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  1. Looks like some heavy showers in the next hour or so
  2. I'd lean toward rainstorms near the coast for at least the next 10-14 days
  3. Best to temper expectations in early to mid December
  4. Close to half an inch already from round 1
  5. And like 00-01, 10-11 wasn't great sw of Philly. Boxing day was 50-100 miles from being a run of the mill 6" storm in NYC
  6. I think it takes a year or two. Pinatubo was 91
  7. It'll be outta here in 2 hours with a half inch
  8. End of Feb 94 had a break followed by a massive inland runner in early March
  9. Hopefully it's not still 58 a month from now
  10. Yeah this beats 30s and 40s for sure.
  11. Yep looking forward to maybe seeing something. And welcome back. I haven't seen you post the past few winters
  12. I won't post it but the gfs looks rather interesting next Friday and Saturday
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