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  1. Shepard’s pie with lamb and gluten free flour.
  2. YUMMM! I just put in a Shepard's Pie with ground Lamb to send winter packing. But the English do not use Old Bay so wanting to be traditional left it out.
  3. I don’t make them enough so keep recipes on hand. One thing I will have to try though is pork rinds. Since I am newly diagnosed gluten intolerant I recently made some fish cakes. Substituted plain crushed pork rinds for bread crumbs. Wow that is a well kept secret of Paleo eaters. Amazing flavor. They have gluten free Panko, but Pork rinds are cheeper and worked great. Going to try them in my meatballs next week. And serving over polenta instead of pasta.
  4. I have a couple good recipes. Getting ready to crash but will put them up in the morning.
  5. Here comes the sun, do, do, do do... here comes the sun and I say it's alright.
  6. Oh my the family said I hit it out of the park with this dinner. Cilantro Lime Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potato Salad. The chicken thigh fell off the bone and the hint of lime and cilantro put it over the top!
  7. The one I hated the most was Max and Ruby. Swear I wanted to slap Ruby every single episode. She was so bossy to Max. And for some reason you never ever saw their parents. Occasionally they visited grandma. Also Lazy Town was just horrible. The Miss J’s loved it when little.
  8. Have the back door open slightly for the cats. Their cable is out there to watch. Love starting to hear all the typical water birds as we have a creek behind our house. Lot of chattering going on out there today.
  9. Ok that makes sense then. He got me a 40oz for the $13. And that almond meal cake looks amazing! Will have to try that. Thanks!!!
  10. OH that all looks so good you two! I cannot have it anymore. Although I just had Mr. J buy me some gluten free AP flour with a 1:1 substitute that I am going to dabble with. Dang stuff cost $13 though! Had him pick up some more Tapioca flour/Starch as I have in the past used it in a yummy Brazilian Cheese roll recipe which is fantastic.
  11. All about the context. Totally read it as big ass for the treadmill and not for his wife's butt. Treadmills are big ass!
  12. Ehhh Pulled my shoulder muscle yesterday after trying to cinch a girth on the side with no elastic. Note to self check to see if said girth has elastic on both sides before you cinch.
  13. Ok so I have taken to following Gators Daily. And I have to say their morning message yesterday has stuck with me today and just thought I would pass it along. "good morning gators. death roll the living sh** out of any obstacle you come across today."
  14. Holy crap! I leave the house for a few hours and have to clean this mess up!
  15. Ok that spaghetti hot dog jello ring needs to be BANNED!! And who made that meme?? That is hilarious!