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  1. Yes. My Mother’s date of death in 1995 coinciding with my middle son’s 15th birthday. Yet heavy snow on the way to Logan en route to Rochester (which we left 1 day earlier when mom seemed to stabilize). A lot of mixed feelings but the snow lifted my spirits. Heavy LES the 2 weeks we spent in Rochester. One of my favorite times that winter was walking 5 miles home in heavy snow-with a wicked head cold.
  2. J.D., I asked around-no one remembered-including me! So now we have it without scrolling through threads for an hour. Could be a fun winter incoming! Or it could suck. We're always in first place before the season starts.
  3. I caved and turned on the heat. Definitely an early fall here this year.
  4. Longer range setting nice chilly pattern. Let’s hope it’s a harbinger for winter vs April
  5. I still haven’t but unless we get some sun I may be forced to cave. Shorts put away, sweaters brought out. My uniform in the cold season is jeans, T-shirt with sweater over.
  6. I don’t either and maybe I’m mixing times up. We had above average snow but fewer events than typical.
  7. Should be fun in winter with potential snow event.
  8. So when I ask for rpm I get nothing! First we have revolutions per minute which is followed by international business machines.
  9. WTF is the IBM model? I’m thinking of the early forays into the PC in the very early 1980s.....
  10. Kudos in the Summers Eve reference-it was priceless!
  11. Big SNE 4 for September: BOS: -0.4 PVD: -0.4 ORH: 0.0-exactly normal BDL: +0.3 (Max was -0.3 but min was +0.9) All if the big 4 had lowest maximum with normal to slightly above minimum.
  12. Kevin appears easily confused….
  13. One more tick and it’s a sne soaker up to NNE border.
  14. Euro also ticked north by a good margin.
  15. Tick tick. Gully washer en route.
  16. Seasons in seasons. Been awhile but this may be that kind of year.
  17. I’d like to think I’ll be 28 years old this afternoon but my bet will be 75.
  18. You’ve been bearish on 85% of events and jack on a lot of them.
  19. Agree! The change from last week to this week is significant.
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