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  1. Yeah that’s the concern. My parents will be fine they’re not traveling—there’s no need to test them—it’s me and my siblings traveling across the country I’m concerned about. One of us could easily be asymptomatic after getting into contact with someone and bring it into their home.
  2. I have no idea what I’ll do for the holidays. I have two very high risk parents and they’re desperate to bring the whole family together.
  3. That’s what we’ve found here too—while there are sporadic cases from school, the overwhelming majority have come from informal gatherings. In fact, a common transmission source has been carpooling up here.
  4. With Epsilon peaking at major intensity and no new development yesterday, we have closed the book on the forecast period. The backdoor cover put me right where I needed to be. I under forecast the number of named storms but edged just within my range for hurricanes and majors. A- forecast overall. WxWatcher007 Peak (Aug 20-Oct 20) Forecast Number of Named Storms: 11 Number of Hurricanes: 9 Number of Major Hurricanes: 5 Final Numbers: 14/8/4
  5. Does a great job of adding to my numbers. If it can become a major today I’d be golden
  6. I’m glad I’m doing this trip now. Another two weeks and it might not have been possible. Bar Harbor and the surrounding area is phenomenal.
  7. Any recommendations for food and sights to see in Bar Harbor? Heading there in the morning. Beautiful evening here in the state. I love it here.
  8. I think that’s why choice matters so much. Here the school district went hybrid—parents decided whether they would do virtual or in-person early and steps were taken to protect and limit exposure for everyone going to a brick and mortar building. It’s far from ideal—you want everyone back especially special needs students—but in providing choice and protections parents/kids have their needs addressed while educators/staff don’t feel like they’re being tossed into the fire totally unequipped like some other places.
  9. Just took a look at the EPS. It has struggled with TC genesis signals this season so it is definitely interesting to me to see such a robust signal relative to the range it’s looking out to. I was all but checked out but it wouldn’t be a bad thing to come off the sidelines once more to track a beast.
  10. I’m 3/10 on the interest scale right now. The signal for TC genesis has been there for a long time, but we need everything to break our way for a big hit. Good time of year for the elements to align. Go big or go home.
  11. That’s why I don’t take vacation lol
  12. I can just speak for my own region--I think I hear that between 40-45% of the schools here are doing some form of in-person, and it has worked relatively well so far. Here locally, we're hybrid with students/parents making the choice to go in or stay virtual and although we've had some closures due to positive cases, my understanding has been that the bulk of those cases have come from transmission outside of school. Cases have gone up here, unrelated to schools I think, and that rise could force things to go all virtual again, but I think the folks here have done a pretty good job producing a well communicated and well informed plan that allows parents to make the choice and protects teachers/administrators. People are split. Some would rather have kids in-person, others want to stay virtual. I don't have a kid but I definitely understand why someone would be in favor of either. Edit: That's why I think choice is so important...provided you can do things safely.
  13. All timer of a “zero chance that will EVER happen” run.
  14. Signal for a system is there for sure but it’s always a long shot up here. Second climo peak is coming soon so that helps. Tropical activity has an increasingly uphill battle as OHC declines and continental dry air intrusions into the homebrew region increase. Not to mention shearing from troughs.
  15. 100% agree. Analytics can only take you so far. Make Russ earn a TD. Then make him earn a 2pt conversation. Then make him earn it in OT. If you fail there you open yourself up to losing, which is exactly what happened.
  16. I think there will be a lot of research into how this pandemic has reordered life and society here, whether or not it’s a lasting trend. From kids suddenly learning virtually to the flight from cities to who actually holds power in government like you said, it’s a lot. Hard not to have at least a little whiplash from it all.