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  1. I don't understand why she asked the man to wear a mask. If this were 6 months or a year ago I would understand. But it doesn't make much sense now. Having said that, she obviously didn't deserve to be shot.
  2. Wow. Lots of people must have got their 2nd shot over the last week.
  3. I read that some independent studies have shown up to 80% effectiveness after getting the first covid vaccine. Maybe I should just stick with one and not get the 2nd one.
  4. Age 30-74 sure is a large age group
  5. I was told to take Tylenol and not Ibuprofen after getting my first shot.
  6. I got my first covid vaccine today. Arm is sore but otherwise doing ok.
  7. Yes. I haven't been vaccinated for anything in many years. I am so nervous i'm about to throw up. I think i will just cancel my appointment. I mean, if I don't get the vaccine I will probably still live right ? I'm just trying to debate on whether it's worth it or not.
  8. I'm scheduled to get first vaccine tomorrow morning but i'm terrified. A part of me thinks that maybe I should just go without the vaccine and take my chances.
  9. What's the latest freeze you have had that you can remember ?
  10. I'm thinking about getting vaccinated but i'm so nervous about the side effects.
  11. Interesting that you have a northern state like Indiana in the bottom 10. But i've always heard that Indiana is the most southern northern state. However, I don't believe Indiana has a very large black population.
  12. Don't you think there will be travel impacts with temps dipping well below freezing tonight ? I imagine there could be quite a few slick spots.
  13. Yeah but IND averages basically 0" this time of year, same as ATL for April. I just think their criteria should be different in April or May than it would be in the middle of winter.
  14. I'm from Georgia and I've seen plenty of Winter Storm Warnings when the roads were just wet.
  15. I personally think the criteria should change when it occurs during a rare time of the year. Basically a 2" snow in Indy on April 20 is way more rare than a 2" snow in Atlanta on January 20 and yet Atlanta would have a warning with 2".
  16. I absolutely think the optional should have been used for such a rare, historical event the likes of which we may never see again. If this was January, of course I dont think an advisory should have been issued. But it's almost May ! The eastern part of the state (Richmond) which is under a different office was under an Advisory. Not sure if Wilmington has the same criteria as Indy.
  17. And yet there wasnt even an advisory. You would think such an historical event would warrant some kind of headline.
  18. This is a once in a lifetime event for some !
  19. maybe for your area, but not for the southern midwest. This is truly an historic event. Unbelievable.
  20. I'm driving north between indy and Louisville and its in the 70s and sunny !
  21. I would think a 2" snow this time of year would be more worthy of an advisory than Nov given how rare it is
  22. When does the 21-22 season start ? July 1 ?
  23. What is the criteria for an advisory for KIND ? Forecasting 1-3 and no advisory.
  24. Thank God it will be coming in mostly after dark. We need all the help we can get this time of year.
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