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  1. Will Indy fail to hit 50 in Jan and Feb for only the 3rd time in history ?
  2. I guess this will be the last hurrah of winter. On to spring next weekend.
  3. So is that about the equivalent of them seeing a high of 108 ?
  4. Did KIND drop their Winter Storm Watch ? I'm not seeing it anymore.
  5. Fortunately it will be much warmer there by late next week.
  6. Winter Storm Watch for Indy. 5-7".
  7. We are getting close to the time of year when sun angle is a factor in the southern parts of the midwest.
  8. I definitely think the date could be extended to the 15th. Next Monday will still be cold.
  9. So you are saying there is some light at the end of the tunnel ? I am going to throw a party the next time it hits 40 degrees.
  10. It would be funny if Louisiana got more snow than you the rest of the month.
  11. You know good and well the final result wont even be 25% of what its showing.
  12. Accuweather says 3-6" between Wed morning and Thurs evening. Yeah right. I will be shocked if we get more than an inch through Thursday.
  13. Is it just me or is Indy missing big snows from every direction ? Seems like Chicago, Cinci, Pittsburgh have all had bigger snows than Indy this winter.
  14. Seems like every storm the totals diminish as the event gets closer. Don't see why this would be any different.
  15. Average high in Indy tomorrow Feb 10 will be 39, up from 35 a month ago. Headed in the right direction !
  16. That really surprises me that a city so far south can get so cold. 40N is really not that far north.
  17. I thought Feb was late winter? Dec = early winter. Jan= Mid Winter. Feb = Late winter. How can it be mid winter when it's only 20 days until met spring?
  18. KIND says up to 6" possible through midweek.
  19. TWC saying up to 8" of snow possible in Indy on Wednesday.
  20. Has ORD ever had a winter where it didnt get below 0 ?
  21. What happened to the 1-2" in Indy ? Did it disappear ?
  22. A pretty impressive feat considering we are just 3 weeks away from spring !
  23. Extreme cold is cool for a couple of days, but I don't want it forever ! I'm definitely more a fan of big snow than big cold.
  24. Yeah but how much of that is in the next 7 days ? I'm guessing most of that is after day 7, which means its not very realiistic.
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