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  1. Man I wish this coastal came more west. This band right now is awesome.
  2. I’d be content if this was it until next year. Hopefully the “dry spell” is over though and next winter delivers maybe we’ll get a March surprise.
  3. Give me many 1-3” events throughout winter and I’m happy. Just want the feel and lingering snow cover.
  4. Bout an inch today in west Babylon. Sticking good now.
  5. 4-5 inches getting packed down now freezing drizzle. It’s heavy.
  6. Don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy with what we got. I just kept hearing a prolonged event with round 2 is it supposed to develop later?
  7. Few inches in Babylon. Heavy sleet snow mix now. Love it.
  8. I have a feeling Long Island does very well if mixing stays away.
  9. I’m hoping Long Island is more of a snow to ice scenario then snow to rain. I need some good drone footage Saturday.
  10. Long Island is in a good spot it looks like. But with this winters northwest trends I’m not optimistic yet
  11. I’ll take sleet over rain definitely but if it’s freezing rain or rain I’ll take the rain - snow weenie
  12. Hoping on Long Island and we can get mood flakes instead of rain.
  13. Yea too warm at the start. Lost a couple hours of accumulation. Easily a ten inch storm if colder.
  14. Ended up with about 6 inches I’d say. If it was colder probably would have been a little more was 33 degrees during most of it.
  15. Upton 1:33 pm ill take it Overall, expecting a widespread 6-9 inches across portions of NE NJ, NYC, Southern Westchester, Long Island and Southern CT. Can not rule out a few 10+ inch amounts across eastern LI and far eastern CT, if any of those 2+ inch per hour rates do occur. Further North and West, across western Passaic in NJ, much of the lower hudson Valley and northern Fairfield, amounts may be slightly lower, with less precipitation expected. Snowfall amounts are expected to range form 3-6 inches. Have converted the entire watch area to warnings, along with northern New Haven in CT and western Bergen in NJ. Northern Fairfield in CT, much of the Lower Hudson Valley and Western Passaic, winter weather advisories have been issued.
  16. Kind of crazy that a day away we can’t forecast a storm properly because the models are all over the place.
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