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  1. So why do you complain when we weenie you?
  2. Why, for looking at what a model is showing?
  3. Will we drop below 25 this month?
  4. And euro has a massive rainstorm
  5. gfs has snow while the euro is 50 and sunny
  6. Meanwhile gfs has big snow and ice in a week
  7. Below average yeah but I wouldn't say snowless. Especially 99-2000 which at least most would gladly take
  8. If not you need to change your name
  9. Sunny now, fog has burned off. Let's see how high we go
  10. Gfs still too warm for Monday Cmc couple inches west of the city
  11. Gfs has a storm Monday now but borderline temps
  12. I expect to see spotted lanternflies tomorrow
  13. Yeah I guess it's better than dry and warm though now that I'm older I don't mind the milder winters if it's not going to snow
  14. Where I was located we only got 4.5 and 10-14 was forecast
  15. We're arguing over 4" of snow 28 years ago
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