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  1. Isn’t there always a storm forecast at the end of the run?
  2. Ariens Professional Hydro EFI 28 here. Replaced a 24 inch Ariens 2 years ago that was about 20 years old and had a failing slip disc, and wouldn't reliably go forward anymore (like tamarack). Upgraded to the hydrostatic drive to avoid the failing slip disk issue in the older machine. 24 inch snow depth capacity, and drift cutters. I live on a cul-de-sac and have a double wide driveway 200 feet long so lots of snow needs moving. Hoping this is the last snow blower I'll need to buy.
  3. For canna companies, look at the companies that have been successful in Massachusetts, which has a very high regulatory bar to entry. They are well capitalized, and will be able to roll out first in the next batch of states that legalize. I don't own any stocks outside retirement funds, so take that advice for what it's worth.
  4. I see this thread got cleaned up. Thank you !
  5. Heard Killington was an icy disaster today.
  6. My pack is deer-tracked and the footfalls are showing up, about 2 inches left. 51F.
  7. Up to 58 here and the sun has faded behind the clouds.
  8. 24F breezy and snow. about 1/4 inch so far.
  9. Looks like activity is picking up, C7 CME the other day.