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  1. way too soon for a thread. thing is still a week out. given the trends of every clipper this season, it’ll probs my trend drier/weaker.
  2. 0.2” ORD and 0.1” RFD from the duster Sunday evening. .
  3. We have just transitioned into yet another pattern, one in which favors an Eastern US trough and the PV meandering around and just northeast of the Hudson. As many have alluded to in other threads, it's a fairly zzz looking pattern for most of the sub-forum if you're looking for something great, though there will be several shots of colder temps. Should have the opportunity for some clippers to ride through the region, but really any hope for anything really interesting will be tied to whether or not we can get a stronger clipper (such as what is currently modeled for early next week). It appears this pattern is here to stay through very late month. Beyond that, there are some signs that we could transition into yet another pattern sometime around the flip into February. Current look of that pattern would be one in which is more active once again. ...But ENS have been horrid beyond about a week to week and a half out this season, so I wouldn't jump on anything being shown yet.
  4. Final totals of 9.9” Cleveland and 18.1” Buffalo. .
  5. That 14.3” at DSM is highly suspect. It’s the highest reported total anywhere so far (IA and the region), and is nearly 2” higher then the next highest max report. .
  6. Final snowfall totals of 0.3” ORD, 0.8” MDW and 0.7” RFD. .
  7. the real winner here with this one will be our guy from buffalo. .
  8. That’s obviously true. However, when all reliable and known pieces of information are not used in determining the strength/rating of a given tornado (such as radar data from a DOW parked next to a tornado), the rating scale loses merit. Edit: And to add… Given surveys that are conducted are inconsistent throughout offices across the country, overall ratings (to a degree) and especially statistical tornado counts are worthless these days.
  9. Glaze + for most areas around here yesterday/last night… Ice totals of 0.15” ORD, 0.18” MDW and 0.10” RFD. Some of the higher totals were 0.18” ARR and 0.24” DPA. .
  10. The city itself didn't get below 0, and MDW bottomed out at 1. good ole ex-home made it down to -5. Forgot to mention the winds from Tue night/Wed as well, which featured peak wind gusts of 46MPH at ORD, 47MPH at MDW and 48MPH at RFD. Can't recall the last time we've had so many wind events in the Nov-Jan time-frame.
  11. DSM found several more tors. IA state total for the day is up to 61, which smashes the previous record. Well over 100 tornadoes region wide for the day now was well. .
  12. It was someone else deeper into KY, just can’t recall the username. The person you’re referring to isn’t around on here anymore, but is still around off the board. .
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