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  1. Poodleusier

    March 3-4, 2019 Snow Discussion and Obs

    Snow has turned from all snow, to snow and sleet, to now just rain in Frederick. I'm sitting at 33....
  2. Poodleusier

    February 10-12, 2019 Storm

    Snowing in Frederick!
  3. Poodleusier

    November Discobs Thread

    1.94" so far in Frederick in the past hour IMBY.
  4. Poodleusier

    June Discobs Thread

    Incoming in Frederick!
  5. Poodleusier


    I got a hundred problems, but a drought is not one of them.
  6. Poodleusier

    December 2017 Long Range Disco

    Throw in some sweet Vermouth and a cherry and make yourself a Manhattan. Old school. We need to call on the Winter Gods of days past and get the ball rlloing for this winter!
  7. Poodleusier

    End of July Super Soaker

    4.09" for Friday, 0.25" so far today. 4.34" and rising.
  8. Poodleusier

    March 19/20 Potential Winter Event

    Down to 37 in my back yard, with snow mixing in rain.
  9. Poodleusier

    Drought busting rains PRE event

    I'm at 4.92". Roads are like rivers. Hope everything drains by the morning.
  10. Poodleusier

    June Obs and Daily Disco

    2.1" from yesterday's event, 12.3" for June.
  11. Poodleusier

    7/27 Severe Threat Discussion and Obs

    Starting to hear thunder too.
  12. Poodleusier

    July 2014 Obs and Disco

    We seem to have the "Southern Frederick Split" going on the past month. Stuff goes to our north and/or hits northern Mo Co! I was going to BBQ a pizza tonight, but it started raining right as I was about to start the grill. Wound up cooking it in the oven instead. When it comes out of the oven....the rain is ending.
  13. Poodleusier

    June 2014 Obs and Disco

    I rolled through about 12:45am, or at least thats when the heavy rain woke me up. Not much thunder and lightening. Was over by 2am. Got 0.99" at my house.
  14. Poodleusier

    March '14 Obs and General Discussion

    37 and sleet mixed with rain on the south side of Frederick.
  15. Browser.... Weather geek but with little formal training. Really like to check the medium/long range discussions just to get a heads up. And hear the analysis that you don't get from NWS or TV Mets.