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  1. They issued a red flag warning? Why? It's so wet out that I bet you couldn't get a wildfire to spread if you tried.
  2. Measured 3" even, all snow, coming down moderate-heavy. Like others saw a bit of sleet earlier but it appears that rates have overcome it for now.
  3. Measured 10" in my yard as a final total, not bad at all.
  4. Measured 9" have fallen, 8" on the ground. Still snowing pretty decently.
  5. Dime to quarter size fatties, absolutely incredible haven’t seen something like this since 2016
  6. The yellow band delivers. Was tiny flakes at first now flake size has increased. Roads and sidewalks covered again.
  7. It’s definitely started again here, big flakes
  8. Just measured 6", starting to see some bigger flakes mix in/nicer rates. Everything I get from this point is gravy - it looks like winter and I'm happy with that.
  9. Yeah I think I will be alright this time. Models don’t show a flip for me but it’s closer than I thought.
  10. Correlation coefficient radar shows the sleet line has gotten north of Richmond, hopefully it stays south of most of us .
  11. Good stuff coming down, measured 2.5 inches earlier probably close to 3 now. Let's keep this heavy band going all night.
  12. SN coming down nicely, road and sidewalk starting to cave.
  13. Legit light snow starting, first flakes accumulating on the fence outside
  14. First light flurries here in Bowie car thermometer has 34. Looks like it’s spreading east fast
  15. It doesn’t look like a small amount of rain either. More flood watches to come.