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  1. Relief will be 89-92 instead of 95-100+
  2. Right. Central park may not get to 94 while ewr hits at least 98
  3. I believe that's the highest reading of the summer anywhere in the metro area
  4. Yeah Barry may end up being a bust here
  5. 90 ewr, 91 lga, Central park dropped to 85
  6. Yeah that was my earliest real snowstorm memory. Nothing else that year really stands out
  7. So Barry was a hurricane for what 3 hours?
  8. And I saw my first 2 killer wasps this morning
  9. 2 in the same town in NJ in a week New York Metro Weather‏ @nymetrowx 3m3 minutes ago MoreJUST IN: NWS confirms that damage in Mount Laurel, NJ on Thursday evening was caused by an EF-1 tornado with maximum wind speeds of 90mph. This is the second tornado in Mount Laurel within a week. More details to follow. #njwx
  10. Yeah over 80". 2 feet alone in March and April September was a relatively dry 4.62" but quite warm
  11. Seems like it's starting to make a push northward now
  12. The area north and east of princeton looks interesting as well
  13. I guess it's good the heaviest seems to be staying south of the area
  14. Yeah we always get that late August or early September cooldown that people take to mean an early autumn but it never lasts. Last year we had those ridiculously high dewpoint days well into October
  15. Yeah. At least its Monday
  16. Wasn't expecting to see widespread rain this morning. Already more in the bucket than all weekend
  17. I won't mind it if we lose the humidity
  18. Not even sure its going to make it here
  19. The hunterdon cells seem to be weakening
  20. Reports of a landspout in mt laurel
  21. Alternating between sun and clouds. Dry so far. Well not dry but it hasn't rained
  22. Yep but central park no
  23. Quite warm day. Thankfully dewpoint is 59