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  1. Just paid our first college tuition bill. The older Miss J has Dual enrollment English and her class is in the second semester.
  2. It is like you are playing slots!
  3. After 3 days of gray overcast skies was nice to wake up to the glorious sun this morning. And shining all day has me feeling pretty good. Get out and enjoy the sun today if you can.
  4. Anyone else having issues with keeping warm these past two days? This damp has me chilled even in the house. And yes I know I can up the thermostat but I don't want to. Sitting here typing with my old lady half mittens on to keep my finger joints working.
  5. From the Jones Family, yes that is what the J is for. Merry Christmas to you all!
  6. Squall line just got here. Rain blowing sideways.
  7. The Airing of grievances are going to be EPIC this year.
  8. I am always willing to share.
  9. If you leave it opened in your fridge for a very long time, yea you will have a science experiment. That being said jelly/jam does not last long here so only once did I ever find a jar that got shoved back in the fridge to turn into an experiment. On another note... Happy Winter Solstice! Or as Equestrians call it the start of getting our daylight back to ride!
  10. It was that storm along with the 2 in January that put us on the path to getting a new house with a garage. Mr. J grew up in the South and our old townhome had parking spots. Him and I digging out two cars three times was enough for him. And I grew up in OH where a garage was almost standard. And you used it to park your cars in. Found a townhome with a double car garage and he has been a happy camper.
  11. After a round of sleet big fat fluffy flakes.
  12. OH I am so sorry to hear this! Losing a pet under normal circumstances is hard, this has to be the worst. He will forever hold a place in your heart. Hugs to you and your family.
  13. Why did we have to change from snow to sleet and freezing rain. Driveway was a beast to clear. 28.3/27
  14. So my daughter made these. OH MY they are so good!!! Thank you for the tip on the recipe.
  15. Just came in from our first driveway clear off. Solid 6" and just as fast as we were clearing it off it was accumulating again. Wind is getting nasty out there too. 25.4/24
  16. Wow just looked out the window again and it is full on puking snow up here.
  17. I will get the older Miss J on those as soon as school is done.
  18. 2" so far. 25.4/24 here with low visibility.
  19. Pavement has caved up here in my neighborhood. 27.2/22
  20. I have a bag of chocolate chunks and a bag of butterscotch chips. Trolling the interwebs for recipes to combine both.
  21. Went out to get the trash can, was told to put it out early as the company would be around early to avoid the weather. Saw my first flakes here.