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  1. While over at our inner circle friends house yesterday in NOVA, inner circle as we board youngest daughters pony there and have been together through out these past 4 months. A storm popped up over our house. Came home to a 1/2" in the back yard gauge. So Won't have to water the gardens just the deck today.
  2. Ok got creative tonight. Bacon wrapped chicken thighs and zucchini corn fritters.
  3. Thanks! Yep I can see my location under those oranges and yellows.
  4. I have RadarScope but do not have the pro tiers. If anyone has it can you just look and see what time my area got the rain? You don't have to post a photo just curious with the time frame. Location is under my name.
  5. I thought there used to be a way but not remembering.
  6. Woke up and saw that it rained. Surprised to see .77” in the gauge?!?! Did not hear a thing.
  7. Dinner tonight. Asian pork tenderloin with roasted yellow squash and zucchini and onion scapes. And last night had beef verde burritos.
  8. It has been absolutely beautiful for the start up of Horse Shows. Having to wear a mask at the rings in oppressive heat is something that I am not looking forward to.
  9. Mr J and I decided on a deck date night. While in the past I took a Sushi we got take out tonight.
  10. Happy Birthday!!! @stormtracker
  11. My mom just sent me a wonderful recipe for crab balls! They are like mini crab cakes that you can pop into your mouth. Going to get some crab to try them out.
  12. Hail core went just to my West but got close to my house. Still pouring. Edit: they just warned the storm coming out of Loudoun into MoCo. Where we board my daughters pony my friends farm is getting hail.
  13. Getting dumped on over here. The storm coming through has some purple on it at the junction of 340 and 15. Lot of lightning and thunder.
  14. Yep it is tzatziki. Love the stuff!
  15. Pork Souvlaki with peppers and yellow squash on rice pilaf. Experimented with the pilaf and made it in the rice cooker. Turned out good.