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  1. Hope everyone had a good day. Mr.J does not care for Turkey and we have not celebrated a traditional Thanksgiving day in years. So this year we had shrimp and grits.
  2. Why the hell are there chicken di*&S on that plate! I would use better sausage than that
  3. Doing quite well. How are you doing? Not quite ready for the snow here. But it is getting close to that time.
  4. Just took the trash out and it is snowing!
  5. In between the light flickers got this pizza made.
  6. The wind just kicked up big time, and the lights are flickering. And rain is coming in too.
  7. Just spent the last half hour building a turtle platform. The younger Miss J has a 9" long Red Eared slider, got it from a friend who no longer could take care of it. Anyways she is a big turtle and her current set up was not working for baskin. Got a piece of plexi made some cuts, drilled some holes and she added some river rocks for traction. She is installing it now. Our house is a darn zoo!
  8. I have the Davis Vantage Vue but it is an older model. There was someone on here that got a new one recently that is everything contained in a cylinder housing. Forget what the name of it was. And I know the area you are in. I used to drive that stretch of road over from MD to get to Round Hill, VA until we moved my daughters pony south of Lovettesville.
  9. So Mr. J was unable to find chicken legs at our local Co-op when doing shopping last week. And he forgot to move them to another stores list, so no chicken legs that I needed for dinner. But wait! The Recipe queen has pulled a fast one and came up with a substitute. He did get a couple packs of Boneless skinless thighs as they were a managers special and were being sold half off. I had just thrown them in the freezer to use at sometime. Also have an extra pack of bacon on hand and some chicken scratch... so came up with bacon wrapped chicken thighs for dinner tonight. It's like pantry raider meets the freezer! Stay tuned for my ad lib meal.
  10. Who wants COOKIES!!!!
  11. So far 2.16” since yesterday
  12. 1.76" over here in Frederick. We have been getting dumped on for the past 30 min.
  13. Found a new ramen recipe.
  14. Doing good. Had a mental health break out there. Lucked out with fantastic weather for late October. Love your photos above!