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  1. Turns out it was just a flyover at a HS football game and I went all ray Liotta in Goodfellas for nothing
  2. I'm guessing it's just a normal training exercise but this military aircraft has been circling the area for the past 30 minutes
  3. It's hard to believe I'm missing this by just a few weeks. Was on that bridge and PEI less than a month ago as well as the ferry over to NS and halifax
  4. Looks like cape breton which we didn’t make it to is going to take a direct hit. Halifax will probably be ok
  5. Back to dry and warm on the long range gfs
  6. To be fair rain wasn't even in the forecast and most places got less than a tenth of an inch
  7. Pretty impressive wind gust just now..easily 40+
  8. Upton only going with 30% chance of rain but radar looks good
  9. Gfs and euro both have a period of rain late Wednesday/Thursday morning
  10. Winter is the new autumn
  11. Monday and Thursday have chances but probably will be more isolated
  12. Yeah the Thursday heat looks gone now. If ewr is going to hit 90 its probably tomorrow
  13. At least after Thursday we're back to fall for a few days
  14. Down to 62..should flirt with 40s tomorrow morning
  15. Yeah I'm very happy with all the recent rain but need to keep the momentum going. We are also heading into the traditionally driest time of the year
  16. Unfortunately it looks bone dry for the next 10 days. Hopefully with the heat will come thunderstorms
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