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  1. That is the Carrot weather app warning sound for me. Makes the cats scramble out of the room of the offending sound.
  2. I heard that all the mass sites have them. That if you call the number and say you have a minor that they are holding Pfizer at all locations even if it is not the dominate shot there that day.
  3. Yep even my 14 year old who has a major needle phobia is excited. She wants to see friends and her cousins this summer.
  4. Happy second, getting your life back, shot day! Today is my 2 week post second shot day.
  5. News this morning of 12-15 yr olds getting authorization possibly next week.
  6. Yea will have to look at Ballenger Creek right behind my house. It runs through a cow pasture back there, the cows get agitated when it floods.
  7. Yea the Southern tip of that put me over 1" for the day. Much more rain to my North going to be bad flooding from all this rain. The Potomac will be raging tomorrow for sure.
  8. That second report is right in the middle of Libertytown. Literally 26 and 75 meet in the town center, not a very big town. And caught the tail end of the storm over here pushing my rain totals up to 0.94" still raining lightly so may go up to an inch.
  9. I was going to say it was right along MD 26 Libertytown area. Mostly farm land out there hope nothing was hit.
  10. I just might catch the end of that line over here, although looks to be keeping just to my north.
  11. Did not see any. Out back to the SW Out front to the SE
  12. Yea was just going to post this. Rain has cleared off down here. 0.62" in MBY.