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  1. Saying drier triggers the weenies
  2. If it rained all day with an onshore flow it could. It's not going to but we've had those days before
  3. It's like watching a winter storm 4 days out. I expect LI to get blasted
  4. I'm glad I don't live in that half
  5. mid 80s screams pumpkin spice lattes
  6. warm spots probably still hit 87-88 today
  7. What's crazy is the difference just 100 to 200 miles south of NYC. Day after day of storms and tons of rain
  8. Euro quite wet Monday and Tuesday as well
  9. of course we'll get nothing or half a foot
  10. Nam now brings us rain....on saturday can we just put it out of its misery already
  11. Especially the cell over Essex which looks like a little downpour
  12. But Upton hasn't issued one where heat indices are currently over 110
  13. They're everywhere. This was taken by a neighbor a few blocks from me
  14. Also many places especially over interior nj average 86 to 88 this time of year so 90 is nothing special
  15. I'm going to Kauai in March so you all will probably have a blizzard here
  16. Nam holds off til Thursday morning
  17. Nah it'll be back. Maybe not upper 90s and 100s but many more 90s to go
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