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  1. @Fozz MRG is a blast. If you ski there you will learn to ski bumps. Also look at Magic near Mt. Snow. When the snow is deep in southern Vt., Magic has MRG-like goods (almost) and a similar throw-back vibe. Here is some mid-winter MRG stoke, just below the summit:
  2. I never liked taking my skis off to board a gondi. Seems so much easier to keep them on your feet.
  3. 1. Octo snow bomb 2011. 98.5 hours with 3 kids and no power. Unbelievable tree and electric utility equipment damage. 2. Blizzard of '78. Lived in Natick, unbelievable snow and wind, also no power (but we had a wood stove) and extended no travel / no school. Honorable mention: Springfield tornado 2011. I wasn't in it but it went 1/2 mile south of my office. Did strip the trees along the river pretty good. But is was nothing like the life altering events of the first two, and nothing else I've experienced comes close.
  4. Only one day over 80 and one night above 60 in the long range IMBY, looks pretty safe to uninstall today.
  5. Cascade is a great flavor and aroma hop, and Centennial is a good bittering hop that really shines when used for flavor and aroma. When I was still brewing, these hops were the backbone of my "house" IPA recipe.
  6. Some 3/8 inch hail outside my office in downtown springfield.
  7. T-storm in Springfield AWT
  8. The glass jar over the yellow jacket nest is amazingly effective in today's testing at my hive-y hole. Even though there is a sizable gap at the base of the bowl, they don't seem to be able to find it:
  9. Getting loud in downtown Springfield right now.
  10. Been having my own battle with yellow jackets who built a next in the ground next to my front walk. Have been hitting it repeatedly with foaming bee spray, at the nest's peak I counted 1-2 departures and arrival per second. I think I got the remainder of it last night, I was able to put the can of foaming spray at the hive opening and force it down into the hole:
  11. Mowed last night: A little faded from the first mow of the season.
  12. I had an above ground pool when I lived in Hatfield, it was in the sun for 10 hours a day. It would routinely get into the high 80s when the weather got hot, which made night time swimming really pleasant. By early September the best you could manage was low to mid 70s.
  13. Sea level rise means the hill in Tolland is not as high as it once was. Good news is that the lower elevation will torch easier.
  14. Nor have I. Looks like my house may make it into July before having to install.
  15. Another mow in the books last night. Faded a bit from the first mow glory, but still looking nice.