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  1. Looks like EWR will have their first day of .5" of rain since June 9th
  2. yeah not doing much here either, best stayed to the north actually starting to get into it now...heavy downpour
  3. Look at the radar. That area of somerset got blasted and nearby got next to nothing
  4. And the gfs has heavier amounts to the north but still get .75" give or take
  5. Can only laugh at this point
  6. Weird that ewr went from 90 to 94 in between hours and then down to 87 with the wind shift
  7. some kinda light rain/drizzle falling from the sky
  8. Enjoying these refreshing cool evenings with no AC. If it's not going to rain might as well be pleasant even if it's not going last
  9. Its not like nobody's had rain in the past 2 weeks. We had several consecutive days of pop up variety storms mostly over the same areas
  10. Smq up to 88. Ewr just 81 with on shore wind
  11. Figures I'm supposed to go to PEI next weekend and it'll probably be 90
  12. Saying drier triggers the weenies
  13. If it rained all day with an onshore flow it could. It's not going to but we've had those days before
  14. It's like watching a winter storm 4 days out. I expect LI to get blasted
  15. I'm glad I don't live in that half
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