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  1. This is correct right here. Have had soups and chili planned. Said heck with it AC makes it feel cool enough to still make it. Because it is chili eating season.
  2. Yea have a friend in Carroll who posted that. Have heard Frederick, Carroll and Howard have on going flooding.
  3. 0.18” yesterday 1.45” so far today 1.66” for the event FCPS closed due to road closures. Was an easy one for them as it was already a 2 hr early dismissal for MidTerm.
  4. Soup season! Curried Chicken Soup
  5. I was not home. Down near Aldie, VA clipping a pony. But got the alert for the Areal Flood Warning on my alerts for home. Checked my weather station and got 1.22".
  6. What I have been waiting for all year. Went up to bed just to be in the dark and watch the lightning and hear the thunder. Currently sitting under the edge of another training cell. 0.66” from the first round.
  7. 3.07” from last night and after midnight.
  8. All our phones just went off
  9. Here is my station so far
  10. Pouring here. Sounds like hail also but cannot confirm.
  11. Yea I was watching it. I am just south of 340 over in Ballenger Creek.
  12. Absolutely fantastic lighting going on right now to my West.
  13. It is fall, it has finally cooled down and the nasty humidity is at bay. Potato and onion soup! Super easy and oh so yummy.
  14. Do you do your own cauliflower rice or buy it. I tried one time to make a cauliflower pizza crust and did not get all the liquid out. Did not end well.
  15. Yea but you can deal with those parents. This came down to safety. 10 kids and a bus driver had to be rescued from the roof of a bus up in Thurmont. Just a few years back a bad decision about a early dismissal ended in a bus going off the road in snow up in Thurmont. Frederick Co has so many different terrains. The area I live in is mostly rolling and flat farm land. With up and down windy roads. Then we have the mountain areas. Several roads have very low dips that are subject to flooding in a normal rain event. And this is known. I usually give the benefit of the doubt and understand that while my area in the SW part of the county may be absolutely fine. But that a decision is made based on the safety in a different part of the county. Have had times where there was no snow down here, but up near Emmitsburg snow on the ground will shut down the entire county. Yes I know you are not going to make 100% of the parents happy at any one time. But this situation they really dropped the ball. It had been raining in the Northern part of the county almost all day. And rain was streaming in from the SW back filling. And every single county around, with the exception of Washington which is a flatter county, had call out early. Even MoCo.
  16. Well FCPS made a good call this morning. After starting with a 2 hr late start and a re-assess at 7am and due to ongoing flooding and power outages, school was closed today. I have a friend who is a teacher at my daughter's former ES who said that she was there till 6pm last night. Waiting on kids to be picked up when the busses were directed off the roads. She said counselors were swapping car seats to get some kids home. My Barr instructor this morning told me of a friend of hers who's daughter attends Frederick HS, downtown, that to get home she walked through hip high water outside the school. FCPS seems to think only busses were an issue when in fact walkers, car riders, new student drivers and busses were an issue. I have not yet but am planning on sending an email off. The Superintendent sent an "apology" email last night. It did not go far enough.
  17. Baker Park Spill way Not sure how to embed the video directly. But for those who have never seen the Flood mitigation for Baker Park in Frederick, here it is in action. The water is carried through tunnels to the other side of the city. Flood control working the way it is supposed to work.
  18. After this afternoons mess this just came out. From what I have seen and heard Frederick Co is a mess. Between flooding and power outages. So more info on that bus. The driver and 11 students had to climb out onto the roof. A boat was used to carry them all to dry ground. A school board member I know personally has asked for the Superintendent to resign.
  19. Sun is coming out here finally.
  20. No covered bridge in Baker Park. It is downtown Frederick, runs through the middle of the city. No Baker park has always been here. But it used to flood regularly as Carroll Creek runs through it. The city many years ago after a big flood invested in a water diversion system. The creek has spill ways into underground tunnels that helps to carry flood waters away. The creek runs through and does not flood. Carrol Creek Linear Park is the other park it attaches to.
  21. So it took the Sheriff's office to tell the transportation dept to get off the roads?!?! Insane! I bet! That flood system that they have now is awesome though. Takes flood waters under the city and dumps it outside the city. Yes I got the girls out safely. Reminded them to watch the parking lot as it is the student lot. I was going to get them early but I take their friend home and was not sure I could get them permission to leave early. Felt so bad for all the walkers.
  22. Oh they are going to get an earful! I am one who usually gives them the benefit of the doubt, but this is unacceptable. What a horrible situation to put their drivers and students through. Just to get in a full day.
  23. Yep this is FCPS. Yep! It was a shit show, excuse my French. And to add insult to injury Frederick County Sherriff has instructed all busses to go back to their school pick ups with kids that they could not get home. Parents are being instructed to pick up their children at the schools. FCPS has disabled all comments on their latest FB post. Hearing sirens all over. And raining again with a wind advisory. I want to know who made the final decision. This situation was known for days.
  24. I don't doubt it. I have yet to look at Ballanger Creek which is behind my house. Elmer Derr Rd on the S-curve usually gets flooded pretty bad. Hey there neighbor! My Ambient is sitting at 4.52" since midnight.
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