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  1. We get that because we leave the slider screen door open so the cats have access to the Catio. They like to go in and then back out. They are passed out in it now.
  2. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. out! Took at trail ride at 9:30 and the horses were fresh in the cool autumn air. Still sitting in my house is jeans and a hooded sweatshirt.
  3. Yes it is. We were supposed to show at Sandstone last weekend but her pony decided to pull a shoe. So we did Red Gate this weekend to make up for it. Beautiful facility and it was a beautiful day to show yesterday.
  4. Ok so I just checked this out. Love that it has no moving parts and it just a simple design.
  5. Beautiful weather at a horse show today. Here is the youngest Miss J staying safe.
  6. My IL's are pushing us to come down to Mr. J's cousins house in NC for Thanksgiving. First we no longer travel on Thanksgiving break anymore. We have spent way to many times in horrible traffic on I-81 and what should be a 9 hr drive turns into a 14 hour drive. Second we have no idea what kind of keeping to themselves the rest of his family has been doing. I won't even go and visit my sister or brothers in GA/OH or my parents in FL and I know that they have been keeping to themselves. We have no family here in MD and yes it sucks that we cannot see any of them without taking multiple precautions. We have out circle of close friends over in VA where we board our pony and we have been around them since February weekly so we will most likely being doing something with them. We are already going together and rented a house in Chincoteague in October just because it is our safe circle group and we all need a mental break. With kids all doing online school we felt why not do it there for a week. But that will be our only plans for any kind of travel.
  7. Yea we had our Chevette in the 80's. My mom had to stop driving it because she got clutch knee. She moved to a Olds Delta 88 Diesel. My sister and I still got a raw deal as we had to ride on the hump in the back and it had a bench seat in the front. So one of us dealt with the hump and the other in the middle up front. Took it on our first road trip to FL down 75. Was lucky though as it was the first car we ever had that my parents splurged on AC. And got great gas millage being a diesel.
  8. OMG my mom used to have a Chevette! All 4 of us kids would pile into the silver rabbit we called it. My brothers were teenagers at the time so my sister and I always drew the short straw and one of us had to sit in the hatch.
  9. @losetoa6 our kids now have it so easy. I often tell them that not until I was in HS did we have a car with AC in it. Used to do the good old 60/40 in the Surburan. And my sister and I would usually end up all the way in the back due to my brothers telling us that is where we were to ride. And on those rare chances of sitting in the middle row our hair was always a knotted mess.
  10. This reminds me of growing up during that time. We did not have central AC but had 2 window units. One was downstairs in the kitchen and the other conveniently located in my parents bedroom. At night the downstairs one would get shut off and theirs would get turned on and they then shut their door. And left me and my sister in our rooms with ceiling fans and the still night air. So remember those laying in sweat nights in NW Ohio.
  11. I have a friend who is on a family road trip in SD currently. They are in Custer State Park and were supposed to be tent camping. They opted to stay in a lodge last night which was a good idea. They woke to about 6" of snow already on the ground from overnight.
  12. Yea I agree with @RDM. Ours stopped last month. We have a maintenance plan so did not have to pay the after hour rates and got a discount on labor. But it was just a bad insulator. Replaced and all was good. Hope your fix is easy and quick.
  13. Did not know that. FCPS has been using Schoology for the last 2 years. The older Miss J's freshman year certain teachers at the HS level were chosen to use it 100% in their classrooms. Her French teacher was one of those teachers. All MS and HS the year after that went to using it. So those kids and families are familiar with it. ES schools just transitioned to it this year. Yes I am curious about snow days from now on and how they will be handled. I am aware of all the HS's in Frederick now have cell towers installed on their grounds and that has helped a lot with in school online access. Not sure about the tower situation around the county for more rural areas. Although out of 44,000 students only around 800 were not able to get logged on this past spring even with a hot spot. So the tower situation for those without cable or fiber may be better than I would have thought.
  14. Yea I expected issues especially today with a lot of systems going on as their first day today. We live 1/4 mile from my girls school which has a brand new tower installed on the property. I believe it was a server issue most likely with the online platform with this issue. Loudoun's first day is today and they are now using the same platform as Frederick. I think the western part of Frederick Co. might be on the same servers as Loudoun and we went down over here. All back up and running now though. School system was super quick with getting the issue resolved with the online platform. Much better communication than back in the spring.