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  1. I kind of remember big heat circa maybe 1962-5/30 hit something like 99 at Central Park. May have been 5/31 but I think it was 5/30.
  2. It always starts with coolness a few days out when it occurs in May.
  3. That’s the fun of it! Why I’m glad to be alive! It’s raining today on cocky…. Just like the time I went for a 5 mile run in phoenix in July during the day. Part of the experience.
  4. Agree but it’s warm enough and cloud free here. I’m sad extremes are gone but maybe the weekend? I don’t get people on a weather bb not wanting it as hot, as cold, as wet, as thundery, as snowy as possible.
  5. I got married 6/8/69-Mickey Mantle Day. Night wedding and a deluge!
  6. 5 above normal in May is coc. 5 above normal in July is hot.
  7. Normal high is mid 60s (66 at BOS) today. It will be 6-8 above that. Similar through the week save for maybe 2 days near normal.
  8. Nevertheless, today is solidly above normal. Major scorching this summer like we’ve never seen before I think.
  9. Slept with ac on last night. Still need work to finish leaf out but it’s rapidly moving now.
  10. How many will you have? We had 6 in our old row house and 2 monstrosities on the side of the house. But the heating was sufficient such that we didn’t need oil and we got rid of the tank. And that was a very cold winter (2013-14).
  11. Depending on the state you may get a nice deal. In our previous house we put them in for $13k. Dumped the oil tank and window units. 7 year 0 interest loan. Basically I divided the total by 84 and the payment matched exactly. They worked great but they’re pretty ugly. We were in the current house for 3-4 years by the time I finished paying.
  12. I’m at 74 and rapidly rising. Flipped the heat off and my finger is on the ac depending on how it feels at bedtime. Full shorts and t shirt mode. It’s here!
  13. To my knowledge I haven’t ever had covid. I’m teaching a course this summer and have to get pcr tested once a week. So far neg. Some people seem to never get it...but I’m not sure I’m that person. I’ve been closely exposed often.
  14. I remember the local NNJ reservoirs being down to under 30% capacity at the worst point. My father decided we needed to dig a well-many people were dong that. By the time we reached ground water the drought had broken....lol.
  15. I was in Worcester yesterday most of the day. On the way home around 5:30PM car thermometer was in the 70s until around 128. Today is a gorgeous day. Taste of summer coming.
  16. My lawn looks like crap. Landscapers mower broke and they’re finally due back this week to mow but the lawn looks awful. I’m trying to care but having trouble….
  17. Hope for the best, expect the worst until Father’s Day.
  18. It’s weeks behind. Only now starting to rapidly leaf out. Still some trees with buds that haven’t popped. Awful year.
  19. Is Mother’s Day muthufukkas day too?
  20. So my convention center conference had mostly health professionals meaning probably >90% vaxed. But honestly the person I met with traveled up to Boston unmasked and has been traveling around the country. Non symptomatic. I had to get my periodic PCR test this week for my other gig. Negative. Almost a week out and I’m hearing nothing and feeling fine. Who knows?
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