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  1. It's only supposed to be "bad" for a few hours here. Back below 70F by 8 pm. Fan will do the trick, if needed.
  2. Uninstall complete.
  3. A contractor working for the gas company over pressurized a low pressure gas line, resulting in gas discharges from the meter as the meter's regulator tried to cope with pressures that the meter isn't supposed to see. Many older gas services installed before the 1960s have meters located inside the house, and when the over pressurization caused these meters to vent, the gas vented inside the house, resulting in fires and explosions. Those with meters outside that vented, were probably ok.
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    September Models and Pattern: The March to Fall

    Leaves are weeks behind?
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    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    I use a scotts speedy green 3000, it's about 15 years old. The key to longevity for these cheap residential spreaders is to rinse the product out of the spreader when done so that it is clean, then spray all the moving part contact points with WD40 before putting it back in storage.
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    1,000,000th Sub-forum post imminent

    Go to the main forum "home" page, post counts for each sub forum are shown there.
  7. I have an 2002 ranger and never got mileage as good as you are getting, never any more than 20-22 on the highway. 2WD, V6, 3.0L, 5 speed auto.
  8. Driving a '97 Accord here, 205K+. Haven't had a car payment in, well, decades. I do have a newer vehicle, tho, '02 Ranger.
  9. Dew point of 79 at Westover, 75 near Bradley. Steamy.
  10. Those showers in the berks, think they'll make it to the valley? Kiddos were hoping for an evening at Six Flags.
  11. System was 35K. I also spent 15K on roof work, which included stripping the three layers there were on there, replacement of 35 sheets of rotted plywood, upgrading the attic venting, and new shingles. I knew the roof was a problem when I bought the house 10 years before. Pay back/break even was estimated to be 7 years by the installer. So far, 3 years 3 months later, this estimate appears to be mostly accurate: $11,500 tax credits $14,000 renewable energy credits (2K/yr x 7 years) $ 8,400 in avoided electric bills (1,200/yr x 7 years) I agree with a comment above, that it is much better to own the system, than it is to lease the system. Yes, it is costly up-front, but if you are planning to stay for the entire pay-back period and then some, it will be worth it. I've also heard horror stories that people with leased systems can have a hard time selling their houses, because the deed is encumbered by the solar lease, and some people don't want the lease, which is a better deal for the leasing company than it is for the home owner. I'm the one accessing my roof, but it is only to clean the gutters. Hasn't been an issue for me yet. The system includes an external shut-off switch (required by code I believe) so the system can be rendered inactive from the outside of the house in case the FD needs to get on the roof to destroy it. I'm not worrying about shingle replacement, as the roof was re-constructed and re-roofed at the same time the panels went up. I'll be 80 when the shingles need to be replaced, if I'm still around.
  12. I don't understand why a few people think solar panels are "ugly". They certainly aren't any more or less ugly than asphalt shingles.
  13. I looked at this option when I bought my system. Unless you have VERY VERY VERY frequent outages, the cost of the battery system will never pay back. It would be less expensive to purchase a good quality generator that can be run off propane.
  14. I have 27 panels on the back roof of my house. From the street, you can't tell they are there. Installed May 2015. My last electric bill was ...... May 2015. Currently have a $550 credit with the electric company, and run my two window AC units as much as I want, keeps house in the low 70s for the most part. Before the panels, I was paying on average $100/month for electricity. Now, in addition to no electric bill, I get paid $2,000 per year for generating renewable energy.
  15. Looks like beers from the Alchemist.