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  1. Yep sun out over here in Frederick and the wind is picking up.
  2. It was thanks! Glad you went to get your stash as well.
  3. Thanks all! Actually it was not too bad. Got my annual no spending limit trunk full of plants for my beds from my favorite local garden center. Used the weather to start planting. Soil was easy to work in and the cloud cover made it nice to not bake while planting. And I got Taco Bar brought in for dinner. With the Miss J’s getting all the laundry done.
  4. Even in that deluge last night the oldest Miss J had her senior prom. The rain did let up when I dropped her and her friends off. And we used our vestibule for photos in stead of any full outside shots. It worked well as she is non conventional anyways and one not to do what everyone else does. She had a wonderful time.
  5. Congratulations! I had rain on mine and just celebrated 23 years back in April.
  6. The sky is quite interesting over here tonight.
  7. Just took my daughter to her dance class. Actually told my husband I wanted to drive in the storm. Yep heading West backlit by the sunset. While to the East was that slate blue color. Amazing contrast. Got my car clean also. Still getting some thunder and lightning.
  8. This wind is no joke. Sitting parked at school for pick up and the flags look like they are going to blow off the flagpoles.
  9. Just heard my first thunder of the spring! Will that line make it to me??? Crossing fingers.
  10. So while the beginning of my week was quite stressful got some wonderful news after we got back from the Hospital on Wednesday. The older Miss J had been waiting on her last college she applied to. And texts were supposed to go out on Wednesday. She texted us while at dance that she got accepted! And she promptly made her decision. She will be a American University Eagle next year! She likes that she is close to home but not to close. And she loves DC. Just urban enough for her. Now to go and find that money tree. Seriously though we are so excited for her. They had over 18k applications this year and their acceptance rate dropped to 32%. And she applied test optional, so she did not submit her SAT score. She will be studying for a BFA in Media Communications. On the technical side.
  11. So kid went into surgery around 9 this morning. And went into recovery at 10:19. Stone was blasted with a laser and large pieces removed. The rest of the smaller pieces will just flush out on their own. Our stay in the PED ER was made comfortable with some awesome nurses and Dr.‘s. And she had a very awesome Urologist who did not treat her like a little kid. Her OR team again was fantastic! Really cannot say anything bad about her experience. We are waiting on discharge currently. I am knackered. Still running on adrenaline but wanting to take a nice long hot shower. Thanks to you all here for letting me talk about my day yesterday. Life just again goes to show us that we do not have control and that we just need to take the good with the bad. Kid will be sore for a few days and out of school till next Wednesday.
  12. So found out is a 3mm stone and is being obstructive. She is being admitted for surgery to remove it.
  13. Verdict in. Kidney Stone. Poor kid. I have had 3 and they are highly heredity. Fluids being pumped through and Hospital grade drugs. Waiting on other test results but mostly likely will be put on the same medication I was that moves it along.
  14. Currently in the ER with the younger Miss J. Bad abdominal and back pains on the right side. Dr. wanted to rule out appendicitis. Urine sample was quite reddish brown. I suspect Kidney infection but she will get a CAT scan to rule out a kidney stone. Hope it is not a stone. I have had 3 and they are no picnic. She is currently on some good IV pain meds.
  15. 28 out. Snow has slowed. Roads never gave in, in my neighborhood. Around 4.5” of very wet heavy snow.
  16. So while it has been snowing for close to 2 hrs here. The pavement is just now caving. All grassy surfaces and trees have a decent 3” but just the start of a dusting on the street and drive.
  17. 32 with .09” in the gauge. Had steady sleet about 20 min ago now snow with some pingers mixed in and wind. Birds are outside on my feeder yelling at each other probably saying WTF!
  18. I am a Frederick resident and we have been asking this for years.
  19. 70 and the wind just whipped up.
  20. There are free classes at local NWS offices. I took the Spotter training and I know there is a Winter Weather and Severe Weather training. If you have not already I recommend checking into them.
  21. I mainly stick to this thread and occasionally the Discob one. I am Dyslexic and quite possibly ADHD. I think in 3D and on a daily basis forget any info I tried to understand. I am not book smart and I suck in Math. So in most threads here I feel pretty stupid. But I need a place to talk about my geek passion for weather. I am not saying all this to get sympathy am just saying we all tick differently.
  22. 61 over here with that smell of spring rain. Just filled up the bird feeder so it does not get blown around. Birds and cats are happy.
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