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  1. When there wasn't as much information on the web as there is now I would read the Accuweather blogs quite frequently. I know that Bastardi is now at Weatherbell and that Henry Margusity retired but I always thought Joe Lundberg was a very good short term forecaster for the Northeast but I can't find him anymore. Has he moved on from Accuweather?
  2. Walpack, NJ near the Delaware River in Sussex County how a low temperature of -16 this morning. I pass the Delaware River by The Dingman's Bridge or Milford Bridge about twice a month but haven't been there in two weeks I would love to see the ice coverage on the river.
  3. January 2018 Model Discussion Thread

    The Upton snow map is interesting it has NYC with 3 inches of snow and 100 miles east at Montauk it is only showing 4 inches.
  4. 14 degrees here in Hardyston Township, Sussex County, NJ
  5. December 9th 2017 Crusha Obs

    I need to drive from NW NJ to eastern Queens around 7PM. Has anyone been on route 80, The GWB or Grand Central Parkway? I am trying to decide if the roads are OK to make the drive or are they too treacherous. Thanks for any input
  6. Big Flakes here and at at first glance it looks like it is snowing pretty hard but when I take an expansive look across the golf course the visibility isn't that bad so it is probably only almost moderate snow. Too many people report heavy snow without checking the visibility which is a great way to see how hard it is snowing.
  7. Very light snow has commenced.
  8. Channel 7 just reported Animal's report of 14.5 inches in Highland Lakes
  9. Snow intensity is increasing minute by minute now moderate to heavy snow. I will get some sleep between 2-7.
  10. Snow just ramped up to moderate intensity in the last five minutes. I'm torn between staying awake for another hour or two or going to sleep now and getting up by 7-8 AM.
  11. March 13-14, The Blizzard of 2017: Obs

    Roads are now snow covered. Intensity picking up every few minutes
  12. I've been meaning to send you a note I am only in NJ about 50% of the time. I am a weekender in Crystal Springs. I think we are going to get crushed
  13. Yep definitely light snow and deck starting to get covered. I spotted a large bear today close to route 517/94 around 7PM. I wonder if they can sense the storm and he was looking for food. I sensed the storm and got a couple of cases of beer today - lol
  14. After getting skunked last winter you seem to be in the sweet spot the last two storms. How far are you from Monticello I visit a friend there about twice a month and it seems to be a cold/snowy spot?
  15. I cleaned a couple of inches snow/sleet and freezing rain off my car a couple of hours ago and after a few hours of freezing mist/drizzle my car now has a very thick coating of ice all over it. Not even going to try to scrape it off until the morning.