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  1. Went to business school in DC during this time and lived in Arlington. At one point in February there was about 3-4 ft of snow on the ground for several days after back to back massive storms. Felt like I didn’t have school for a month. Have never seen that much snow on the ground in a metro area for that long a period.
  2. Where about? Probably have close to an inch here in Jericho on grass. Roads have a good coating. Didn’t start accumulating until 9 or so.
  3. Yes. Northeast Nassau county here. Snowing moderately for awhile in this band. Roads getting covered. Took until now.
  4. Steady snow in northeast Nassau. Jericho. Best of the day. Starting to stick on grass and colder surfaces
  5. Here at Hudson yards on west side been snowing steadily for past hour and a half with solid covering on roofs and car tops. Home in northeast Nassau LI just some light sleet.
  6. Snowing here in northeast Nassau in Jericho. And sticking. Pretty surprised. Giants game old school right now in the snow.
  7. 6z and 18z runs aren’t as reliable given lack of data fed into them relative to 12z and 0z. Would just focus on those when they come out.
  8. Agreed got more snow I think Friday night into Saturday morning. Definitely more on the roads with that too.
  9. Overall a disappointing storm here on LI northeast Nassau. Maybe 4”. Lot of sleet and some rain overnight.
  10. Overall underperforming here in Jericho northeast Nassau so far. Maybe 1.5” on unpaved surfaces and not a ton on the roads at all.
  11. Estimate about 2”-3” here in Jericho in northeast Nassau based on looking outside.
  12. Upton already calling for 2-4 inches for Sunday night event for northshore of LI. Gives me a bit more confidence this far out.
  13. What’s with the change in the profile photo? Maybe it changes our luck this winter.
  14. Monday storm keeps getting closer on latest NAM.