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  1. Great early-summer transition day, let's go!
  2. Oceanst pointed out the '95 derecho (s), I forgot how good that year was. Great Barrington and 6/20/95 all higher/high end events. That was a real season
  3. Like a weekend snow event, there is plenty of excitement in the air. Everyone's talking about the big heat. Hopefully we can shatter records!
  4. It's nice to see some storms around!! Even if they are sub-severe
  5. Decent storm here, nothing wild but a solid soaker.
  6. I'll be sure to set my alarm and be more proactive next time so you don't throw a tantrum
  7. Looks like we warm down for a bit next week prior to the re-torch, but yeah it's AN early and often
  8. I miss those region-wide squall lines (etc)) we used to get. RIP
  9. Don't want to jinx it but looks pretty good for WNE
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