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  1. Anyone know what this is? Kind of looks like a black widow but not sure it's hard to tell if there was a marking on him after I killed it.
  2. had a few snow showers earlier this morning perfect late April day!
  3. I'll be in Templeton tomorrow through Wednesday morning above 1000 so hoping for something there
  4. In Agawam going to be close here I think
  5. In Agawam for the day almost clear now and warming up quick
  6. looks like a big hailer just west of springfield hope that can find its way here
  7. grapefruit anything is gross and anytime I have it I get sick lol IDK if im allergic or not
  8. Hope we get something.. many many years ago can't remember the year but I remember we had small hail from one of these.. I happened to look up and saw a small area of clouds above me was spinning pretty rapidly lasted about a minute but never saw a funnel or anything.. any idea what would cause that?
  9. Lol Saw a pile of snow on the way up so it was worth it
  10. Beautiful day today hiked up to the tower at Quabbin.. I need to get back in shape lol
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