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  1. Christmas trees in town squares across New England spontaneously combusting?
  2. Thanks. That was a much needed snowfall. I was burying my dad that week. Hopefully my house will be good for snow. I'm right near the Manchester line (again) so as far away from the CT River as I can get in town.
  3. Yeah, 1/7/22 was a good one. That time was a blur for me.
  4. @Kevin W I found an error on the site under my records. I have 8.5" listed for 12/7/21 when it should be 1/7/22. Can you edit that? I tried to do it but couldn't when logged in.
  5. Thanks guys. I think I found the error. It’s on the New England snow site but not my personal data sheet—and the personal sheet has 8.5” on 1/7/22. My note says that was a coastal that significantly overperformed in CT.
  6. I have 8.5” recorded on 12/7/21 and another 1.7” recorded on 12/8.
  7. Yep, just in time for Christmas. Don’t need the op runs to feel good about the prospects moving forward. The last three years have produced warning level events here and I think that streak will continue.
  8. Come on man you didn’t have to do berg and wolf like that
  9. Hopefully this happy hour dopamine drip keeps the panic at bay and wailing and gnashing of teeth at a minimum. In all seriousness, even if the weekend doesn’t work out we’re starting to see the wave train going, which is exactly where I’d want to be heading into mid month.
  10. It’s been talked about a lot here, but another good thread (and image) highlighting where the ensemble uncertainty lies. My bar is still a warning level event and advisory event by the end of December and that’s still on the table IMO. If we do get threats and snowfall in the 20th-31st period, a lot of us will be satisfied.
  11. Pretty sure it been said ad nauseam that this shift will happen in stages. I’m not sure who reasonably figured snow would be anything but a low likelihood deal pre 12/12 or so. I don’t get why some are going in circles with this. We’re watching water boil. Patience.
  12. That 12/9 system gets squashed south sooner on the 12z GFS, not that it changes anything for us verbatim.
  13. The World Cup is one of the most watched/followed events on the planet. At least 500 million watched each of the last three finals globally. GO USA
  14. Seriously, some of the best days of my life happened in the period between that chase and Thanksgiving weekend. I’m still in awe of what I saw. Hopefully I can get a Feb ‘13 level storm imby this winter.
  15. That was a legit qpf event too. That wasn’t six feet of fluff. Brutal.
  16. lol I basically had one setup in the Mid-Atlantic for half a decade. All time melts.
  17. Agree. Despite the PAC volatility on the guidance I think we’d have to be extraordinarily unlucky to not get at least one solid (warning level) hit.
  18. EXACTLY But if we fail with this…I don’t even want to think about it
  19. You can book it. Mass weenie casualty event by the Ides of December. The only question is whether destruction comes by a meteor hurled from a random European 12z run or from within as weenies pull knives and hunting rifles on each other in a gradient event.
  20. One of the best things my parents ever did was stop the practice of visiting other family on Thanksgiving and Christmas when I was 13 or 14. It was just us and it’s amazing to wake up and not have to worry about spending the holidays elsewhere. No getting dressed up, no family politics, no fighting over the TV, and no sharing food with others lol. Just immediate family time. I plan to carry on that tradition.
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