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  1. very sus....also the rounded off #'s 1.0" 1.5" 3" etc.
  2. thankfully the snow is ending, around 5.5" or so eyeballing it
  3. I'm off to sleep, since snow will be falling soon. Can't imagine staying up or planning your life around this modest snow
  4. what happens if you only get 2"? Book back onto work? lol I used to commute 110 miles a day from hilly NH to MA round trip and it was pretty dicey
  5. I think 6-12" not a lock, but doable. At least the eastern third of SNE. I'd put the odds around 50/50 for 6"+ or <6" here
  6. need to max this next light/mod snower to salvage the first half of month? looks cold and very very dry beyond...
  7. looks pretty meh overall, pass. don't care unless it's something very interesting Jan 05 Feb 78 etc. Just here for the drama
  8. The cold is awful, at least days are quickly getting longer and brighter!
  9. New Year, same great winter. Let's go!
  10. Yeah and with record numbers quitting their jobs the past few years, that should continue.
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