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  1. Isn't that par for the course for your neck of the woods in a normal winter though?
  2. So in other words, the same as every winter...
  3. 2nd biggest snowstom for Detroit (~19") .. Biggest was back in the 1880s (in April at that) with ~23" ~2 feet
  4. I wouldn't necessarily say Internet forums are declining. I'd say it's a combination of: *Millennials getting older, busy with their careers and have settled down with kids/partners. Even during the hey dey, the weather boards were mostly a teen and early 20-something ordeal, a time when you have virtually no responsibilities, good health and are full of adrenaline. Gen Z and Alpha are also smaller in size than Millennials were (thus a smaller audience of young weather weenies as a whole). *Society has become a lot more, socially, politically and economically polarized since the 2000s and early 2010s. So much of the community is now bifurcated into our own little echo chambers.
  5. It's been a while since I've seen a severe weather setup bust as bad as this one.
  6. To each his/her own. The food itself is not fancy or gourmet, but it's about the entire experience. At In-N-Out, you always get excellent customer service, fresh food and the lines are fast. The prices are also relatively low. Culver's is good too, but a lot of its food (besides the Ice Cream) is frozen/prepackaged, service can be inconsistent and it's more expensive. But regardless, we're still a long ways off before In-N-Out's palm trees can survive a Great Lakes winter.
  7. Some of us lucky few are blessed to live in a region with both.
  8. Maybe then, y'all can experience the greatness that is In-N-Out...
  9. With the unprecedented warmth of the waters down there, I'm actually a bit surprised it took until this late in the season for a Hurricane Otis. The US shoreline really dodged a bullet this season.
  10. And the truth is, the criteria is somewhat arbitrary and will never be perfect. Just as before, the decision for headlines will ultimately boil down to forecaster judgement. I can also understand the west-wind LES belts in MI having a slughtly higher threshold of 8", as they see heavy snow events more frequently.
  11. So in effect, the NWS is just simplifying the criteria for WSW. As an example, going forward, a 7" snowfall would meet the critetia for a Winter Storm whether it falls in 12 hours or 24 hours.
  12. Welp, might have spoke too soon about those 90s, lol...
  13. I'll take 55 days of 100*F+ weather over that crap any time. Don't miss that *AT* *ALL* Meanwhile, it's been sunshine and blue skies as far as the eye can see here. #GodBlessTheSunbelt
  14. You can also the Visible Satellite go dim as well... https://www.aviationweather.gov/satellite/plot?region=us&type=vis&date=
  15. Currently at a mall parking garage to watch the Annular Solar Eclipse, as an appetizer for the real fun 6 months from now. Hopefully, you guys have much better luck weather-wise by then...
  16. I have no dog in the fight either way, since I already live in a region where warm/snowless winters are all but guaranteed. I'm mostly here for the lulz. Still, was just making an observation as a bystander who means no harm...
  17. Spamming the board with images of the shitty CFS model isn't very scientific of a forecast method. Just saying...
  18. If you listened to WWJ (950 AM) during the afternoon rush in the 2000s, Sonny Eliot was the regular on-air metereologist. This was long after he had retired from TV (he was the Chief Meteorologist at WDIV until the late 70s). While he was a fine weatherman, he wasn't nearly as revered as Tom Skilling has been for his technical expertise. It was more so his personality and eccentric way of delivering forecasts that won him favor with his audience. What was unique about him was that he was always perky on-camera (although I heard he was kind of difficult to work with behind the scenes), cracking jokes and speaking in riddles. https://youtu.be/0WyBMhnmGb8?si=Mz1fmA1iaEGLbCmm
  19. I was going to ask you aboutt that and I'm glad you addressed it, because I figured (and I recall you saying in the past) there wasn't the greatest correlation historically between November weather and how winters end up. Definitely gotta be careful with putting too much weight on any recent trends.
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