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  1. Totally agree with you there. Warm wind, cold wind I don't care I do not like wind.
  2. Wind is starting up over here. Waiting on that line to come in.
  3. I am doing pretty good, thanks for asking. I have been picking up a lot of sub jobs at my daughter's school and by the time I get home and get dinner done I am spent for the day. Sorry to hear that you were laid off. That is never a good place to be. I am sure that you will find something soon though.
  4. I know that most of you wanted snow. But this has been the best winter riding season since my daughter stared. With no indoor arena she is loving days like today to get some practice in without looking like the Michelin Man.
  5. .49" of rain. Not much wind over here. Getting some sleet now mixed in.
  6. 32 over here. Just had some sleet. And just got a text from my daughters dance stuido of ca cancelled classes today due to winter weather. Checked radar and waiting to see what is in that big yellow blob heading my way.
  7. Getting some flurry action over here now. Cannot see the mountains.
  8. Just looked outside and realize it is snowing out.
  9. All after school evening activities canceled for tonight over here. The girls and I are betting on a delay tomorrow morning. Better not be a closing. Meanwhile my sister who just moved from Columbus, OH to Atlanta says ****z is getting real down there with a WSW. I told her to hit the liquor store and sit back and watch the chaos that is about to hit.
  10. My sisters family just moved from Columbus OH to Atlanta this fall. I told her to get ready for mass chaos and a complete shut down in an and around Atlanta in this system goes through.
  11. Shopped local last night and hit up 2 of 3 new Distilleries in Frederick. The stuff we got from Tenth Ward is a special Cerise Liqueur Bourbon that we put in hot cider and drank last night. So good that we went out and got more cider. Got some Gin and Vodka from McClintock, the vodka goes down very smooth.
  12. Happy Festivus Everyone! We will carry on with our tradition of the Airing of Grievances at the dinner table, followed by the Feats of Strength.
  13. Happy Birthday to Little Mappy! Got to love those December Birthdays, my oldest just turned 13 on the 13th. We are full on Teen in this household now with a Tween behind.
  14. Sunrise this morning. And sunset this evening over here in Frederick. What a beautiful Winter Solstice!
  15. We made the mistake of going out yesterday, have done all our shopping online and the "Elves" have been delivering packages. We needed some last minute items for my oldest daughters spirit week at school. You know Christmas PJ's, ugly sweater, elf items ect... Never again I told her! If she wants to dress up she needs to get me a list to order off of Amazon in advance!