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  1. They have 2 nice amusement parks too. Cedar Point and Kings Island.
  2. KIND says snow will have trouble accumulating due to warm ground temps, but won't the bulk of the precip be after dark ? I think timing is on Indy's side since the bulk of the precip won't be during the day.
  3. Wow that seems like a very low number. I was thinking maybe like 40-50% of 85+ year olds would be hospitalized with covid.
  4. Highs in the 30s are not unusual for Mid to Late April ? I"m pretty sure your average is way warmer than that.
  5. Will there be advisories or watches issued today or will they wait until tomorrow ?
  6. This doesn't show Muncie with 1.8". The 1.8" is in Richmond.
  7. I am thinking of going on a snow chase. What area of Indiana would be the best place for me to go ? I'm thinking about either Logansport or Warsaw ?
  8. IWX seems to be may more bullish than KIND.
  9. My God look at North FL. Talk about chilly. -2 to -4 close to Tallahassee.
  10. I consider East TX to be in the Eastern half of the US.
  11. It's definitely been a chilly April for much of the Eastern US, particularly from TX to FL.
  12. I have anxiety issues and for some reason wearing a mask has actually made me less anxious when i'm in public. When I go on job interviews, wearing a mask also helps me to perform better.
  13. About time to start a Spring Medium/Long Range thread. After all, spring starts in about 9 days !
  14. How does Dallas, TX get to -2 but the coldest you can manage is -1 ?
  15. According to TWC, Cincinnati has a snow depth of 12-18" and Fort Wayne 18-24". Is this accurate ?
  16. Lots of sunshine here today is already melting the snow despite it being 14 degrees.
  17. You didn't list Fayetteville, AR but they were at -20 this morning. Also, Jim Cantore said DFW was -2, not -1.
  18. Is anyone here other than in Chicago getting snow ?
  19. Did the majority of models correctly predict this dryslot ?
  20. Still another storm in a couple days so if you miss out on this one maybe the next one.
  21. I wonder why TWC chose to go to Cincinnati instead of some other cities ? Not sure Cincinnati will be the jackpot.
  22. Very close to 4". Nearly 1" in the last 30 min.
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