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  1. GFS sticks a fork in it. Suppression: that trend is never your friend. It all seemed to start going downhill when this thread was created - aptly denoting it as a "non-event"
  2. That's a nice hit for the Euro. I'm starting to believe this might actually happen. Probably a mistake.
  3. Haha I lived in Greenville, NC for several years (2003-2008). Climate isn't good there, but you know what? I want to say they may have had more snow than me in the past couple of years. It's been pretty freakin' awful. Last winter I watched sleetstorm after sleetstorm and the winter before that was only a couple small events.
  4. GFS gives me cold rain and pity flakes, which is about what I expect out of this storm
  5. And so begins the parade of 300+ hour GFS fantasy maps. Remember folks - the snow is always two weeks away!
  6. In terms of sea ice this year is a lot like 2010. It's also like 2010 in terms of IOD, La Nina, relatively similar SST anomalies.
  7. BWI: 14" DCA: 11.5" IAD: 17" RIC: 6" SBY: 4.5" My yard: 12.5"
  8. Forecast says becoming sunny, but I have 45 and rain.
  9. You currently have snow if you live in Kazakstan. One could hope that the cold in Russia will come over to the other side of the globe by winter.
  10. Fall? What is that season anyways? Temp doesn't go below 60 in next week.
  11. So I've read this thread every year for 7 or 8 years now. I've come to conclude that the upcoming winter will be:
  12. Tonight might be my first sub-50 degree night this season. I haven't tracked it super closely, but I don't think we've gone below 50 yet here.
  13. Sun peaking out here in Bowie, starting to believe in the TOR threat.
  14. I am a noob at this, but I have been following the sea ice extent for a couple of years now. I wonder if smoke from all the fires this year is helping to block some sunlight and are having a cooling effect, leading to less decline in sea ice extent. Not sure if there is anything scientific to that, but it would make sense?
  15. Real nice storm just came through here. Quarter-size hail. Definitely hit severe threshold, which as we all know happens rarely https://streamable.com/jrzu6t
  16. Any house with an older tree in my neighborhood has them. Unless it’s a pine tree, they don’t seem to like those
  17. Just took a walk around the neighborhood. Total infestation. Trees covered, piles of them everywhere. It’s for real.
  18. This discussion brings back memories of using Netscape navigator in the high school library in 1998. One webpage took 2 minutes to load and it was just text. There was no Google. The existing search at the time was really terrible and you couldn’t find anything. You would search for something school related and get search results for viagra. Google was really amazing when it first started
  19. I have an 8 month old and my wife has already warned me about caillou. We took one look at it and decided never. Not once.
  20. Wow! Very cool. The dots kind of line up where I thought they would based upon reading the forum over the years (most are on or west of the fall line)
  21. I may hate this more than stormtracker hates cicadas. It looks like someone vomited over dog food and put it on a plate.
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