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  1. This event was cool from the perspective of how unusual this much snow is down there, especially in one storm so early in the season. But I'm glad it'll be gone by the end of the day. I do hope to see plenty of snow when I come back for Christmas though. BTW, rapid clearing and full sunshine behind a rain/snow event is awfully nice.
  2. Yep. We had mixing issues all throughout the day yesterday (we kept flipping between snow, rain and sleet). But there was actually a bit of glaze on the sidewalks and roadways because of the sleet by yesterday evening. That said, everything's covered in snow this morning, though nothing like the Northside of the city. The totals coming in look to be a widespread 8-10" up there.
  3. Part of the problem was that it was such a marginal setup temp-wise, that it easily could have gone the other way. The other part of the problem was pinpointing the location of the heaviest precipitation. For example, just yesterday, I was in the bullseye.
  4. That's only from 3pm. Since then, a widespread 5-8" is now being reported in the northern suburbs of Atlanta this far (2" per hour rates currently), and still several more hours of heavy snow to go.
  5. Even here in Newnan, I'm not taking any chances. I brought everything I needed yesterday so that I wouldn't have to go out today. Maybe late Saturday at the earliest.
  6. The saving grace is that it appears a lull is moving in, which will give the roads some time to clear up a bit.
  7. The thing is, up until yesterday, the assumption was that the worst of the snow would be on the Southside. That obviously didn't happen.
  8. Northern Atlanta suburbs are getting slammed. Most areas have seen 3-6" so far (snowcovered roads & all), and the storm's not even halfway over.
  9. Back to rain/sleet in Newnan under the heavier returns. For me, the fact that I saw any accumulating snow this far south is impressive and a win.
  10. 850mb freezing line has moved back NW somewhat.
  11. Still switching back to rain / sleet under the lighter returns here in Newnan. Got a light coating on grassy areas though.
  12. Most of Metro Atlanta (including my county) is now under a Winter Storm Warning.
  13. Looks like some thundersnow is occurring around Carrollton.
  14. WOW! Now the street is becoming snowcovered. Didn't expect that so soon.
  15. Under the lighter returns, we switched back to rain / sleet. But now the snow's coming back down again. It's starting to accumulate rapidly again on the grass / roofs / car tops.
  16. Already got a light dusting on the roofs, car tops and grass.
  17. Now getting mostly fatties mixed with some sleet in Newnan. Until now, it was mainly a rain / sleet mix. EDIT: This is a good sign for those upstream and those on the north side of Atlanta who were concerned about mixing issues.
  18. Well things shifted NW at the last minute yesterday, so it's looking less likely that we'll see any accumulating snow (in my backyard at least). Areas north of Atlanta now look to get slammed, but I refuse to deal with the traffic on the north side to check it out. Either way, it all works out. I was honestly looking forward to the winter-long break from snow.
  19. Models always seem to struggle when it comes to banding events. The QPF maps are always too broad with the heavier amounts, when in reality the heavier amounts end up in a very narrow swath.
  20. It's still ended up pretty good, but not as good as the initial frames suggested. The QPF in the cold sector dropped off somewhat.
  21. NAM started out good, then it crapped out as thing shifted out of AL.
  22. Looks like all of the models are starting to narrow in on amounts between 2-3" here, which would be impressive if it happens. NAM and GFS suggest an inch or greater of QPF. So this has potential.