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  1. Looks like we'll have 3 straight days with a +20 departure. Not sure the last time we accomplished that
  2. Kinda looks like the beginning of the boxing day death band
  3. Ugh I can't quit it Now if you'll excuse me I need to check my aol to see if any faxes came in
  4. Yep ..at least we got more snow on top of that
  5. Began on 1-31-21. That radar image is from the morning of 2-1-21
  6. Gfs still showing a decent rainstorm the end of next week before the cooldown Edit And now it's gone
  7. It always sniffs out the big ones well in advance
  8. The 2nd half will have to be very cold to offset the torch through 11/10. Guess it's possible
  9. Happens every year like clockwork
  10. The heat looks centered on next Sunday and Monday before a possible cooldown. Mid 70s look likely
  11. Somerville and new brunswick hit 100 this summer. Ewr 5 days in a row in July
  12. And basically no rain the entire run
  13. Dec 74 had a wild storm to start the month. Ice and Central park's highest wind gust ever recorded (at least until sandy)
  14. Torchy first half followed by early start to winter? Or warmer than average month?
  15. Ewr is going to be around -1 which would the coldest October in 13 years
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