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  1. Yeah I just took the dog out and it’s windy but not something that doesn’t happen wind wise several times per year.
  2. Heard a limb slam against the house. Looks like we chainsaw Thursday and Friday.
  3. 50 mph gust at Logan seem a dime a dozen of late…
  4. But from such a low elevation? Regarding inversion-I think it exists in cyclonic flow situations and capped high pressure but then wouldn’t heavy rain tend to break it?
  5. But if you see very windy conditions right off the deck wouldn’t heavy rain have a better chance of mixing that down?
  6. You need to be in the heavy rain to facilitate mixing I think.
  7. To be fair that was a one time bomb in a sea of warm and dry. It feels different this time.
  8. Got in a 90 minute hike through Allendale Woods and to and from home. Winds are picking up in fits and starts but it’s becoming threatening. Happy to walk in a relative radar hole before it fills in and limbs start falling.
  9. I’m looking up and clouds probably 950 up are screaming from the NE
  10. Ensembles are consistent with some dateline ridging. We’ll need some amplitude as we got towards legit winter if that’s a pattern.
  11. KBOS reporting 20 mph sustained. I’m inland 9 miles and it’s pretty calm still
  12. He does need snow though. Who doesn’t? Got a little walk window in. Depending on radar after exercising and breakfast may try one more. Pretty mild outside and winds are still fairly light.
  13. Yeah convective events. In fairness we may see that but winds won’t be NW.
  14. When was the last time that happened. By the way you’re like 0 for 12 over the past few seasons on these. Doesn’t mean I don’t love you.
  15. A tornado actually destroyed the old LA Convention Center in 1983-March during a super nino. I had an office and there were so many leaks I ran out of buckets to catch the water. Fun times.
  16. I was more thinking resistant oaks deep into November and then a legit region wide night well below freezing as has happened a few times in recent years.
  17. Nice hook and latter on18z NAM. And yes I am literate....it’s not hook and ladder it’s hook and latter part of the storm capture.
  18. Big blow in eastern areas of MA during tomorrow afternoon.
  19. Hopefully the euro supposed wheel house of cold core coastals doesn’t fail us once we get to the season.
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