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  1. Ah ok. I got it. I’m more or less with that I think. Our first call with SCW will probably be more conservative WOR but still a warning level & high impact event. If I were making a map this very second I’d probably go 6-12 WOR (actually further west—imagine a line north of New Haven) and 12-18 east.
  2. I get it. A lot of ghosts too here in the CTRV. That said, I think even the eastern solutions will be good for the CT WOR folks given the general evolution highlighted in the post above and the tendency for deformation to setup further west.
  3. There’s nothing you can say that will stop the WOR crew from clutching rosary and saying Hail Mary’s for the next 72 hours. They’re as shaken as my poor DC weenie brethren trying to will this thing west and exorcise memories of past nightmare cutoffs. Thanks for trying though. Also why am I awake?
  4. Woah woah woah. The bus may be gone, but the weenies remain. We gotta will this one home.
  5. Broke down in the Stephens City desert. The torch did the rest. It’s a perfect vortex. If folks cash in, they become desperate for more. If folks fail, they’re desperate to cash in. Can’t escape it.
  6. We love to see it. Nuclear detonation or bust. Not quite perfect…yet… Looks like a good wind signal on the GFS too even inland. Not quite the euro hurricane though lol.
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