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  1. The 34 actually surprised me a bit, considering it came around 7:00 am, and at 6:00 am it was 36. I don't have data like you do, but I'm roughly on track for my first frost. Freezes are usually late October, and hard freezes typically wait until November.
  2. That's true. Even small towns have ridge/valley sections along with mountains, which can really effect the temps.
  3. Amazing how the wet pattern flipped to dry. Remember how many soaking rains we had back in April and May?
  4. Possible. Only got down to 40 last night.
  5. Wow, that's an abrupt end to the growing season after such a warm start. I think the season will hold on here until at least November, which is quite typical anyway. 34 last night, hard frost.
  6. Yep, I said this in the other thread. I'm right at climo for first frost. Killing Freeze usually comes sometime in November.
  7. Dropped 2° since I last posted. 34.0° currently.
  8. 43° here. Despite such a warm month so far, I'm pretty much right on track for my first frost.
  9. Oh I didn't know that. I assumed the trees liked a little moisture, not flooding rains of course.
  10. The dryness didn't help either. A lot of trees turned brown and the leaves were as crunchy as could be. Certainly feels like October out there. Big change from last weeks heat and humidity.
  11. Yep. Like I posted in banter, this cool down is just a blip in the torch pattern. And like you've said, normal temps feel like way below as we'll see on Monday and Tuesday.
  12. Monday night looks pretty cold for the metro, my forecast low is 36. Tuesday also looks seasonable, which is chilly compared to what we've been experiencing. This is only a blip in the pattern though. The weekend will be AN, with Sunday potentially making a run for 80 in spots. After the cool down it looks to warm back up as well, and the long range GFS (I know I know) seems to support this. As has been the trend since 2015, expect temps to over-perform and cold shots to be transient.
  13. Yeah it was really nice against the deep blue sky with some orange mixed in from the sunrise.