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  1. I’ll make sure to keep the trophy on my wall . On to next winter
  2. Woohoo! Never thought I'd ever have a chance of winning this thing.
  3. And just like that, I’ve gone to a rain/sleet/snow mix here in Bowie. Fast changeover.
  4. I’m so glad some of you declared winter over 5 weeks ago I’d be happy with an inch.
  5. Yesterday was bad for my yard but good for me in this contest.
  6. A decent light snow under the current darker green band. Still nothing more than a T. Temp 33
  7. 50/31 in Bowie. Feels like an underperformer, but I won’t judge until it’s done.
  8. You married well. Enjoy your future snow. Also let’s toss the 18z Euro. Cause it’s not king
  9. 40/35, I doubt any snow is falling here. Since it will be rain, we will manage to eek every drop of QPF we can get though. Seems like it could be a surprise snow storm for some to the N/W (which they are due)
  10. Ya man winter is being put in the coffin now I know someone who can offer you a deal on a coffin @WxWatcher007 Seriously though, it's Feb 6th. I've seen 6 inches of snow as late as like March 20th. At least 42 days of winter remain.
  11. Multiple La Nina’s cooling the globe in the past 10 years. They won’t keep up with AGW though. There will likely be a big melt like 2012 in the next five years and the bar will set even lower.
  12. History likes to repeat itself. Anafrontal too warm followed by a storm that sags south? Sounds familiar.
  13. The problem with freezing rain events like this is temps are always too high. Need them to sag into the mid 20s before you are going to see any meaningful ice. It just doesn’t happen. I’ll take my cold rain and I’ll like it
  14. Haha, I’ve seen full blown arguments over the interpretation of model runs for 256 hours out here. Which to me is strictly worse than chasing a blizzard. At least blizzards are fun. Model runs always change anyways. That said, I’d personally never chase a blizzard. That would be time away from video games. Not happening.
  15. 1.5 inches. Beautiful snowy morning. Everything white
  16. Coastal is throwing me a little hug. Moderate snow, road is finally all white (after 10 hours of snow lol). A little over an inch out there. Maybe I can steal enough to get to 2 inches.
  17. The band of moderate snow is over the bay bridge. Oh so close, and yet oh so far
  18. The storm appears to have pivoted and bands are rotating in. Too bad it’s all pixie dust
  19. Light snow with about a pasty inch out there. 32 degrees
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