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  1. What are the sky conditions looking like for Thursday morning solar eclipse?
  2. Most of us hope it’s so bad they cancel the deliver
  3. Couldn’t have said it better. Many scientists think they are virtues for distorting data. Because they want to save us.
  4. Motivation can be a double edge sword some climate change enthusiasts are Motivated to have people protect them selves that they feel it’s OK to distort data such as with the famous polar bear picture.
  5. It amazes me how people who follow the weather, understand somewhat of the complexities of the atmosphere and understand how many dozens of factors need to be taken into account to Just to have a general winter forecast for a general area.Yet these people still believe that the global climate For the next 50 or 100 years is all related to one factor greenhouse gases.There’s certain that there are hundreds of other factors that can mitigate whatever affect greenhouse gases have.
  6. Hey what would you say To someone preparing for a blizzard based off 380 hour GFS run
  7. It’s important to know because global warming is causing people to become hysterical like believe and believe that they shouldn’t have children.
  8. This is incorrect. Yes we know greenhouse gases cause the earth to retain its heat in a controlled environment but we have no proof to how the atmosphere would respond on a global scale.In fact there have been centuries which had more CO2 in the environment than we have now with less warming
  9. Climate change is a scientific theory. Not a proven fact. denying climate does not = calling science a hoax.
  10. 2-4 inches for areas west and east of NYC West And East?
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