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  1. Are they really going to retire the NAM after this year? It is tthe best model inside 48 hours.
  2. In NWNJ Sussex there was a failure on a main transmission line in Vernon (whatever that means) that lead to another failure further down the line. Because of the snowpack and ice it made it hard to correct the problem. Mountain Creek Ski resort and most of Vernon was without power since late this morn ing. I lost power around 5:40 but it was restored around 20 minutes ago. I don't think the power loss was related to the current storm. Happy to have my power back on.
  3. This morning my car was covered in ice and the temperature was 28 degrees. By 1PM the temperature had risen to 30 and the ice had melted from my car and there was also melting snow/ice from my roof which has a western exposure. The temperature is still 30 but by car is now covered in ice again. Despite the low cloud deck the mid-February sun was causing some melting. I think the roads will get icy soon.
  4. I am supposed to drive from Sussex County to NYC later this morning. Straight down route 23 to route 80. I am having second thoughts even though I think the main roads would be treated and safe.
  5. I live about 30 minutes from Milford and visit there often especially in the summer/fall. One of my good friends owned houses in both Gold Key Lake and Hemlock Farms so I spent many Saturdays in Pike County. I also love eating on Lake Wallenpaupack and i think the town of Honesdale in Wayne County could be an up and coming town. When I was there in late 2017 I noticed the downtown area had a bunch of new businesses. I think Milford, Hawley and Honesdale have gotten an influx of people from NYC since the start of the Pandemic and real estate prices have been surging in the area. I live a community called Crystal Springs in Hardyston, NJ and I think the whole area is stunningly beautiful. I work in Queens , NY so I still keep an apartment there but I find I spend about 60% of my time in NW NJ now since I can work remotely several days a week.
  6. James, that is a great picture. Is that the Hideout community? I haven't been active in this forum this year but didn't you used to live by Route 739 and Log Tavern Road in Dingman's Township?
  7. The National Park Service has just closed the Delaware River because of the anticipated high water levels. I would hope nobody was thinking about venturing out on the river in a small boat or kayak. A number of people die on the river every year...
  8. Wild weather here in north Bayside, Queens near the Throggs Neck Bridge. Heavy snow with heavy sleet and it looks like some plain rain is mixing in too!
  9. There was some graupel mixed in with the snow in Hardyston, NJ. I never saw a snow squall like this in April or May and it would have been impressive even for January
  10. Incredible snow squall just blew through here. It would have been impressive in January but it is May!
  11. I saw that April was 2.6 degrees below normal in NYC was that a top 10 coldest April or not even close? It was one of the coldest months of April that I could remember.
  12. Julian, I agree small businesses are getting killed and they need to start letting them open even with some restrictions so they don't suffer irreparable harm. I have been a weekender in Sussex county NJ for 22 years but don't post too often since I seem to be working in the city during some events. I am only about 6-7 miles from Animal but I am only at 625 feet of elevation so I am only getting mix of rain and white rain. I first found my way to the great NW in 1997-98 when my job inherited property in the southern Berkshires and I was in charge of selling the property. I used to drive through Millbrook frequently and I believe there was a diner on route 44 where i would stop. I have always wanted to go pass there again and head up to the Great Barrington MA/Litchfielsd County area of CT and I hope to do so this summer. How long have you been in Millbrook and has the area changed much over the years?
  13. Don, I notice you post a lot of pictures from NYBG. I worked there from 1987-1989 and have only been back once but they bring back great memories. Every year I say I am going to go at least once and see the train show but it never happens. Thanks for sharing these pictures.
  14. It is also pouring sleet here and everything is caked in ice. I need to be back in NYC by early evening tomorrow but I don't think there will be an opportunity to travel safely so I am probably hunkering down here until Tuesday morning. Fortunately I have food and alcohol provisions in the house and will be putting some beers on ice shortly.
  15. The roads are absolutely treacherous here in Hardyston Township, Sussex County NJ. It is 25 degrees with moderate to heavy sleet and now some snow mixing in. I live on steep hill and even four wheel drive pickup trucks can't make it up the hill and an Enterprise rental truck was stuck for 30 minutes and the driver was lucky enough to be able to back down the hill to an intersection and turn the truck. it was a masterful job by the driver to get back down the hill because he was sliding all over the place it was pretty scary. As I was typing the sleet just flipped to heavy snow.
  16. Is there a weather observation station near Jones Beach? The weather can be much cooler there in the spring than it is on the North shore. So before I take a ride there I would like to be able to get a sense of the weather.
  17. About 3 inches here in Hardyston, Sussex County, NJ. I just talk a walk and it is mostly heavy snow but I could here sleet pelting my jacket
  18. When is the brunt of the storm with the heavy snow supposed to hit NYC.? It has only been snowing lightly for the last 45 minutes and I want to take the express bus from Bayside Queens into Manhattan and leave the city around 5PM but don't want to have a hard time getting home.
  19. It has been snowing moderate-heavy the last hour or so but it hasn't accumulated much. It t seems like it is melting almost at fast as it is accumulating.
  20. Nice. I had a 45 minute period where the snow was mixed with rain and my accumulation compacted but it is really ripping again here.
  21. The rain in Orange County surged southward into Sussex County and I was a mix of rain and snow and 40 minutes ago but back to all snow again.
  22. Some rain was mixing in during the last 30 minutes but back to all snow
  23. I noticed the winds were picking up about 20 minutes ago the snow was coming down sideways but the snow intensity has lightened. A snow plow finally came down my road it was long overdue.
  24. I don't think anyone thought the snow would be accumulating this quickly. NWS had forecast 2-4 inches in the valleys and 6-12 over higher elevations. I am only at 650 feet so this is a big surprise to me.