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  1. Doesn't my hot pink hair excite you!

  2. I still don't understand it!
  3. I get to be at a horse show on Saturday and not sweat my fanny off!!
  4. You know what is really bad. I have been craving a thunderstorm or even just rain so much that I have had a Pandora station of thunderstorms/rain tracks playing the past few nights.
  5. I have had to resort to playing Thunderstorm rain sounds over our Sonos. I am craving a good Thunderstorm so much. Using it to fall asleep.
  6. House sitting at 92/72 dew.
  7. My parents live in FL. They decided to pack up and head North to my sisters in Atlanta. While they live on the West coast this storm is being so different that for all we know it could cross the entire state and re-form over the Gulf. They did not want to wait for a mandatory evacuation and get caught in traffic.
  8. Getting some rumbles of thunder. Had a decent wind gust hit the back of the house. .60" of rain and still coming down.
  9. Looks like that line is coming intact here.
  10. Absolutely beautiful today! Had a horse show out in Berryville VA. Was nice not to spend the whole day sweating.
  11. Do you know what part of Frederick Co?
  12. We are back in show to start up soon.
  13. Those are my daughters!
  14. Currently in the women’s bathroom as the lawn was evacuated at Merriweather.
  15. Just went on with a Pyro display! Sweet sound!