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  1. Brewbeer

    Hmmm, A July Hybrid Storm? - Possibly

    Maybe we'll get some rare warm-weather white-water paddling out of this.
  2. Brewbeer

    Hmmm, A July Hybrid Storm? - Possibly

    West Atlantic Ridge
  3. The politics in this thread are disgusting. Take it to Am-Pol where this belongs.
  4. 66F inside the house this morning after open windows all night. Marvelous !
  5. Brewbeer

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

  6. I'm a whitewater paddler, and some of the most reliable white water in New England in the summer time is a result of hydro power generation. When the wholesale price of power skyrockets, the operators of hydro dams will usually turn the generators on, releasing water and creating rapids which are fun to paddle on a hot summers day. I've used the real-time map that ginx linked to help figure out whether it's worth it to skip out of work to go paddling.
  7. ISO New England is predicting a peak load over the next seven days will be 22,410 megawatts next Monday, which is 6,000 megawatts less that the available generation, and 9,000 megawatts less that the available generation + available imports. Wide spread brown-outs/problems are very unlikely, based on current ISO NE projections. https://www.iso-ne.com/markets-operations/system-forecast-status/seven-day-capacity-forecast
  8. Speak for yourself.
  9. Looks like a Sunday morning install.
  10. Brewbeer

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    I doubt there is sufficient uranium in the water to cause sufficient toxicity to the grass to stop it growing. Can the hose bib be re-plumbed to draw water before it goes into the treatment system?
  11. Brewbeer

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    So, anyone planning a second fertilizer application?
  12. Brewbeer

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    If the soil is really acidic, then any fertilizer you put down may not be well utilized by the grass. I usually put down lime at least one rain storm before putting down fertilizer, to give the lime some time to raise the soil pH into the range where more of the nutrients in the fertilizer are available for plant uptake, which is strongly dependent on soil pH.
  13. Brewbeer

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    It takes 75-90 minutes to mow all 3 sections. The Toro I picked up new at the start of last year. It's about 8,000 steps to mow the lawn, about 3 miles. The real reason I don't need a lawn tractor is I have two boys 14 and 12, so I won't be mowing much longer. But I do have the 20 hp snow thrower.
  14. Brewbeer

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    First mow in the books: