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  1. Would've scared the heck out of me, not gonna lie lol.
  2. Saw a garter snake last week just chillin in the brush. Did it actually come right up to you?
  3. Looks like that line up by Port Jervis is pretty strong.
  4. It really does so far on all fronts- weather, politics, health, etc.
  5. House got down to 67° which means the heat was close to kicking on lol.
  6. Lol yeah, although the same thing is true for winter lovers who can stay home during a storm and don't have to actually travel through it. I can work in the sun and heat just fine unless it's really hot and humid, like 93/75 or something.
  7. Really feels like summer today. I was just soaking in the warmth whenever possible. Feels great after a horribly damp and chilly spring. Been noticing a lot of grey tree frogs lately. It could be poor memory, and it probably is, but I don't remember hearing them alongside peepers before. I always thought the grey tree frogs came out later in June and beyond.
  8. It's funny when the dews creep up into the low 60's this time of year, you really feel it. Now if we were nearing the end of a humid summer it would feel much better.
  9. Finally some nice weather arrives. Yesterday was great. Beautiful morning and you can feel the drier air has worked in.
  10. Exactly, which is welcome after a terrible start to spring. I'm okay with the big heat holding off until June tbh.
  11. Definitely something to watch. As of now it looks cooler than we first thought, but we'll see how things evolve into the middle of next week.
  12. And not to mention the snow we saw last night as well.
  13. How ironic would this be after the winter we just came out of. You'd expect something like this to have happened back in 2015, but instead that May was when we started the warming trend which would last into the following December and beyond.
  14. It really is. Happened imby last year but it was a rainy day.
  15. Amazing how much leaf out happened within the last several days. Lot of lush green trees and vegetation. Our Dogwoods also came out, which is average for them anyway.