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  1. That first true Autumn night feels the same every year. Good weather for some HS Football. You can tell it's going to get chilly tonight...53° here.
  2. Yeah it's crazy how things swell up. Between the very windy conditions and low dews today, we'll start to dry things out a bit.
  3. To be honest, even I'm getting tired of the humidity, and I love the heat. Plus, like you said, we've had way too much rain and cloudiness around. Interestingly enough, all the doors in the house have slightly swelled. In fact, the hallway closet is really hard to open and close. However, I have to say, I wish we could get some nice Fall weather to transition us into the season. This upcoming week will be a bit of a shock, and some mid-60's with pure deep blue skies would be great.
  4. The forum would probably crash lol
  5. Oh it is. How far NW will it come though is the question that remains.
  6. We just can't get rid of this garbage. Everything is soaked.
  7. Feels like I wake up every morning to wet ground. Lost count of how many times it rained when it originally looked dry. Hoping the cool down brings dry weather with it.
  8. The warm minimums and high humidity have continued from Summer right into Fall. Looks like we get a cool shot starting next weekend. The question is, do we go back AN, or level out?
  9. This is one of the more interesting warm patterns we've had in Fall. Lot of warmth coupled with lots of clouds. Compare this to 2015, which to my recollection was much sunnier.
  10. Just closed it lol. Looks warm outside of a brief cool down for this Friday and Saturday.
  11. We got pounded with the rain last night. Lot of lightning too. Beautiful day out there. Sunny and dry.
  12. JerseyWx

    Tornado/Severe Threat 10/2/18

    Rain is roaring here, lots of lightning too.
  13. Oh I hope we keep it going too. It's not like AN temps equate to 90's anymore...NYC average high drops to 69 on Monday.
  14. Crisp night out here. Feels great for sure.
  15. Still impressive. Finally a nice weekend coming up. Next week looks pretty mild as we head into October.