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  1. Hit a heat index of 103 at 3:20pm according to my weather station. Finally back down to 99.
  2. 93/53 Heat index about a half hour ago was at 100. My girls want to go swimming. I made a deal with them. We would eat dinner a bit earlier and head over to the pool at 6 till it closes. I have no desire to sit on a concrete pool deck and fry or sweat.
  3. Are we sure this thread is labeled correctly?
  4. Yep I just jinxed it. Covered my patio furniture. Never fails leave it uncovered and it pours, cover it and nothing.
  5. Not severe but about to get some action up here.
  6. These mother nature mood swings this last 10 days have not been nice. Attended a horse show April 29th in Millwood, VA and after lightning delays in the AM we sweltered the rest of the day. Attended another horse show yesterday in Bluemont, VA and about froze our cans off with the wind, seriously it felt like early November. Not to mention the allergies that are flaring up with all of the family.
  7. 1.22" over here for the day. Watched as that line moved North but the western end of it weakened. Had some thunder and lightning, no wind and occasional downpours. Had no idea anything was going on until I got a text from my husband at his office in Rockville about the Tornado Warning.
  8. My husband works down in Rockville and just texted me about the Tornado Warning down there.
  9. With a break in the rain my gauge is currently at 0.88" for the day. Looking at radar it looks like later it will go over 1" for sure. Cold raw day out there. It was my grocery day so had to trudge around the stores in the deluge.
  10. Question. Is the rest of the afternoon supposed to have pop up type storms or is there any chance it will get more organized? Asking as I am headed out to Round Hill with my daughter to ride and want to make sure that a 45 min. drive does not result in staying in the barn. Thanks!
  11. Had a storm roll through around 4am today. A lot of lightning and thunder on the front end. By the time it started to rain only one flash that I counted. In the last 30 min I feel sorry for anyone on 270 and 70 in Frederick County. Tail end of rush hour and a soaker over here. Total rain for today so far is .27".
  12. Deck furniture out and enjoying the sunshine. The tree line still needs to lead out but it is starting to show some green.
  13. It was a raw cold rain up here in Frederick. No light mix that I saw at anytime.
  14. WxWatcher congrats on the new job. We all have been there. Ours was back in 2001. My husband had just taken an opportunity in Jan 2000 to be part of a start up in a new division of his company out in LA. Newly married we decided why not. So we packed up and moved on out to sunny CA. Things were going well but the writing was on the wall with the fall of the .com industry. My husband was laid off in Sept. 2001 as the division folded. We were left with my low paying job and no family anywhere near us. He soon found freelance work with an individual and a company and it actually put us close to where we had been before the layoff. While I was tiring of my job it had health insurance so I stayed to keep that for both of us. In Oct. of 2002 his original company found out he still was only freelancing and offered him to come back to MD. So again we packed up and moved back to MD. He has been with the same company ever since. Everyone life gets a bit bumpy every once and awhile. It makes us all understand ourselves better and maybe make us realize that we had compromised with our old position just because it felt comfortable. Yea to you for finding something that you are passionate about.
  15. I second you with the moss growth. At the back of our house where the outside water tap is and the drain for the AC out of the house, I had tried for years to grow grass there. No luck so about 2 years ago put in mosses. You are right they go dormant in the July hot sun but when not dormant it is a beautiful green carpet in an area that for years had been a dirt trench.