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  1. Feel asleep on the couch. Incoming cell woke me up. About to get it over here in Frederick.
  2. So this has been sitting in a Park n Ride lot at the exit of Mt. Zion Rd off of 340 facing NW. Was there this morning when I headed out to VA and just got back and is still there .
  3. 0.30” yesterday. Nice that I don’t have to water the gardens this morning.
  4. Watching Flightradar24 a lot of big international planes being diverted from IAD. One to Philly and one to Norfolk. Many domestic flights in a continuous holding pattern.
  5. Ugh. Just dropped the youngest off at school. Have informed her about the watch.
  6. Hope you had a great day!!
  7. Yep sun out over here in Frederick and the wind is picking up.
  8. It was thanks! Glad you went to get your stash as well.
  9. Thanks all! Actually it was not too bad. Got my annual no spending limit trunk full of plants for my beds from my favorite local garden center. Used the weather to start planting. Soil was easy to work in and the cloud cover made it nice to not bake while planting. And I got Taco Bar brought in for dinner. With the Miss J’s getting all the laundry done.
  10. Even in that deluge last night the oldest Miss J had her senior prom. The rain did let up when I dropped her and her friends off. And we used our vestibule for photos in stead of any full outside shots. It worked well as she is non conventional anyways and one not to do what everyone else does. She had a wonderful time.
  11. Congratulations! I had rain on mine and just celebrated 23 years back in April.
  12. The sky is quite interesting over here tonight.
  13. Just took my daughter to her dance class. Actually told my husband I wanted to drive in the storm. Yep heading West backlit by the sunset. While to the East was that slate blue color. Amazing contrast. Got my car clean also. Still getting some thunder and lightning.
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