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  1. I've had that vertigo too....started a few years ago but has been much better recently. Those exercises didn't work for me much, seemed to just go away after a year or two with it every time I lay down, or tried to sit or stand up.
  2. Maybe the last chance of the year, or at least until post-Christmas. Rough one
  3. Unfortunately a good shift could also remove most of SNE from seeing anything
  4. This will likely be the first "significant" winter event of the winter for many in the NE forum. Let's go!
  5. just checked out the individual 0z gfs ens, they look pretty nice for D10-14. Hope that holds
  6. Monday looks more interesting than Wednesday around here. Hopefully very warm temps and damage
  7. hopefully that Wednesday event trends north a bit, too close for comfort.
  8. I saw video from near Christmas Dec. 1970 in NY, it looked cold and snowy
  9. What a fail on those charts, even bad for D4. Usually you can take them somewhat seriously < D5
  10. I'd shift that north a step. I-84 looks precarious, iffy. If you're looking for a "good" winter pattern or stretch of wx. Yeah NNE should do fairly well, overall, unless they're unlucky.
  11. Of course December '89 proved that it can wall-to-wall winter in December, it's just extremely rare (especially that degree of extended cold)
  12. Even in a "bad" month overall, two light-moderate events in Demember and many are close to normal snowfall.
  13. It's been a long time since the subforum was on edge like this. Precisely one year
  14. I am positive. You're the one(s) wishing for cold weather with ice, wind, virus /sick wx, car accidents. I just want 45 and sunny. Nice spin though
  15. The fact is winter is quickly passing us by and there are no imminent snow threats. This must be troublesome
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