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  1. Even you have to admit, this has been the trend for the last few seasons. I dislike this pattern too, don't get me wrong. Cold and dry is boring.
  2. Honestly, small events keep things from being boring like right now. I'm always interested in tracking clippers and even lake effect squalls that drop a quick inch.
  3. Ended with about 8" (some spots slightly less). Not bad, definitely less than expected. Feels like winter nonetheless. @rgwp96 @ForestHillWx
  4. Had rain and sleet, now snow. Not sticking to anything as of yet.
  5. Tomorrow through next Wednesday is forecasted to be 70 or greater IMBY. That's pretty remarkable considering we are heading into the second week of November.
  6. Thursday on could easily pass as mid to late September.
  7. 26° this morning. Downright cold for this time of year.
  8. Mostly rain, but there are wet flakes mixed in. Had sleet earlier.
  9. Around 2:00am that heavy axis of rain swung through and really helped contribute to those two inch and greater amounts in Northern Morris. It was a decent event earlier, but that batch was what we needed to soak things.
  10. Yeah I'm seeing things start to slightly change as well.