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  1. Can't wait. Snowless cold is useless. Basically all of next week looks mild
  2. Nah too much warmth and lack of snow cover to be higher than a C even in area close to average. Maybe for the interior where they cashed in multiple times in January
  3. Maybe people will learn something but I'm guessing most won't. Either way we had 2 good events during a hostile pattern so we should never cancel an event that doesn't look great or assume a pattern will flip to favorable and even if it does that it will automatically produce. And my snowhole has officially filled in
  4. Why do you think they overmeasured?
  5. And a fairly dry month as well. If you saw <2" of liquid and +5 you wouldn't expect much snow yet here we are
  6. Yep like forky said the moisture didn't overperform it was the ratios within that band
  7. So basically the models that had the narrow band did fine then. We were mostly going off 10 or possibly 15:1. Nobody expected 20 or 30:1 which ultimately made the difference between 6 and 12"
  8. Reminds me of a more intense version of the 2/8/94 storm. 2 to 4 for most but a narrow band along 78/80 of 8 to 12. Not as narrow as this one though
  9. Yeah I think I just surpassed 2021-22 and I still we can see more before it's all said and done
  10. The fact it even showed a band is amazing but to almost nail it. It was only that one run though then it kinda lost it at 0z
  11. They left my report out for some reason https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=okx&issuedby=OKX&product=PNS
  12. Yeah when I stepped outside I couldn't believe it was that much. I figured 4 or 5 eyeballing it. That's why you always need to get out there with the ruler
  13. This was sort of like trying to forecast rainfall amounts in a thunderstorm except most people have no idea if they got half an inch or 1". If most people get a thunderstorm and some don't it's certainly not a bust. But with snow if you're not in that range people will say bust. But how do you forecast for this? Most people saw 2 to 4 but some saw 3x as much nearby. You can't just say 2 to 10 or 2 to 4 with isolated amounts of 8 to 12
  14. Seems that way. This winter will have a very strange looking snowfall distribution though
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