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  1. It’s back to 97 at ORD now. 99’d it is.
  2. Peak temps of 100 MDW and 98 ORD so far coming up to 3PM. Also 98 peak so far at RFD.
  3. Peak temps of 99 MDW and 97 ORD so far coming up to 2PM. Also 98 peak so far at RFD.
  4. poor guy has nothing to complain about for once.
  5. 88 MDW and 86 ORD as of 10AM OBS. Today should be closer to the 10/10 ‘rule’, so feel confident in my locked in call (100 MDW & 98 ORD).
  6. As mentioned in the other thread, final high temps for today across the area... 97 MDW 95 ORD 95 RFD 95 Ex-Home 90°+ day tally for the year... 11 - MDW10 - RFD8 - Current Home8 - Ex-Home6 - ORD
  7. you may have won the battle, but I still don’t think you win the war.
  8. And to add on, Re: Euro. The Euro has mixing a full 100mb higher than the GFS/NAM/GEM. It’s tried to do the same this past week, but corrected itself as we approached each day of the heat wave.
  9. The heat monger has been surprisingly pessimistic on heat. But I do think it is a red flag that the Euro is the hottest once again across the region as a whole. It had a rough go of it with a terrible performance last summer in that regard, and has not been stellar this summer so far either.
  10. Getting close to locking these in as final call.
  11. I’m not so sure we achieve 90’s every day after early week.
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