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  1. It was a raw cold rain up here in Frederick. No light mix that I saw at anytime.
  2. WxWatcher congrats on the new job. We all have been there. Ours was back in 2001. My husband had just taken an opportunity in Jan 2000 to be part of a start up in a new division of his company out in LA. Newly married we decided why not. So we packed up and moved on out to sunny CA. Things were going well but the writing was on the wall with the fall of the .com industry. My husband was laid off in Sept. 2001 as the division folded. We were left with my low paying job and no family anywhere near us. He soon found freelance work with an individual and a company and it actually put us close to where we had been before the layoff. While I was tiring of my job it had health insurance so I stayed to keep that for both of us. In Oct. of 2002 his original company found out he still was only freelancing and offered him to come back to MD. So again we packed up and moved back to MD. He has been with the same company ever since. Everyone life gets a bit bumpy every once and awhile. It makes us all understand ourselves better and maybe make us realize that we had compromised with our old position just because it felt comfortable. Yea to you for finding something that you are passionate about.
  3. I second you with the moss growth. At the back of our house where the outside water tap is and the drain for the AC out of the house, I had tried for years to grow grass there. No luck so about 2 years ago put in mosses. You are right they go dormant in the July hot sun but when not dormant it is a beautiful green carpet in an area that for years had been a dirt trench.
  4. 2 hour delay here again. Wow are people bitching because it was not called last night. I am going to go out on a limb and say we will be delayed again tomorrow. With temps getting up to 40 today, that I will wait to see if it happens, and if the sun is out all day there will be some melting.
  5. I am in such a fowl mood right now. I am not enjoying this Arctic Circle weather we have having. Every joint in my body feels like the frigid outside temps. I am not a complainer by nature, but Mother Nature is just honestly being cruel right now.
  6. Solid 6.75" and I mean solid. Very wet snow was glad that it was not more to shovel. Streets are already cleared. Solar panels are working on melting what is up there as it is pretty bright out. I will take it. Only one day off so far hoping that tomorrow is just a delay for school.
  7. Things are winding down over here. Currently 33 and light flurries and the sun is showing up. Just cleaned the driveway in record time. It is a heavy wet snow so glad we did not make projected amounts. I officially measured 6.75". We actually started to shed our warm clothing as we worked up a sweat. The sun angle is already starting to take its toll. I suspect that by the end of the day our solar panels will be mostly cleared off due to them heating up. Kids are already out, great snow for hard snowballs and snowmen. And for this girl from NW Ohio, totally driveable. Not that I need to go out by my husband jokingly asked me if I needed to go do donuts.
  8. Big chunky flakes falling over here now. Wind is really ramping up.
  9. Have not been out yet over here. Just by looking though we do not have as much as I would have thought, my eyeball guess is 5". Winds have really kicked up though. Currently 30 and snowing but not heavy.
  10. Ok I just woke up so decided to see if the pavement gave up. Yes it did but honestly as of now I thought there would have been more. I am guessing about 1-2" on the pavement with double that on the grassy surfaces.
  11. This snow has gotten our new cat all crazy. He is running all around the house and jumping over everything.
  12. 31.2 car and grass topper so far. Pavement is still not giving it up.
  13. And we have a car topper.
  14. Wind is picking up over here out of the SW. 44.5 temp currently with a Dew of 19. Clouds are starting to come in thick. The photo taken to the SW.