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  1. About to get that line over here in Frederick.
  2. Ok my observations on the storm that hit my location. At 2:09pm only a few minutes after the storm began I experienced the winds pick up and pea sized hail. 0.97" of rain fell in a 15-20 min. period. I then started hearing reports from friends about power poles and wires down just to my north along Ballenger Creek Pike. More photos of damage started showing up on FB. The photos I am posting are not mine but show the wind damage.
  3. Right under that decent storm over here in Frederick. Thunder, lightning and pouring rain. :0 Edit: Wind and pea sized hail now.
  4. Was just coming here to say the same thing. That heavy band is in the move up here.
  5. Heading to bed. Currently 2.74".
  6. My station is currently at 2.12" with a steady rain.
  7. Was out in Round Hill for most the morning. Still dry out there but came home to 1.92" so far. I-70W when I drove over it was stacked and moving slow.
  8. Here is the backside of that storm. It started to form just to the West of my house so have watched it from the beginning. I only got 0.06" off of it. There is a lot of lightning in the clouds.
  9. Just got home from a trip to the barn in Round Hill. On the way out while on 340 drove right into that line from earlier. The wind and rain was crazy. Got to just before the bridge crossing into VA and all traffic was stopped. We sat stopped for about 40 min. When we finally moved saw that a tree had fallen across 340 right at the bridge and landed on a car. Smashed the windshield. Crossed the bridge and there were branches and leaves all over the road. I really felt bad for all of those people who were tubing at the time the storm hit. They had to have gotten hammered.
  10. Wish I could come with my baked goods. Alas I will be washing a pony so he can sweat at a Show on Sunday.
  11. Just move a few miles south!!
  12. I am sort of in the same place. Storm just to my North parked right over 70W. All I am getting 5 miles to the South is some sympathy thunder.
  13. The outflow pushing off of those storms in MoCo into VA is impressive on radar.
  14. My station is currently sitting at 1.10". This all from a cell that lasted about 25-30 min.
  15. A cell has popped up right over me. Has been pouring for 10 min now and up to .50" already.