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  1. Mr. J and Miss J got home this morning around 2. They are tired but the flight in while bumpy at landing time and his RWD with cleared roads brought them home. The kid loved Seattle U and has moved it tied with American. She is still waiting to hear from American. So soon we will have to have a round table and spread out all her offers and have her make a decision.
  2. Temp rise is slowly rising. Have some decent freezing rain going on here. Have not been out but can see it on the trees in front of the house. They came through and plowed and actually the street looks like an ice rink. Currently 27.3.
  3. Where are you in Frederick. Sleet has been going down here for at least the last 30 min. Just curious on the line.
  4. Who here is near Dulles? My husband and daughters flight from Seattle is scheduled to take off on time at 4 PST with a wheels down time of Midnight here. How confident is the temperature rise and change to rain? They will be driving back up to Frederick and I am really thinking they just need to get a reservation and head home tomorrow.
  5. My PWS in Ballanger Creek is at 18/16 currently with 1"
  6. 81 is crazy on a good day in the snow everyone should be made to just pull off and shut it down.
  7. 19.9/7.9 First very tiny flakes here in SW Frederick.
  8. 19.2/6.8 And as of now Mr. J and Miss J's flight is still scheduled to come into Dulles at midnight.
  9. Confirmed tornado in Ft Meyers. Went through an RV park. Also one crossed 75 around mm 96 and flipped a semi. With the older Miss J off to college next year, and the second one only 2 years behind we are seriously thinking of downsizing. Will have to stay close enough to Mr J’s work for the time being. Unless they let people stay remote. Have even toyed with the idea of a condo in DC to get some city life. Here is some early storm baking to enjoy though. Apple banana GF muffins.
  10. I grew up just south of Toledo. So have driven 80/90 many times. One year went back for Christmas and got caught in a white out on 80. Got to the point that we seriously thought about pulling off and staying over night. Got behind a semi doing around 10 mph with flashing lights and just followed right behind him for a good 10 miles. We knew we could not stop or we would get stuck on the side of the road. Car was FWD. Finally got out of the band and drove on into my parents house. Will never ever do that again.
  11. What a crappy movie! Younger Miss J had a friend over awhile back and she was like we are watching Titanic because my parents told me not to watch it as it was bad. So like any kid who knows their parents don't know the best stuff around, they proceeded to watch it. Asked them after how did they like it. Both said they turned it off 30 min in and that we were right it was a crap movie! Told them we saved them 3 hrs of their day tipping them off. As a former HS Sax player this was funny!!
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