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  1. 2 out of 3 of those had the potential to go very big. 1999-00 was a 2nd year Nina which kind of throws a potential wrench? 2007 and 1970 had great Decembers. 1999 had a bad December.
  2. How many 70s have you had since 10/1? You’d expect some but I think more than 25% would be a lot. BDL had 4 so far-20%. It’s been above normal but not at all noteworthy.
  3. Take the average of your 3 analogs and run with it beats last season by a lot.
  4. No it hasn’t. Mildly above is not a furnace. You said 70s/80s most of autumn.
  5. I’m still waiting for Kevin’s furnace autumn...
  6. It was a Sunday but not sure it was that recent?
  7. We had about an inch on 11/2 about 8-12 years ago per memory. We need Will to clarify.
  8. Nope. Finally up today and realizing we have people coming over...lol. Autumnal day. I’m looking forward to a mild week-have some local hikes I’m interested in. November looks colder to start.
  9. Just walked a mile in the middle of the night. 37 degrees-chilly!
  10. Lol...I have no more excuses. While working full time, over the last 10 years I avoided using their servers so everything was by phone. Waiting for an image to load-peep at the euro-working on a boring report-check the phone for sanity. i suspect I’ll king weenie as winter gets closer.
  11. Euro is wet. Stein is in hibernation. Winters on the way-yippee!
  12. It’s mostly because the database is not large enough to meaningfully expect a certain behavior. In other words, it may not be greater vs chance.
  13. Can you link is to last years euro seasonal at this lead time? TYIA
  14. May the Brits fall on their swords! Then again we can always go to the Puget Sound area.....
  15. Tis the season to love me a cold soaker. One can hope.
  16. Picking them off, one barefaced human at a time?
  17. Nice all day soaker. Good day to be retired. Stein hanging on by his fingernails...
  18. Direct hit from a late season hurricane. Book it!
  19. Maybe for lower SNE but 2007-08 was decent for the pike region including BOS and great north of there.
  20. Driving down from VT last night and in parts of NH the car read 37 degrees. This was around 8PM so my guess is widespread sub freezing in NNE overnight.
  21. Gone. I think an old GF from lime 45 years ago took it.