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  1. This discussion brings back memories of using Netscape navigator in the high school library in 1998. One webpage took 2 minutes to load and it was just text. There was no Google. The existing search at the time was really terrible and you couldn’t find anything. You would search for something school related and get search results for viagra. Google was really amazing when it first started
  2. I have an 8 month old and my wife has already warned me about caillou. We took one look at it and decided never. Not once.
  3. Wow! Very cool. The dots kind of line up where I thought they would based upon reading the forum over the years (most are on or west of the fall line)
  4. I may hate this more than stormtracker hates cicadas. It looks like someone vomited over dog food and put it on a plate.
  5. lol I am as pessimistic as anyone but I do remember shoveling 6 inches of snow after March 20th three years ago. Tracking is not dead yet.
  6. They only need a soil temp of 64 degrees to emerge. That could be in March if it's warm enough. Never lived through one of these, but I was actually in DC in 2004 (not living in the area) and remember them. You couldn't walk down the sidewalk without running into one.
  7. Gone over to light snow and got a dusting. I’ll call that a win
  8. I’ve got some combination of sleet and grauple
  9. I’m expecting flakes but too warm temperatures for any meaningful stickage.
  10. Thanks. I’ll give this a shot
  11. Those tiger mosquitos are awful, and totally unavoidable in a suburban neighborhood like mine. We literally don’t go outside in our yard in the summer and they still follow us the house
  12. Looks like Andrews AFB has gone straight to summer
  13. This is the type of stuff I wish I understood about weather, but don't. 0z NAM showed the possibility of a sliver of precip making it up here by morning, but I'm not counting on it.