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  1. I hate these cloudy "warm" days. I'll take sunny and 48 any day over this
  2. There's a nonzero chance ewr will have no measurable precip for the first 20 days of the month
  3. Sunny 63 now. Maybe get to 67 but it'll be dark in 2 hours so probably not
  4. I'll take a +3 in January with above average precip
  5. May only drop below 40 again once or twice before mid month
  6. Same here. Not sure why Upton didn't go with a freeze warning for all areas that are dropping below freezing like Mt holly did regardless of growing season
  7. So apparently I've had a freeze while nw nj has not?
  8. Upton will probably wait until later today to issue for their zones since it's not til Thursday morning
  9. Tomorrow through the 8th look dry
  10. Yeah they're going with 34 for ewr but I'm thinking more like 37 or 38. 28-32 everywhere else
  11. Probably back to 70 by next Saturday
  12. 8 dry days and about an inch in last 2 weeks
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