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  1. Rome, Naples, Amalfi coast and Pompeii, Sicily. Home for a weekend and then to New Orleans for a conference. Then home and hunker down for winter.
  2. Shitty wx for running around last minute for our long time away. Flying looks good tomorrow evening though.
  3. Minimal event here in metro west Boston. The local hype was embarrassing. I take my neighbor shopping once a week and he had someone else do it at a time I couldn’t because of the hurricane. I TTTH but he went ahead anyway. Sun trying to break through the clouds now.
  4. Dews are done. Cya dews. Maybe a day here and there but we done. I plan to write about the massive tree damage from Lee over the weekend so Kev can keep in his archive.
  5. Pouring. Plenty apparently in the pipeline for later today.
  6. Well for sure we’ll turn the ac off when we depart for Italy next week. Will we need heat upon our return the evening of 10/6?
  7. Definitely an improved look with an eye reforming.
  8. Lol….our wives find out quickly that they signed onto some crazy. My experience has been through more than one marriage the wives end up being weenies to a degree. We were not yet married so my future (now departed) wife’s parents had me sleeping in the back house during Doria at Belmar near the beach. That was a wild night! The next day I was itching to body surf but they wouldn’t let anyone in the water until things calmed down the next day.
  9. Great summary Tom! Pretty much matches my experiences although I was east of you so the wind effects were often bigger especially with Hazel. I happened to be at the shore for Doria-that was fun.
  10. Satellite pictures of Lee suggests he’s going through tougher times now.
  11. Those poor souls have to wear long pants to avoid injury from the new pavement.
  12. Everyone thinks that the hot SST will automatically translate to a 400 mph hurricane lol. SST is an important driver but shear, ERCs, and proximity to land counts. Right now Lee seems to be regrouping but the peak may have been last night. Still a rough ride for the fish.
  13. The big thing was the rain-some places got several months worth. The truth is any one spot had a low likelihood even in Florida.
  14. But reaching age 14 in 1960 does give me some perspective on what is possible….
  15. There are piles of clean towels at the cabana..
  16. Man I haven’t seen Wolfie so hurricaned up.
  17. We’re heading to Rome 9/19 and thankfully it won’t be mid summer when it was too hot to do anything as temperatures were will over 100.
  18. Yes! I walked outside around noon and immediately noted “this is different-we crossed the threshold back into summer” and smell was a big part of it
  19. Today is a legitimate summer feel. Last night still had a hint of chill. I doubt we see that for the next few days at least.
  20. And he a year younger. Thankful every day for my personal good fortune-so far…
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