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  1. Yeah the freezing rain came in last night and put a hard shell over everything. I can actually see the heights from where I am across town.
  2. JerseyWx

    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    I knew that would happen here so made it a mission to clear everything last night.
  3. JerseyWx

    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    Depends on which one...
  4. Funny thing is, I measured on it and got 2 inches as well. Now it's freezing rain. Glaze on everything.
  5. Yeah I'm running a one inch deficit here lol. About to go measure.
  6. Not including this storm, I'm at 13.5" so far.
  7. Still a sleet fest here. Making for an absolute mess.
  8. @rgwp96 1.25" and now it's ripping sleet. Looking like another underwhelming event (4-6" per NWS yesterday).
  9. Then you're a very peculiar person, I must say.
  10. These temps are only 20-25 degrees AN today though (excluding some outliers), whereas 30's in July would be over 50 degrees BN. A surge of warmth like this in winter is far more likely to occur than an "arctic outbreak" in July (in which 50's would even be a stretch). We almost always get thaws, but as Julian said, it's the fact that it's coming with beautiful sunny and dry conditions. This is more reminiscent of a mid-to-late march day.
  11. 63 here also. It's actually surprising how warm it feels in the sun.
  12. JerseyWx

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    An annual Feb. torch is almost expected at this point. 58 here, and tomorrow should definitely top 60.
  13. JerseyWx

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    And if nothing changes by the second week, I certainly would not count on March to make things up. Last year was a wild exception, and even that high monthly total was skewed by the major storm early on.
  14. -4° here. Brutal cold, but saw double digits out in western, NJ.
  15. Yeah it definitely was impressive. Now the cold comes in.