on with salt.
  2. JerseyWx

    December 13th Clipper System

    This same thing happened with that little squall that came over before Thanksgiving. It's unfortunate that from now on, even minor events like this will be over hyped by the media and the DOT will continue dumping too much salt/sand.
  3. JerseyWx

    December 2018 General Discussion & Observations

    Mt. Holly from earlier: Light snow will develop across northern zones as the morning progresses, and becomes steadier and more persistent across the southern Poconos and far NW NJ by this afternoon. Liquid QPF amounts will be fairly low, generally between 1/10-2/10 inch, and this should yield about an inch of snow, generally along and north of I-80. In some of the higher elevations, however, up to 2 inches of snow will fall, and still cannot rule out an isolated 3 inch report.
  4. JerseyWx

    December 2018 General Discussion & Observations

    Lol that month was a dream for me, and probably @Cfa too.
  5. JerseyWx

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    That was the ultimate redemption storm lol. Then, not to mention, last March we received another blockbuster storm.
  6. JerseyWx

    December 2018 General Discussion & Observations

    Pretty incredible. We've had a very wet Fall this year. This dry stretch is definitely welcomed by me.
  7. JerseyWx

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    I thought the MAM stopped running after Feen got banned. Oh wait...
  8. Well it says the snow has to melt when it hits the ground, not that it actually has to "wet" the ground. I could be wrong too, just how I'm seeing it.
  9. But doesn't this contradict your point? If there are flurries flying around and they melt as they hit the ground, a trace should be recorded according to this criteria.
  10. Had some heavy rain before mixed in with sleet.
  11. JerseyWx

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    Nope. It's incredible how we can't get wall to wall clear days anymore.
  12. Wow I'm surprised. Felt like a lot more than that.
  13. It is. Pouring here. Back to back heavy rainstorms. Just wish we could get some clear sunny days.
  14. Any idea how much we ended up with @rgwp96? It was ripping here last night, so my guess is 3 inches or more.
  15. Really coming down. Thinking this is a 2+ inch event here.