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  1. But it was much worse not too far to the south. Philly had half nyc's snowfall and DC had very little. I was fortunate to be in state college for most of it and got over 110"
  2. 5%-ots 30%-coast hugger 5%-classic Blizzard 60%-inland runner
  3. Not sure we make it Tuesday with a midnight high in the 20s likely
  4. I've been watching them for 30+ years and I'm confident this is the worst they've ever been
  5. The only other event was in late jan and was an 8 to 12" event but a few spots may have done better
  6. Or in the case of the gfs 7 to 10 hours
  7. Yep I remember the feeling of dread as each hour went by and it wasn't yet snowing. By noon the sun was peaking out and I knew it was over
  8. This reminds me of the Feb 89 event where 4 to 8" was expected in NYC and not a flake fell. Meanwhile acy down to Norfolk got a foot or more
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