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  1. Nothing going on up here in Frederick. Going to be heading over to Lovettesville to help clean up after the ponies had a party all over their paddock.
  2. 16 year old here too. Got to love them...
  3. Loving this weather! Had the younger daughter do barn chores most of the morning than rode in a short sleeved shirt.
  4. Line just blew through here. 4:33 am
  5. 66/86 with some decent winds hitting the back of the house.
  6. I was in shorts and had windows open. Just put the ceiling fan on high so I can sleep. Insane!
  7. Oldest daughter just went outside to go next door and babysit for a few hours. She was like why does it feel gross outside...
  8. Told my kids today is taco night. Easy to put together dinner so mom can watch the severe weather going on in the South today.
  9. Scared the crap out of my oldest this morning. Had a 2 hr. delay so that meant she would head to school at 9. Backed the car out of the garage and asked her to take the trash can out. Right as she came under the open door there is this huge !SPLAT! sound. Hit the top of the trash can and my windshield. The Solar panels had started melting and at just the right time a small avalanche occurred. She jumped back and I was like what the hell was that! I was glad she did not take a direct hit and we both busted into laughter. Way to get your morning going!
  10. 32 here. Big fat flakes. Grass surfaces covered with about 1/2" with wet streets and some parts of the sidewalks starting to give up.
  11. While driving to an appt. saw first flakes falling in Frederick. Tiny ones but saw them. Hitting right at early dismissal time. HS out at 12:15 MS 1:00.
  12. Frederick conditions IMBY 35.9/25 cloudy
  13. Thanks! Older child was stalking twitter in school and sent it also.
  14. You need to check out a documentary on Netflix if you have not already. It is Figure 8 School Bus racing in Bithlo, FL. Not a demolition derby, but when school buses go around a track in a figure 8 there will be interactions in the middle. Absolutely fascinating Americana. You have to get past the "community" environment, but it is well worth it. One of those documentaries where you say to yourself why am I watch this and then 20 min later you are still watching it. Kind of like the Cat Show documentary also on Netflix.