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  1. Not sure about ring of fire/dews. lol That's more of a mid-summer phenomenon anyway. if correct, we'll enjoy these days though
  2. I don't see that, at least early June. Maybe mid-month
  3. end of May, yes. If that trough backs it's azz up, (June) we dew.
  4. Yeah hopefully that sets up sooner than later while there's some cool air available in CA and decent westerlies.
  5. Crap month for severe, hopefully June is better. Hard to imagine it's worse
  6. Crazy how SNE winters are now a 2-3 week affair, and summers are extending 4-5 months. Gotta love it
  7. Yeah I love that spot, it's around 1200' or a touch higher
  8. Yeah, it wouldn't be unusual at all, especially within a potentially active/hyperactive season. Atlantic basin SST's are charming as well.
  9. Summer has arrived and June is (often) NE's best climo month for storms/severe, esp. WNE. With surging heat and dews, hopefully plenty of storms to track! Also the beginning of hurricane season!!
  10. There will be a few dew-downs, maybe one "cool" shot, though really a mild-down
  11. that's probably a bit too aggressive, but yeah a coc shot for sure
  12. Next two weeks look active/wet on the 12z gfs. Hopefully lots of thunder chances
  13. Summer stunner. Was 88 on car therm in Southborough an hour ago.
  14. he gone wild lately, not sure what happened to him
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