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  1. Seems like the case every year. May in New England is when winter FINALLY dies (at least SNE).
  2. This. I always enjoyed jumping melted out water bars and bare ground. The 2 foot wide skiable sections along the edges of some trails got to be quite a challenge if they were more than 30 or 40 feet long.
  3. Howling out there, stay safe everyone !
  4. Winter after winter, it never fails to be strangely ... entertaining.
  5. I only ski when it's powder, so about once every 5 years.
  6. Westover AB was built on a massive sand and gravel delta that was formed by the Chicopee River carrying glacial sediments into glacial Lake Hitchcock, the view at the i-91 rest stop really shows this well. The surface of the airfield is same elevation as the lake was when it was formed. There are delta deposits of sand and gravel all up and down the valley at the same elevation as the historic glacial lake.
  7. Just started with the flurries.
  8. Had some flurries earlier today. It was cold out in the valley.
  9. Turned over my garden yesterday, hardly any frost in the soil.
  10. Isn’t there always a storm forecast at the end of the run?