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  1. Pretty decent muthufukkas
  2. Agree. My eyes are turning east for late week and beyond....
  3. We party Super Bowl weekend?
  4. 1-3 Tuesday night. This is how we start getting out of the slump.
  5. You’re really good! A young Walt Drag! I’ve learned a lot reading your posts ITT.
  6. The orographic effects are big. That’s one way the Tug gets working in their favor.
  7. I'm wary of the 700 mb low lagging the initial push. Kind of like a SWFE which this ends up being around here? Fortunately it's just south of the area around Chicago but south of that H7 low may struggle for awhile. OTOH, the Euro is bullish kind of for Tuesday.
  8. It’s like our ocean enhancement. Hoping for days and days of snow but would like to be home by Friday..lol.
  9. Pay homage to the lake for some enhancement around here. I think we’d be cut 30% without it.
  10. That graphic is through early Tuesday morning with plenty more coming potentially
  11. Models converging on 6-12 for Chicagoland with some higher amounts in a few spots while back through parts of Iowa 12-16.
  12. And light snow all day Wednesday in Chicagoland. As DIT in New England would say-days and days of snow.
  13. I wish that H7 low on the euro was a bit further south for the initial thump. It is better on gfs.
  14. Lol..I’ve been carefully trolling my New England buddies. We’ll probably head back Wednesday or Thursday and Thursday to spread the love.
  15. Euro showing lake enhancement Tuesday adding a few inches at least. Solid threat!
  16. Uncle doing uncle things. Wild swings run to run
  17. I’m not RC but 925s suggests no BL issues within 50 miles of Chicago
  18. Classic setup. H7 low with a perfect track. Plenty of moisture-and cold.