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  1. I think it is. Mr J found it at our favorite local Co-op we are members at. The Common Market.
  2. I tried my first ever GF pizza dough over the weekend. This recipe is a more thick dough, going to try a thin crust recipe next time. Everyone actually ate it and said it was good. I used King Arthur 1:1 GF AP flour with Xantum Gum. And the recipe did call for yeast so I still got that yummy flavor. Going to add garlic and Rosemary to the dough for more flavor next time.
  3. If you want just call the 800 number. They schedule appts right over the phone. That is how I got my daughters shot at M&T. I got Moderna (1st dose), Mr. J got J&J and older Miss J got Pfizer (1st dose). We all just had a sore arm at the sight of injection. But I have heard of people having the whole arm react. Called COVID arm apparently. To put it in perspective I had a sore arm with the FLU shot this year. I can only ever get shots or blood work in my right arm, due to removal of Lymph nodes from the left side. So my right arm takes the brunt of any needle. But I did not notice any worse soreness. My muscle apparently was trying to push the needle out. All the working out has my biceps woke up. And no bleeding at all did not even need a band aid. Mr. J still has a bruise from his J&J shot. But he even gets that sometimes when he gives blood.
  4. Seeing a bit of sun out over here. Still very damp and cool though.
  5. Beautiful shots! We have had a new hotel for a few years. Has really cut down on them. The deck has pressure treated wood on the structure, which is supposed to not be preferred by them. But they don’t seem to care. I hate trapping them as they are pollinators but it was getting out of hand.
  6. Had a request for shrimp and cheese grits. Mrs J’s Southern kitchen is open.
  7. Just got back from getting the older Miss J jabbed at M&T. She joked that she now has boarding clearance to see her Alien race she was spawned from. M&T was hopping today also. Think they got a back up as had to wait in a line but it moved on through. Got inside and as Miss J is a minor got priority move up through check in. I swear we witnessed over 2000 people in just the hour and a half we were there go through the line. Did not mind that it took longer as it was so nice to see so many people getting it. Extremely efficient well run gig going on there.
  8. So glad this alert has helped people. Also there is a MD Vaccine Hunters group on FB if you are on there. They are amazing at what they do.
  9. The one that rolls through our neighborhood plays La Cuckaracha (sp)
  10. Well I cannot eat it anymore but yes sharp cheddar is good. Also a nice Gruyere or smoked cheddar. I put smoked cheddar in my grits for shrimp and grits and it elevates it to another level!
  11. I could be on board with that. I am more than happy to put up recipes. I do agree a separate place for it would keep it all together.
  12. We used to have a German Beer garden restaurant in Frederick, I think the one is Leesburg is still open, Donner Bistro I believe it was called. They had curry ketchup and that shiz was the bomb! Used to get one of their Donner cups with fries and shawarma with a side of knockwurst and drowned it in curry ketchup. Need to learn how to make it. I make my own Alabama white sauce for grilled chicken. We obsess over Old Bay that is all you need to know. Now I am researching GF liquor this morning.
  13. Only the homemade baked stuff. Not the boxed creamy stuff. Think about it like Lasagna without the meat.
  14. I like Ketchup but only on hamburgers and Mac and cheese. The German in me bans it on a good sausage. But give me some curry ketchup and that stuff would be on everything!
  15. Mr J had slight are soreness and actually a bruise at injection site. Felt a bit fatigued about 12 hrs after but no other symptoms. I will let you know anything after I get my second Moderna.
  16. Our house will be the trifecta. I got my first dose of Moderna. Just a slightly soar arm will see what the second dose does. Mr J got J&J. And older Miss J is getting Pfizer tomorrow because that is all she can get. If you want sign up for V-safe. It is a text based system with the CDC that follows side effects. My sister is a Microbiologist and she said the data set will be invaluable.
  17. Why does this boards emojis not have a barf one! Oh that is vile!!!
  18. Thanks And you made me decide if I was just going to like this post or laugh at it. Because we all need some spaghetti-O’s suspended in gelatin with some cocktail weenies. And @H2O can bring the Miller Lite to wash it down
  19. You know I have actually missed grocery shopping. I like you have been extremely cautious. Did not choose to get cancer at age 41, but being a survivor I was not going to be taken down by a virus. Dr’s appts and outdoor while masked activities has been the extent of my life since last March. April 20th I start to get my life back. And so so super happy that I have Mr J who took on more responsibility when I had to stop. Even while working from home. He has been through so much with me over the years through my cancer diagnosis, bed rest with both of the girls just to name a few. This weekend we celebrate 22 years of being there for each other. I joked after he asked me to marry him that I would if he promised to push me in a wheelchair when I got old. Was joking but he has done just that. He got his shot on Tuesday and such a sense of relief went through me as he has been the one on the front line. We will celebrate yet another anniversary with take out at home. Did it while on bed rest. Did it as I recovered from cancer surgery. Did it last year and again this year. Does not matter where I celebrate as long as I celebrate it with Mr J. We can live it up next year if we choose. Or just be the introverts we are and stay home.
  20. Aww you are most welcome! Glad I could help. And looks like @mappy paid it forward! And more good news. I just scored an appt for the older Miss J on Friday afternoon at M&T Stadium with the help of a dance mom friend, she can only get Pfizer so can only do certain Mass Sites as of now. So by this weekend 3 of us will be vaccinated. Well me and her partially, Mr J got the one and done today. Just waiting on the emergency authorization for the younger Miss J.
  21. Yea my friend over in Loudoun said they are just opening 1C there. Granted their tearing is different so there is that. Mr. J got a call last night from MD Dept of Health and got an appt. at the Hagerstown location this morning. He had a 9 am appt and is on his way home. Now just need to be on the hunt for Pfizer as that is the only one the older Miss J can get. She is pre-registered but as we only have one option for a shot I am going to have to go vaccine hunting next week unless she gets a call. Good luck to all out there.
  22. The younger Miss J got to fly yesterday
  23. That horse kicked it into high gear at the right time. Jockey was biding his time to let the field run out and timed it perfect.
  24. It is Snowing over here!!!