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  1. Brewbeer

    Nov 15/16 First Weenie Obs

    Solid overperformance here is the southern end of death valley. Probably had 7-8 inches before it turned to sleet and rain last night. Snow on the ground was so wet and dense it killed my neighbor's snow blower.
  2. Brewbeer

    Nov 15/16 First Weenie Obs

    Getting darker here now.....
  3. Brewbeer

    The 2018-2019 Ski Season Thread

    Wolf Creek opened on Saturday:
  4. Brewbeer

    Is Tropical Storm Michael a threat to New England???????

    Metfan did write this.
  5. Brewbeer

    The 2018-2019 Ski Season Thread

    Loveland is usually the first to open, followed by A-Basin, in mid to late October. If nothing is open, you might try using a car as the "lift". When I lived in Steamboat, before the mountain opened for the season, we used to drive up one of the local mountain passes as far as we could, and ski down to where the snow ran out, leaving one person to drive for each run. Might be able to do that on Rt. 6 (Loveland Pass road) between Loveland and A-Basin, if both ski areas aren't open.
  6. Brewbeer

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    74/64 for 2 days next week. Brutal. Heading home from work early today to put them back in.
  7. 73/62 is the warmest my 10-day forecast is showing here in lower death valley. May need to re-install. 2.75 inches over the past 2 days.
  8. It's only supposed to be "bad" for a few hours here. Back below 70F by 8 pm. Fan will do the trick, if needed.
  9. Uninstall complete.
  10. A contractor working for the gas company over pressurized a low pressure gas line, resulting in gas discharges from the meter as the meter's regulator tried to cope with pressures that the meter isn't supposed to see. Many older gas services installed before the 1960s have meters located inside the house, and when the over pressurization caused these meters to vent, the gas vented inside the house, resulting in fires and explosions. Those with meters outside that vented, were probably ok.
  11. Brewbeer

    September Models and Pattern: The March to Fall

    Leaves are weeks behind?
  12. Brewbeer

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    I use a scotts speedy green 3000, it's about 15 years old. The key to longevity for these cheap residential spreaders is to rinse the product out of the spreader when done so that it is clean, then spray all the moving part contact points with WD40 before putting it back in storage.
  13. Brewbeer

    1,000,000th Sub-forum post imminent

    Go to the main forum "home" page, post counts for each sub forum are shown there.
  14. I have an 2002 ranger and never got mileage as good as you are getting, never any more than 20-22 on the highway. 2WD, V6, 3.0L, 5 speed auto.
  15. Driving a '97 Accord here, 205K+. Haven't had a car payment in, well, decades. I do have a newer vehicle, tho, '02 Ranger.