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  1. We did sod in our backyard last year. It’s dead. The drought killed it. Didn’t water it enough. Very sad.
  2. I got over 2” rain Saturday. So I’m ok with a dry weekend. I know that’s a shallow outlook with others in drought but damnit I want to bbq.
  3. Thick haze between clouds today. Smoke?
  4. Good. I want to see air show
  5. This leads to low pressure and offshore moisture being drawn in from the SE and E at some point during the holiday weekend from the ECMWF, and a bit later out in time from the CMC GEM. It may work out that this offshore moisture does not get tapped, depending on how the upper level low forms and manifest itself. In the meantime strayed form consensus guidance a bit and added more cloud cover and added slight chance PoPs for the start of the weekend.
  6. Another MDW washout and cancelled air show. Tired of it.
  7. As per my ambient station I’m at 2” and I believe it
  8. Quite the morning provided that my ambient station is accurate. Can confirm heavy rain most of the morning in babylon
  9. A beautiful spring week. Sitting inside at a desk. For a washout Saturday. Can’t make it up.
  10. April showers bring may flowers
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