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  1. I just measured 3". Over 1/2" in the last 30 min.
  2. Yeah i think Indy is the place you don't wanna live if you want snow.
  3. They are still small but I don't think quite as small as they were.
  4. My goal is 8". Anything over that is a bonus.
  5. I've gotta think it happens more often than all of Texas being under a warning !
  6. I measured 2" but I'm on the 4th floor of an apartment building so not sure how accurate it is. Maybe I will get more snow since I'm on the 4th floor ?
  7. I'm near 126th and i'm seeing some bigger flakes also.
  8. Seems to be earlier than expected ? I thought the main event wouldnt start until like 4pm.
  9. I wonder what model TWC uses. They are showing 5-8" for Indy, with the heaviest snow confined to Northern Kentucky and Ohio. 8-12" for Louisville and Cincinnati.
  10. Why did KIND lower amounts from 8 to 11 to 6 to 10 in their Winter Storm Warning headline ?
  11. Aren't we getting to the point where the short range models are the only models to look at ?
  12. Maybe just maybe I will get lucky and see my first ever 12" snowfall. Probably not, but i guess anything is possible.
  13. Welcome to the forum and good luck !
  14. Do you think IND could get two 6" snows this week ?
  15. Not that it will happen, but when is the last time IND had two snowstorms of 10" in a 3 day period ?
  16. but it says created Feb 14 at 3pm in the bottom right
  17. That's weird. I checked Fort Wayne's forecast and it says 8 to 12. I don't think it shows 8 to 12 for them on this map.
  18. Dayton: 12" Cincinnati: 12" Columbus: 12" Indianapolis: 12" Fort Wayne: 12"
  19. NWS saying 8-11 but WPC saying only a 10% chance of 8" in indy.
  20. I don't understand why the warnings are so far north along the IN/IL border on the IN side but drop much further south on the IL side. Can anyone explain ?
  21. I'm not even sure why people pay attention to monthly or seasonal forecasts. How often are they right ?
  22. So did things stop trending NW ? Seems like Ohio is back in play again ?
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