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  1. Don't viruses normally fade away this time of year ? Why would this virus be any different ?
  2. Lets keep some perspective here. There were about 330 million people in the US before this started, and there are still about 330 million people. Roughly 0.02% of the population has died.
  3. You live in Erie, IL right ? NWS has you at 54 on Tues.
  4. Yeah it's the right move for now. Obviously i think indoor dining will become more widespread as time goes on.
  5. You seriously wont go inside a restaurant until next year ? Wow.
  6. 4 days later and the media is still talking about Trump's disinfectant comment. Unreal.
  7. I dont understand why people need to stay at home as long as they are social distancing, wearing a mask, etc while out in public.
  8. Im just glad May begins next week. Surely May will bring more consistently nice weather ?
  9. Even Minneapolis is forecast to be warmer than Indy over the next 14 days !
  10. I was averaging forecasted temps for St Louis and Indy over the next 14 days according to, and St Louis is forecast to be a whopping 9 degrees warmer over that time span. Why such a large difference between cities with fairly similar climates ?
  11. According to the model im looking at, it looks like deaths will stop almost completely in 2 or 3 weeks ? It looks like a huge decline in deaths almost every day from now until mid May.
  12. I see nothing wrong with having people in the stadiums but trying to distance them so there's several seats in between. Its better than having completely empty stadiums.
  13. It's contagious but most people don't even get any symptoms. So im not sure what the panic is. The death rate is most likely well under 1%. I say open everything up and lets get back to living life again. And since outdoor activities is not very dangerous due to the virus not liking sunlight, im hoping baseball will start back in the next month or so.
  14. I say bring on the heat and humidity. It can't hurt can it ? I cant imagine that it would make the virus worse. Seems like it could only help.
  15. Still a long way to go. We still have to go through May.
  16. Great news. Looks like you are safe from the virus as long as you are outside during the daytime.
  17. I keep hearing that there could be 60,000 deaths by early August yet it seems like at least 2,000 per day are dying now. If we keep up this rate it will be over 60,000 this month. So apparently they are expecting a sharp decline in deaths very soon ?
  18. The media has given some people the impression that basically it's a death sentence if you get the virus, when in reality that couldnt be further from the truth. I believe people have been brainwashed to an extent.
  19. In other words, the death rate is probably very low and your chances of dying from the virus if you get it is very low.
  20. I know it sounds crazy but there are people out there who would be ok with shutting everything down for the next year if it meant saving lives. Of course they don't think about the negative effects it would have, they are just focused on one side of the equation. We would probably all die from starvation by then. At some point you just gotta say screw it. Im going out and living my life. If I die then I die. I'd rather die than live in a world of hopelessness and suffering that lasts for decades.
  21. If you're going to blame anyone blame the experts Trump has been listening to.
  22. What's the latest you've seen snow ? June ?
  23. When does spring begin up there ? June ?
  24. Prayers for your brother