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  1. Mrs.J

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    Right! The look on the weather guys face said it all.
  2. Mrs.J

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    Watching Weather Nation and they just got a call from a woman in PC. She said they stayed in their first floor apartment 4 miles in from the coast. Have been camping in Colorado and just treating it like a camping trip with supplies. Have only put tape on their windows. She is not a native Floridian, from California. The guy she was talking to told her tape will not stop flying debris and to get to an interior room. Will be interesting to see if they get in touch with her after.
  3. Mrs.J

    October Banter

    Please for the love of all things can we get a pattern change. I have not been on much this summer due to frequent sinus pressure headaches this summer/fall. And nothing touches them. Imagine your head is a balloon that someone keeps putting air into and it has no where to go. Between the pressure in my ears and the pain in my gums I am seriously crying Uncle!!
  4. Mrs.J

    September Discobs Thread

    Drove home from Round Hill VA through that line. On back roads with too many trees. Crossed over into MD and there was a lot of flooding running across 340 just East of Jefferson. The road I take to my house was dicey to say the least. Weather station at my house is 1.60”. Not a lot of lightning over in VA but MD was lit up when I crossed the 340 bridge. Now my husband is going to attempt to get home on 270.
  5. Mrs.J

    September Discobs Thread

    Weather Nation showing damage in Brandermill, VA.
  6. Mrs.J

    September Banter

    Did not want to banter up the Tropics thread so will do it here. I know there are some that are disappointed in the current forecast of MD not getting walloped with rain and wind. But I for one am liking the track more and more. My daughter is showing at the PG Equestrian Center on Saturday in the outdoor covered arena. And while they have said that they can and will if needed move all classes into the indoor it will make for an exceptionally long day. So as Equestrians show in the rain we can handle that and a bit of wind. I just don't want to get stuck down there with a kid, pony and no stall as we are trailering in. That being said I you need an activity for this weekend come and check out the MD Horse and Pony Show. My daughter will be showing in the afternoon.
  7. Mrs.J

    August Discobs Thread

    sitting under a near stationary storm over here now. Decent rain and a lot of Thunder/lightning.
  8. Mrs.J

    August Banter

    At some point this summer I hope to surface out from headache/migraine central.
  9. Mrs.J

    August Discobs Thread

    Line came through here not as robust. Wind and ended up with .51”. Now watching the light show to my East.
  10. Mrs.J

    July Discobs Thread

    Getting some light rain currently over here. The heavy stuff is just to my West.
  11. Mrs.J

    July Discobs Thread

    Currently sitting under some decent down pours. 1.61” on the day so far.
  12. Mrs.J

    July Discobs Thread

    Storm popped up literally just to my North West. Getting a lot of thunder and hope it pushes South. Nature’s fireworks! Yes!!
  13. Mrs.J

    July Discobs Thread

    Just got an alert from Dark Sky that possible light rain will be starting in 30 min. Not a downpour but I guess I will take that stuff pushing south out of PA. And as I type this just got a random crack of thunder.
  14. Mrs.J

    July Discobs Thread

    That cell to my North near Hagerstown is making me mad. It has gotten cloudy down here but that is all.
  15. Mrs.J

    July Discobs Thread

    My station is at 100. It is in full sun now. Hum 53 Dew 79. Feels like 122. I just want a normal summer. Sitting I. The house again with blinds fully closed to keep the AC from not over working.