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  1. Right, Summer is just beginning.
  2. For me, the 7 minute deluge this morning is what saved this event. Convection is hit or miss though, and some of the ingredients for severe weather were lacking (low mid-level lapse rates, fairly weak shear). Drenching rain seems to be the main takeaway with this one.
  3. Hard to come by 3-4" events over the course of a whole day around here.
  4. If you look at the total alone, it won't tell the whole story. I could barely see across the street and I had a small stream running through the backyard. I agree, you had quite a rain event up there.
  5. In terms of severe it was pretty boring, but the rain this morning was impressive.
  6. So you don't think we will get much from that? I'm hoping for some more rain since this last round wasn't overly impressive.
  7. That somewhat bowed area is over me now. Very little wind and no lightning. The rain is pretty heavy but nowhere near what I saw this morning.
  8. That blob down by Reading PA appears to be growing in size.
  9. I'm keeping an eye on that one as well, looks like a strong cell.
  10. Yeah, it seems there are two cells up there now. I think you will get hit by one of them, but I'm not sure of your exact location. Down pouring yet again, except this time the sun wants to poke through.
  11. Temp dropped to 71° now. The cell that passed over me in northern Morris and is now heading into Passaic/Bergen laid down some absolute torrential downpours.
  12. WOW, I mean an absolute deluge for the past 7 minutes or so. No thunder, lightning, etc, but just incredibly heavy rain. Has to be the heaviest I've seen in a very long time.
  13. Hot off the press from Mount Holly
  14. Where can I get a hold of that model? Is there a subscription needed?
  15. That's beautiful imagery. 86° here with the Dewpoint hanging in the mid 70's.