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  1. I’m no expert literally just a snow weenie with an interest in winter weather but perhaps the models are having trouble with the upcoming pattern since the vortex is supposed to split or whatever, I don’t think they have any idea what storms will occur yet. Have to wait until the pattern takes hold? I will be annoyed if we have another winter with below average snow though
  2. I remember Alberta clippers during the Long Island snow dry spell of the late 90s and early 2000s those were the most exciting What happened to those.
  3. I’ve been lurking long enough to know - that’s right where we want it a week out.
  4. I’m in west Babylon just south of southern state. Not far from you 30 here. I think the mix line is on fire island as per radar hoping we hold here.
  5. Snowing heavily in west Babylon. Between southern state and sunrise highway. the rain snow line seems to be hugging fire island nail biter. But this is nice.
  6. I can’t find the article now. But I saw a headline the other day that the polar vortex has kept winter out of the eastern US so what exactly is happening? Just a weird winter pattern?
  7. people have quite the time on their hands. all forums have what i call "dual posters" lol i think its an illness
  8. I am not really worried or care about another "mini ice age" more concerned on how a grand solar minimum would affect things if it were to occur
  9. from NY Post https://nypost.com/2018/02/08/the-sun-is-growing-colder/
  10. regardless....if the prediction is correct about a long period of solar minimum i don't think we will know exactly what the impacts will be until it happens.....i think its an interesting topic because it only happens every so often and it may happen in our lifetimes....human global warming or no human global warming im still interested. the little ice age was a combination of volcanic ash in the atmosphere and the solar minimum period....so it was a few factors....im not saying we are going into an ice age now or being a conspiracy theorist but there has to be some impact if it occurs again
  11. Its pointing toward a solar minimum....so despite global warming maybe the weather will get quite interesting climate estimates are rarely spot on, we will just have to wait and see.....
  12. I don’t think anyone really knows what a GSM will do hence the conflicting science. I just think a conversation can be had about the potential of a grand solar minimum and impacts without injecting global warming into it that’s all i don’t discuss global warming or politics on forums usually lol. It never ends well I read a report from some icelandic scientists about the GSM I’m trying to find it again.
  13. Ok blue wave. I guess we will see what a GSM does since it’s happening in our lifetimes since the science is conflicting. but again everything above is referencing global warming which I am not talking about