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  1. Honestly i think i'd rather be further west and get the cold and snow in winter and warmth earlier in the spring.
  2. Is it just me or does it seem like this winter it's easier to get snow further south the further west you go ? That map is a good example. 30" in Central Missouri and due east in Louisville nothing. 40" in Northern Missouri and due east in Indy 9".
  3. Looks like Indiana ranges from close to 0" in the south, to 30" in the north.
  4. TWC's forecast of a warm February may be in jeopardy.
  5. I don't know. I'm starting to believe that we are entering the next ice age.
  6. I bet DC has more 12"+ snowstorms than Indy, even though Indy is further north.
  7. So this is next Friday ? I'm guessing the high temp wont be 4 degrees here like TWC is forecasting if there's a mix of precip here.
  8. I just find that incredible honestly. Isnt January colder on average than February ?
  9. I mean avg highs in Indy next week will be close to 40, and one day is forecast to have a high of 2 degrees. So essentially that's about the equivalent of having a high temp around 75 right ? I just cant imagine a high of 75 in Mid Feb in Indy. 5 straight days of 15 or below, so thats like a 5 day heatwave of 65-75 in Mid Feb.
  10. I just dont see how it can even be that cold with what will be a Late October sun angle next week. Seems to go against science but what do i know ?
  11. Pretty impressive considering by this point we will be just 2 weeks away from meteorological spring.
  12. Looks like you are forecast to finally get above 10 next Sunday !
  13. Is there any end in sight ? Are we headed to the next ice age ?
  14. 3" for Indy, almost 2 feet for Ft Wayne lol.
  15. How does this arctic outbreak compare to Dec 2017/Jan 2018 ? Indy had 12 straight days of 20 or below and 12 days of 6 degrees or lower in the morning.
  16. So you're saying most people on here prefer cold and snow over severe weather ?
  17. I would much rather have snow with highs in the 25-35 range than have 10 degrees and dry weather. But I understand some prefer the extreme cold and dry.
  18. My high on Monday has been increased by a whopping 15 degrees ! Maybe just maybe the highs will keep trending warmer next week. I have no interest in high temps below 15. Do some of you people actually enjoy extreme cold ?
  19. Shouldn't you edit the dates to Feb 5-12 ? I think the arctic air arrives in some areas on the 5th ?
  20. Has Indy ever went all of January and February without hitting 50 ? At this rate I'm not sure it will even hit 50 before April.
  21. 6 straight days of Temps below 15 is impressive.
  22. I mean at some point the higher sun angle and longer days have to put a stop to the cold, right ? Or is it just going to go on forever ?
  23. How is it even possible for Indy to not hit 50 in Jan even though temps were like 3 above normal ?
  24. God I hope there's a snowpack, because it would suck to have days of freezing cold with a bare ground.
  25. Why is it always guys who wear shorts in the cold ? Have you noticed that guys seem to do this more than women ?
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