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  1. Actually been adjunct since I retired. Now the dilemma in October when I pass the ethics time barrier and can work for people doing business with the government. I’m choosing to do about 10 hours/week with one group mainly based on the high level of ethics with the president of the company. The guy is a mensch as I told my wife and he has a viable product. The $$ is stupid high-between that and the few hours adjunct I’ll get paid as much as my pension, SS, and IRA (rolled over entire TSP) distribution combined which essentially doubles the $$ I made while working as a 15/10 with 21% add on for retention. Do the math-not bad for never having to get up before 10AM. You will be sought after post retirement and the trick is to make sure you don’t take on too much. After the one company (October gig) made the $$ offer I had to make sure it wasn’t too many hours. When he told me I pinched myself...lol.
  2. Update on my nephew. Anti vaxer dad got pretty sick with covid and was staying in my nephew’s small apartment and then got on a plane Sunday night (7/25). My fully vaccinated nephew got sick Sunday and was confirmed delta and is symptom free starting today. Thank you vaccination. My understanding is his dad is pretty sick. Athletic fit guy but around 60 years old. I mentioned that I’m now masking indoors in big places like supermarkets but otherwise life is the same, eating out indoors or outside, hanging out with whomever.....but for a month. I totally didn’t mask. Then again I’m in my mid 70s. Part time university job is requiring vaccination for all staff on campus. I’m good with that but most of the work I do for them is remote.
  3. I’ve put it off. I had the old Zostivax about 9-10 years ago but that’s 50% and shingrix is close to 100%. Problem is everyone gets sick for 18 hours. I had shingles at age 23-it was awful!
  4. Usually that’s around New Year’s Day
  5. Disgraceful July but thankfully it appears we pattern change by the 2nd week in August.
  6. Brits, Germans, many others are fat as Americans.
  7. Yes growing signal for much warmer the last 2/3 of August
  8. It’s like the old days...barbers were the surgeons
  9. We should have a gtg F2F soon while we can....
  10. No one in the family is concerned-he lives alone in KS but most of his work is on site so his life is disrupted. Then again it may be a great excuse to avoid everyone....lol
  11. He’s 25 but a bad cold is subjective. I texted him yesterday and he was preoccupied (and happy as a packers fan) that Aaron Rodgers is coming back. The annoying thing is the disruption in his life from quarantine. His symptoms have been fever which to me is worse than most colds but some people react differently.
  12. VA first federal agency to require vaccination for direct patient care providers. I’m guessing the unions may fight it some as they did the smoking ban (no smoking on any VA property) was enacted about a year ago. Apparently some low % of vaccinated people in one center in AR may have sickened a number of vets? Not sure... My nephew has Delta. Being vaccinated he’s not too sick-kind of like a bad cold. His father, an anti vaxer in general spread it and then got on a plane. He wins dildo of the year award......
  13. I’m curious how this discovery was made…
  14. I’m a Yankees fan since the 1955 season. I tried to leave for a few ye But couldn’t sustain it. I don’t have an issue with Judge and Odor is growing on me-I like his drive. But Stanton has to go. DFA and eat his salary. Some fool team will pick it up. Watching these games on NESN has been painful. Here’s one for you. My nephew lives in KS and his dad came to visit for a week in a cramped apartment. The dad is divorced from mom who is my wife’s sister. I used to cut him some slack but no longer. He is a big anti vaccination person and he ends up with highly symptomatic and confirmed covid. His son from a later marriage age 9 is asymptomatic positive also in the apartment. Fortunately my nephew is vaccinated and hopefully won’t get sick. My understanding is dad got on a plane today with full blown covid. First class douche.
  15. Splendid summer day. Warm enough for all activities including water.
  16. You’d be surprised at how many legit research ideas are concocted while dumping....
  17. Except he may have some liability fair or not. Refer to the legal team
  18. Big drop in life expectancy largely thanks to covid. The biggest impact is among people of color.
  19. Who knew? When I worked for the feds I kept all political opinions to myself. That hasn’t changed given how much easier it is to discuss wx and family without the rabble rousing.
  20. In other news S&P has crossed 4400.
  21. I think you missed the point. Vaccinated people don’t have much risk of becoming really sick or dying but can they spread the virus to the non vaccinated? Because it’s clear so many people are choosing not to be vaccinated I have made the decision to mask up indoors in pubic places like supermarkets.
  22. The vaccination rate in Israel is not what you think. I think all 6 New England states exceed it. The biggest issue is that like here there is a sizable resistance to vaccinate in a similar age demographic. So when israel opened up, the increasing delta variant was like a no brainer. Many areas of the USA exceed Israel’s rate.
  23. I had to come into Coolidge Corner and confirm. Got hit with the edge of it as I was leaving. Retarped the wood pile….
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