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  1. Cyndi Lauper winter, time after time. Great 80's listen when the pitter-patter starts on the windows, the snowpack is barely established and driving rains are inbound
  2. Oh I agree...but I think it'll rain more. I know everyone loves snow but to see it just get washed away/wiped in the heart of winter (mid-late January) should hurt more
  3. for SNE? over is a bit strong, but it's the back half of winter and nothing really imminent to track
  4. Yeah, in NNE maybe. Not expecting much winter here
  5. What a great day, congrats all! 50.5
  6. Getting semi-crushed. It's a flizzard...1/2 mi? vis of dust
  7. looks solid for NNE, let's gooooo
  8. thanks, you as well. I'm much better now than 5 days or so ago, just lingering tiredness and congestion etc. BTW another reason I'm not a winter guy, cold/flu/vid season is horrid. ;p
  9. yeah could be allergies, I'd trust the doctor on that. many of my allergies didn't show up until I got older, same with family.
  10. Looks like I have had covid the past 9 days. tested neg on home kit. thought it was just a basic rsv bug, but it's the same lingering symptoms I had 3 years ago (almost to the day). still can't get out of bed without serious vertigo and falling back down lol
  11. yeah, a major ice storm with lots of destruction and extended outages would turn this winter around
  12. shift that north 20 miles and we're in business
  13. You wouldn't be happy with 9" of arctic windblown sand right now?
  14. Congrats everyone, hopefully many more just like this.
  15. Maybe "worse" but that pattern can still work. lol
  16. I get it, glad he doesn't live there
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