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  1. As yes the glowing sky of tremley point
  2. Gfs has something next Wednesday. But that time frame from 7 to 9 days looks like our best shot
  3. It's like when someone who is being realistic is constantly called a pessimist. You need to be a cheerleader for snow or you're not welcome
  4. Hey don't count out December
  5. At least we might see some storms lol
  6. But it literally hasn't snowed. At all. Let him have his moment
  7. So even a +7 January would've produced snow. We need a warmest on record to get shutout
  8. Early Feb's another cutter
  9. I'm guilty of it as well but the nam really shouldn't be used or even discussed outside of 48 hours and even then it's not reliable ...and yes I know it nailed 2016
  10. Who wants to create the February thread?
  11. It's 2 degrees warmer at 18z when the snow has just gotten underway than what 06z was showing
  12. Euro warmer and less snow wednesday
  13. This month has been much more similar to the late 90s particularly 97-98 even though that was a super nino
  14. It will go to shit by Tuesday
  15. It's a winter wonderland compared to further east
  16. I'd take the nam in a heartbeat for Wednesday
  17. Nice and torchy to start February. Maybe we'll sneak out a 60
  18. Nam is trolling us again for Wednesday
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