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  1. Getting slammed over here with wind and rain. Up to 0.76” already.
  2. Lot of wind down in my area. Nothing else as of yet.
  3. My PWS is at 1.06” out of just that line. Still raining too.
  4. Yea I think that is the part that came through here.
  5. Just got slammed with that line. Holy cow cannot see anything outside the windows.
  6. As a fellow area who has been missed you give me some hope of some rain today.
  7. Nice photos. Just could not get into any festivities this year but wanted to acknowledge your composition.
  8. Feel asleep on the couch. Incoming cell woke me up. About to get it over here in Frederick.
  9. So this has been sitting in a Park n Ride lot at the exit of Mt. Zion Rd off of 340 facing NW. Was there this morning when I headed out to VA and just got back and is still there .
  10. 0.30” yesterday. Nice that I don’t have to water the gardens this morning.
  11. Watching Flightradar24 a lot of big international planes being diverted from IAD. One to Philly and one to Norfolk. Many domestic flights in a continuous holding pattern.
  12. Ugh. Just dropped the youngest off at school. Have informed her about the watch.
  13. Hope you had a great day!!
  14. Yep sun out over here in Frederick and the wind is picking up.
  15. It was thanks! Glad you went to get your stash as well.
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