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  1. Do people not realize that cyclones do not have genders, despite the naming convention? And even if they did, she’s not going to date you. All the she’s, her’s, girl’s are a bit creepy.
  2. That’s an unfortunately shaped graphic.
  3. It’s not expected to intensify.
  4. FV3 has a 30-36 hour slow crawl from near ILM to NC/SC border. Really impactful scenario for piling in water and then dumping on top of it.
  5. This GFS run looks sub optimal for NC.
  6. FV3 then cuts across SC, up around WV and ends up over DC metro Tuesday evening.
  7. FV3 never fully comes ashore near Wilmington then stalls/mini loops then down the coast to near Charleston.
  8. Animate from here, h72 in Tropical Tidbits: where is my captain
  9. The post landfall track on the 18z FV3 is epic. Also big dump in eastern NC and SE VA.
  10. TPAwx

    Major Hurricane Florence

    That’s a ton of precipitation spreading into VA
  11. TPAwx

    Major Hurricane Florence

    Going to take the FV3 guidance instead of the GFS op, after the NHC and Euro of course
  12. TPAwx

    Major Hurricane Florence

    Nobody in the direct path or has experienced damage/personal loss is excited. When I evacuated zone A for Irma last year I didn’t know if I’d ever see my home or possessions again. Pretty horrifying and disruptive, even with minimal impact when it was over. The true exhilaration is when you know you are in the clear, and your home is still intact the next day. Do agree that many people from afar want a hit. The weather enthusiast ethics/empathy exemption that persists here.
  13. TPAwx

    Major Hurricane Florence

    Sure why not.
  14. TPAwx

    Major Hurricane Florence

    This GFS run looks a bit whacky. Loop and getting close to 900 mb.