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  1. Temps a tad warmer than I’d like. 35/35. Hope to wake up to snow
  2. You mean the CMC? It sure ain’t the GFS. Model has reprised its role as court jester.
  3. You have excellent taste in beer. I’ll also be ordering one for myself
  4. If the temperature ever reaches -6 degrees in Bowie, MD I will buy every member of this subforum a beer. I’m not joking.
  5. I can come back to this thread after a few days, see the number of posts by Ji, and instantly know things aren’t going well Here’s to hoping it turns around soon.
  6. There are open rooms in the Panic Room. Hope to see you there…. Soon
  7. This says there is a Jan 2016 repeat + another MECS on top of that. Lol.
  8. Just looked… that’s going to make some people happy
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