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  1. Absolutely, lol. Spot on measurements.
  2. 4.25" here in Butler. Definitely not a bad storm. Had some great rates and nice flakes for awhile.
  3. Mostly virga. I can count the flakes on one hand, and they're tiny.
  4. Oh yeah, I'm fine with anything over 2 inches. It's December after all and we know how they have trended in recent years, especially 2015. Amazing to see WSW's and WWA's from the deep south to the northeast, as others have mentioned.
  5. I liked 13-14 a little better. 14-15 was way too cold for me. Honestly, I enjoyed 15-16 just because of the blizzard lol. That made the whole Winter for me.
  6. As did I. Next week looks very cold as well.
  7. I do enjoy snow yes, but I also enjoy reading good analysis and it's hard to sift through all the banter/bickering.
  8. And that is why I prefer April to September in these forums.
  9. You're 3 weeks too early I agree though with the leaves. Interesting since 2015 was warmer.
  10. Almost slipped a few times lol. Beautiful day coming up.
  11. Today is so nice, especially for going into December.
  12. I love the Christmas season and the music that goes with it.
  13. Lol. I have to admit, as we enter December, I really do look forward to tracking snow/cold. It takes me awhile to exit "summer mode" and get ready for the winter season.
  14. Snowing here too, just some flakes starting to stick. As much as I miss Summer, it is kind of nice to once again see the radar lit up with Lake Effect bands after a strong cold front comes through.
  15. Definitely. Both explain weather phenomenon very well IMO. Speaking of leaf drop, my neighbors tree (which is almost entirely over our property) usually doesn't shed until after Thanksgiving, sometimes even into December. However, after last Friday's cold and wind combo, they dropped off faster than I've ever seen before. Most other trees around here are either completely bare, or if they do have leaves it is a mix of brown/dull colors. Really not much green left. Unlike last year, I waited to start raking until now, otherwise the leaves come right back.